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 Fleur - Smuggler

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PostSubject: Fleur - Smuggler   Thu May 21, 2015 11:01 pm

Player Name: Apollotrigger
Character Number: 2


Character Name and Pronunciation:Fleur (Fuh-lure, accent on second syllable)
Character Rank:Smuggler
Character Age/Date of birth:19 Turns, 08-12-1995
Family:Callum, father, distiller, 48 Turns ; Nura, mother, smuggler, 42 Turns ; Joram, brother, smugger, 22 Turns (deceased) ; Zarri, sister, distiller, 16 Turns ; Baelin, brother, distiller, 15 Turns ; Tayun, brother, child, 5 Turns
Current location: White Lightning Canyon
Physical description: Fleur is tall and slender, 5'11 to be exact, with skin the color of light chocolate. This she inherited from her mother, Nura, who is quite dark. She also inherited her mother's kinky, curly hair, which she wears long and free when in camp. Her eyes are a shade of hazel, slightly more brown than green, and framed by thick, long, dark eyelashes. Her legs are incredibly long, one of her most startling features, and she tends to wear dresses that show off those long legs. She loves neutral colors for her clothing, with a splash of color in a necklace or headband or a belt. She may be a renegade but that doesn't mean she has to dress like a drudge, after all. In camp she has a dagger strapped to her left thigh and another at her right hip. If for some reason her hair is up, it's usually held in place by something that could easily be used as a weapon.

When she is working, though, she appears to be someone entirely different. She ties her hair back tightly underneath a dark green scarf, and her dresses are replaced by tightly fitting dark clothing. Her slight frame lets her slip into places easily that some men couldn't, and being close to 6 foot she can reach higher than many women. She carries several knives on her person while following her mother;s side of the business. Three knives strapped to each thigh, one in each boot, one on each hip, and a longer sword strapped to her back. Make no mistake, she knows how to use them, and has used them in the past to defend herself and her family.
Play By:Angelea Preston
Photo Reference:

Personality:Despite her beautiful face and body, Fleur is no girl to be played with. She got in her first fight with her older brother, Joram, when she was only 5 Turns and bloodied him badly enough that she was in a fair amount of trouble for 4 sevenday. She got a reputation as a hell raiser and not one to be messed with early on in life. Her sister, Zarri, is especially dear to her, and it means the world to her that Zarri followed their father's path in making alcohol instead of smuggling like she did.

She has a fast temper, especially when it comes to her immediate family. She will have a knife out and be demanding retribution before you can say what the shard. But she is also fiercely loyal to her family, and not just those blood related to her. The entire camp is her family, and she will be ruthless to protect that family. Avidian is her leader, and she would follow him to the end of Pern if he asked. She has murdered before for him and will do it again if he needs her to.

As for men... she's yet to meet one up to her standards. She's unusual amongst her friends, being close to 20 Turns and still a virgin, but she refuses to settle on someone that doesn't make her happy. She's spent time with plenty of the men, but they can't keep up with her and she won't waste her time on someone who won't give her what her parents have. And she doesn't expect to find that kind of love for herself. The arrival of the dragonriders has brought a whole new crop of men, though, and an idea has blossomed in her head that she has shared with Avidian to tie the dragonriders even closer to the smugglers.
Theme song: Some Girls - Pink
History: Callum and Nura were married before they even became pregnant with their first child, a son named Joram. A distiller and a smuggler, they made an odd but perfect couple. Barely three turns later they welcomed their second child, a daughter they named Fleur. Any hopes they had for a girly girl disappeared when Fleur proved herself to be a scrapper at an early age. There's even a rumor that she kicked Avidian in the groin when she was 3.

Her brother Joram had already followed their mother's lead into the life of smuggling when Fleur turned 15 and demanded to be allowed to participate in raids. As such a slender woman, not to mention her proficients with knives and the sword they quickly put in her hands, she was promoted to harder tasks quickly. By the time she was 18 she was going on some of the most dangerous raids, even accompanying Avidian at times.

Her brother Joram was not as good of a raider as her, though. She passed him quickly in the ranks, and he was killed in a raid that she was not even involved with a few months before the dragonriders arrived at White Lightning Canyon. Though his death deeply affected her, she refuses to allow it to frighten her or slow her down. She was back in the field within days of his death, knowing that he would have wanted her to move on. And though she would never say it aloud, she is grateful that her sister and younger brothers are more interested in the creation of product than the acquisition or delivery. She's counting down the days until her mother retires.

She's had several boyfriends over the last several Turns, but nothing that could even remotely be called serious. She grew up with a fairy tale romance in her life and despite her hard nature, that is the ending she wants for herself. This means she doesn't bother with them after realizing they aren't going to make her happy. The arrival of the dragonriders has given her new ideas, however, ideas that she has shared with Avidian.
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PostSubject: Re: Fleur - Smuggler   Fri May 22, 2015 12:19 pm

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Fleur - Smuggler
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