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 Noctrian -Rudnikot Hold Heir Apparent

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PostSubject: Noctrian -Rudnikot Hold Heir Apparent   Sun May 17, 2015 10:33 pm

Player Name: Sixth Gun
Character Number: 1

Character Name and Pronunciation: Noctrian (Noct)

Gender: Male

Character Rank: Heir Apparent of Rudnikot Hold.

Character Age/Date of birth: 19

Mother: Lady Holder Varuna  B. 465 , D. 492
Father: Lord Holder Kromarian. B. , D. 502.
Siblings: Kuvara (b. 488, d.488)
Past Lovers/Spouses: None known publicly, if any.
Current lover/Spouse: None
Other Significant: Peers Lykos, Ikaros, and (at least one other); Rudnikot Hold Steward Kargos; Steward’s extended family in Eastern Hold?; extended family (Cousins, Aunt and Uncle) in Keroon Hold; (evil) Uncle Hraedan; nurse-maid Indra; (Girl interest?)

Current location: Rudnikot Hold/ Taerin's Palisade

Physical description:
Noctrian is average height for a man, or maybe just slightly under average, (6’ tall) but built sturdy and strong as any other. He’s never been without sustenance on which to feed the body, so his figure, though lean, is well filled out. He doesn’t tend to eat a lot at once however, so good eating habits and regular exercise tend to keep him in good physical condition, without any worry of putting on excess weight.

In order to keep himself from getting too restless while confined to the general area of the estate of his Steward’s family, he keeps himself active physically through sports and general rough housing with his friends who have proven themselves trustworthy peers (also from mostly affluent families). His physique appears mature as a man’s should; his arms, legs and torso all strong from martial sports and runnerback riding. His bearing around most people would appear dignified enough to be a holder’s son, though perhaps dispassionate. It might be assumed that he has decided on no purpose for his life yet, should his eyes not belie such an impression. His attire can’t help the notion though, considering that he rarely dresses in the more formal attire better suited for a person of his station.

His eyes are a dark shade of blue that appears nearly black close to the iris of his eye, but lightens faintly further from it, showing flecks of blue-grey in them. His brows are thick, but not unruly, and eyes almondine in their shape with a slightly angled set that, when truly angered lends to a scary alteration in expression from his usual calm self. His eyes though, are generally quite expressive, and he does not necessarily try to hide the feeling behind them.

His hair is Black and hairstyle generally short, with the sides of his head more closely trimmed, though will at times go longer between haircuts to allow a little change in his appearance. His hair is never long enough to fall much further below his jaw line, and generally clean, given a little shape with the use of light wax. He does tend to keep his sideburns slightly grown out as well.

A circular tattoo about 3 inches in diameter that depicts his family’s signet as Holders of Rudnikot Hold. Since he wears gloves a lot of the time, it is frequently covered by them or by his sleeves.

Wears all black for the majority of the time, dressing casually in slim-fit straight-legged cargo pants and well polished utility boots. Usually a black ring-neck short-sleeved shirt is worn semi-loose over it, accompanied by a black jacket or coat of some kind. During winter months his coats are heavier wool, generally fashionable if not in relatively unembellished style as the rest of it, though the collar can be worn to stand tall, partially concealing his face while guarding his neck and ears against the High Reach’s harsh winter winds. In winter months, he’s also more prone to wearing longer sleeved shirts, even if he does refuse to wear ties and keep the top buttons about the neck closed. He also has a tendency to unbutton the sleeve cuffs and roll them up his forearms.
Noctrian wears little jewelry or embellishment in his clothing, though he owns a number of necklaces, bracelets and rings suited for a man. He’s more apt to wear rings, though, if any jewelry at all, but would be found  more frequently wearing gloves, either full or half-fingered.
At gather, or formal event, though donning finer, more appropriate suits and fashionable shoes, he still tries to get away with not wearing ties and keeping the top buttons of his shirt undone. He wears a suit very well though, and rarely strays from his usual all-black color preference. In the case of  a party, he may wear a full mask of galvanized metallic filigree to hide his identity. For the sake of keeping a lower profile at public gathers, at least until he returns home, he does not generally wear any cords of rank or origin at his shoulder. He does now have in his possession the signet ring of the Holder of Rudnikot, which was his father’s, but he does not wear it frequently yet because he’s not taken that office officially. Not until he returns home.

Play By: Kim Kyu Jong

Photo Reference:

-Unfaltering Loyalty Noctrian is ultimately loyal to those he has chosen to love and hold dear, and would not want to do anything to disturb the love, trust and faith shared amoungst he, his Peers, friends and family. It hurts him deeply to find out that any of his Peerage has gone against him.
-Incorruptible/ Not Easily Persuaded: A good attribute in a leader, this may be his greatest strength as a holder one day. Perhaps it is his youth that allows him to keep a kind heart, but time will tell that he is incorruptible. Morality and Ethics aside, once he has set his heart on a course, he is unlikely to be dissuaded. Likewise, his good heart has thus far in his life proven incorruptible as even though he may be faced with difficult circumstances in his own life, he does not seem to sway from the path he has chosen, and without ever giving in to the corruption that grips many persons in order to save themselves.
-Perseverance/ Enduring: Similarly, Noctrian is long-suffering through most things, rarely complaining, though should one spend enough time around him, they would learn his habit of silence when he is displeased -and that expression to go with it.
-Sharp Wit/ Intelligent: Though he has little patience for records keeping, he is well educated and can figure numbers and do all of the things expected of him as a future Holder. He’d rather keep putting it off on the Steward if the man lets him, but he respects the Steward like a father figure and if the man asked him to attend to something, he would not disregard the request. He looks on the Steward with highest regard, especially knowing that his future, the future of the hold, will rely on what more the Steward can teach him. He also has a mind for strategy, thus those who think him easy to control will not be so pleased when he proves a formidable opponent once the Steward has taken him formally under his wing at Rudnikot Hold again.
- Impulsiveness: Though circumstance will influence frequency of his impulsiveness, he tends to be apt to do things without always thinking them all the way through. He’s starting to have to learn how to curb that tendency, though.
-Lack of Experience: Likewise, Noctrian could use more experience in diplomacy to learn how to handle situations better that way. As luck would have it though, he has a brilliant Steward to work with him and teach him to have finesse in that arena. The man will be a good guide for him to have as the Steward also served his father so is quite familiar with Rudnikot Hold affairs. The Steward has been keeping him informed over the last few turns since Noctrian left Rudnikot. This has been a great boost to Noctrian’s preparedness to return. In that regard, the young man feels as though he has not fallen out of touch with the Hold of his birth even in his absence.
-Shy/ Paranoid: Being out amoungst public in large crowds makes him feel uncomfortable; primarily because his father reinforced thoughts of paranoia when he was growing up. Though as an adult reason and logic overrule many such baseless fears, he still feels much more comfortable being with others in private where the environment seems more controlled.
-Detachment from ‘society’: Because he has always been protected and at the same time shy, it is the general consensus amoungst public opinion it seems,  that Noctrian has removed himself from general society at large, having little interest with involving himself with those outside his small circle of family and peers, even thinking himself above the general populace. This misunderstanding tends to reflect badly on himself individually while the perception of his father as a holder in the later stages of the illness that led to his death had already caused public opinion of their family to falter. Noctrian does not seem to be overly concerned with public opinion about himself, but his goal is to bring to light the dangerous designs of his uncle and make his father’s memory one which cannot easily be forgotten.
-Sometimes, more can be said by his silence, than by his words. As expressed above, he has the habit of expressing his dislike of something with silence in order to avoid confrontation or to keep from causing unnecessary disharmony. As a Holder in the future, and even as a Holder’s son, his words carry more weight than those of most people, and one word of detest could bring misfortune on others unintentionally. Therefore, he’s cautious about his words around most people, so most consider him quiet and even unsociable most of the time. This is not necessarily the case around friends, but friends are few. Though, this could all also simply cause the impression that he is not completely honest about his feelings, because it would be noticeable that he does not generally speak negatively toward others, or toward their ideas. Displeasure is shown covertly.
-Takes less interest in reclaiming his father’s position as the Holder of Rudnikot than he does in ensuring a man like his uncle would not be able to replace his father.
-Shy and slightly paranoid, as described above. Not anti-social, but prefers social gatherings on small scale, so if something like a full blown Gather comes up, he may make an appearance there, but generally the visit is brief and if it is a masquerade of any sort, he will wear a full-faced filigree mask to conceal his identity. Sometimes that makes him feel more at ease allowing him to remain at the party longer.
-Noctrian has a soft, warm side of himself that most people never get close enough to see, because on the outside, he often appears apathetic or disaffected. He has smiles for his circle of peers though, and sometimes the rare glad expression toward an outsider. He is in fact not a difficult person to approach. He is a good listener and tends to be willing to be compromising and easy to get along with for most people. In the private of his home, though more so as a boy, he is fun loving and has little trouble letting down all the barriers he builds up for himself when he ventures out. As an adult though, he’s become less trusting of others simply given his circumstances.
Similarly, Noctrian wishes ill will on no one and has had a hard time, as a young adult preparing to step into the shoes of a Holder, accepting that he has to create firmer boundaries for himself and others or others (like his uncle) will think it easy to step all over him and use him for their own gain. Noctrian however, has no intention of letting that happen. More than probably anything else, he does not like being looked down on and not taken seriously.
-Could generally be considered self-confident and even fearless. Even if he does not like physical confrontation and contains most of his conflict upon paper, he dislikes being taken for a fool or looked down on even more so, thus finds it  difficult to back down when directly challenged if the threat is real to him.
-Can be sentimental, though about few things in general.
-Generally content alone or in the company of his few friends. Does not feel lonely necessarily, but misses his family and resents his uncle for all that he’s done to try and drive him out.. That is probably the only source of darkness in his heart. If in the company of his entourage of peers, Noctrian does not feel as ill at ease as he would otherwise, and isn’t averse to exploratory outings and being rambunctious with them. He can still be a kid at heart.

[already had this written up for him, so i’ll just add this to the bio...]

- Sitting low, semi-slouched in his chair, elbow propped on the arm of it with hand brought to his chin, lips or side of his forehead -usually appearing bored, troubled  or in thought.
- When meeting someone, he tends to invite them to see him privately, not only because he’s been used to living under veritable house arrest, but because he is also shy -or perhaps slightly paranoid still.
-Also has the habit of expressing his malcontent with silence and a tense furrow of his brows. As a boy, he was taught not to complain too much, or express direct dislike of something too openly, because malcontent and discord were the cause of unnecessary  upheaval, caused hardship for himself and others, and a world or even a hold, could not be governed well by one man’s thoughts alone. It was better, according to his father, to tolerate some temporary unpleasantries in order to achieve a greater, longer lasting good. Even if that meant denying one’s self some of the time.
-Due to his dislike of crowds and the restrictions of his veritable house-arrest, when he leaves the estate that his Steward’s family owns at Taerin's Palisade, he is always accompanied by an entourage of some sort, and will generally travel by enclosed carriage, not runnerback.
-Can be slow to respond to people’s call to him, as though he is ignoring them or debating the importance of what they might have to say.

- Music: Played softly, solemnly, he enjoys instrumental music and the kind of choral voices that fill a hall with angelic echoes. It allows him to relax and find solace in his thoughts.
-Fast Runners: His father’s family is from Keroon, he having been the younger son of the Lord Holder there, so the love of well bred runners was brought with him when he married into the young Lady Varuna’s family at Rudnikot Hold. Thus, having a small collection of runners bred for racing, he exercises them frequently though does not particularly enjoy attending formal races because of the crowds. If he does attend, he isolates himself in an enclosed box seat somewhere to observe.
Martial Sports: Though he considers himself only average with the use of a Bow, he has proven talented with the wielding of a sword and in a brawl hand to hand. He doesn’t have the heart though to hurt people generally, and would have to be hard pressed to do so by his own hand, but its been impressed on him, for his own protection, that he must learn to at least defend himself. He does enjoy these sports with his friends with relative frequency.

-Crowds: Because of his general shyness and tendency as a young adult to be less trusting, he doesn’t like being amoungst large crowds. It makes him nervous and increases his tendency toward paranoia. He is generally good at controlling any anxiety this might cause, though.
- Physical Confrontation: Not generally the first to jump into the fray, he tends to rely on diplomacy. He may even tolerate minimal violence and upheaval at a distance, but when it gets too close to home, he will always step in to ward it off. He doesn’t care about ‘defeating’ those he may now perceive to be his enemies as much as he simply wants to remove them from his home -even if he has to physically do so himself.
-His Peerage not taking him Seriously: Entitled to their own opinions, Noctrian knows that he can do little about public view of him however, Noctrian will not tolerate those who are supposed to be closest to him, and most trusted by him to lack faith and respect for him. Much like anyone else, Noctrian does not appreciate not being taken seriously, and will not be looked down on by those who are supposed to support him. That, much like the disgrace his father went through toward the end of his life, is something that will rouse his contempt against a person; and with his tendency toward impulsiveness, would only lead to him enforcing diplomatic sanctions against them.
-Thick Soups: In general, he doesn’t like really thick or creamy soups, though he’ll eat them if he must. He doesn’t like the texture of something akin to (baby food) on his palate, having had bad experiences with this food in his boyhood. He didn’t like the textures or bland flavours of the thicker, creamier soups and at times the richness

Theme song:

History: Noctrian is the only son of the Holder of Rudnikot Hold in a vast territory on the Southern Continent.. His mother had difficult pregnancies with he and his sister, so was unlikely to ever become pregnant again. She’d already provided the hold with a healthy heir though, and in his father’s eyes, that was enough. Sadly, she was taken from them by an infection shortly after he his sister Kuvara was born. Not long after, his sister too, was taken from the world.

Noctrian was very young at this time, being only 4 turns in age, so for most of his childhood Noctrian was raised by his father, the Steward and Headwoman of the Hold, as well as a personal nurse-maid whose sole priority was to care for him like a mother. After the death of his mother and sister, Noctrian’s father became more withdrawn from the public view as he grieved and remained paranoid about the fear that his son too, might be taken from him one day. That was something that he feared more than anything. Thus, Noctrian’s father became very protective of his son and everyone around him within their home was always watchful over him.

Their overabundance of concern for his wellbeing allowed Noctrian may have had the opposite effect of what the household was hoping for, being that the cushion that others provided him allowed him to make rash decisions and take risks that may not have turned out so well otherwise, since there were other hands involved in breaking his fall so to speak. But, Noctrian was the light of his father’s life and should anything happen to him, there would most certainly be hell to pay. The lack of a spare heir also put pressure on them to maintain his safety and happiness, seeing as the boy would one day become Rudnikot’s Holder. This did not only put additional pressure on those within the hold, but  placed a great deal of pressure on Noctrian as he grew older to become what everyone expected of a suitable future holder. Unfortunately, over time though, this caused his interest in that future to fade. His father possessed a great faith in him however, feeling that as his son matured, Noctrian would end up understanding the importance of his role in the Hold and decide to do what was right. His son had a good heart, after all.

Having been sheltered for so much of his life up to that point, left out of much of the adult talk about political games, it was a shock to him when Noctrian’s uncle Hraedan  (his mom’s younger brother) decided to step in and begin making power plays to try to take Rudnikot from them. Kromarian, Noctrian’s father, had become ill and after being long withdrawn because of his grief, Hraedan decided the time was right to make his move. He would more easily now be able to discredit the holder as weak and insane, and set aside the son who was too young to fend for himself. Hraedan was Rudnikot blood after all, and should have a right to claim it.

As an aside, Varuna, Noctrian’s mother, had been favoured by her father. She was a very bright girl and had earned the attention of the son of the Keroon Lord who was going to afford them a great increase in wealth and overall social standing should she be married into that family. Thus, Hraedan was overlooked when it came to succession, he being younger than she by a number of turns anyway. Hraedan likely always felt discarded and thereby resentful. So, it was when opportunity presented itself that he made his move.

As soon as Holder Kromarian was on a steepening decline, Hraedan did everything he could to make it appear as though the Holder was a babbling idiot. The Holder had never been an overly charismatic sort or a great writer or public speaker, though he was quite dignified and charming in his own way; but that did not buy good public opinion. Knowing this, Hraedan stepped in and took credit for the Holder’s last good and charitable deeds, hoping to get his foot in the door and garner support for his rise to power. Seeing as the Holder had become delirious in the latter stages of his illness, it was easy enough to make him seem as though he’d gone insane. Then, after he’d already diminished Hold Rudnikot's public opinion of Kromarian and his son, who was too young to defend himself or be able to rule in his father’s place, the Holder passed away.

Though he had no more family in Rudnikot Hold except for the uncle who despised him, Noctrian was not completely alone. He could not yet be made holder because he was too young, but the Steward worked hard to be a good Ward for him, doing everything in his power to preserve his place in the Hold until he came of an age that he could fill his father’s shoes. It seemed as though that time was in future far too distant to be within reach, and with the Holder dead, Hraedan was becoming more bold in his steps to secure that place for himself.

Because there was at least some legitimacy to the man’s claim to the Hold, whether or not it was right of him to remove his sister’s son from it, the Steward worked furiously to ensure that the man could not take the hold from Noctrian. It was the boy’s only hope and only home, and he had nothing left of his loving parent’s legacy but that alone; it would have been a shame to let it go. Especially after they’d put such great hope in him. So, Rudnikot’s Steward was diligent in his search for ways to foil Hraedan’s plans. And brilliantly enough, the Steward was able to out-do him with diplomacy alone; but this only gave rise to greater frustration and determination on behalf of the uncle, until eventually the Steward feared that he plotted to take Noctrian’s life. And that was not something that the Steward would have. Especially after three or four cases of suspected attempt to kill the boy already -all of which had been staved off by those closest and most dedicated to Noctrian.

At the age of 16 then, only a few short months after his father’s death, Noctrian was taken from Rudnikot, sent by the Steward to Taerin's Palisade to live at an estate owned by some of the Steward’s extended family. The Steward’s extended family were honored to be able to assist the boy, taking him into their home as one of their own, respectively. There, he would be able to continue his education and the steward would be able to easily keep in touch with him, writing to him to tell him all about current news at Rudnikot Hold. Unfortunately, the boy, for his own safety, was under veritable house arrest there in order to keep him out of the reach of his increasingly malign uncle. Keeping a low profile would also make him seem to be less of a threat to Hraedan, in which case, the man would not feel inclined to target him further.

After that, Noctrian’s world became small and he was prone to becoming restless and less content with his situation even though his family life there with the Steward’s kin had been, without a doubt, warm and accommodating. The young man gradually became less trusting of those outside their home, sharing some of his father’s paranoia which had always been more or less pushed on him in one way or another. Though he didn’t dislike people outside of his new residence or fear them, he found it increasingly hard to want to reach out to make new friends -which was already difficult, seeing as how he was naturally pretty shy from the start. For this reason, it’s suspected he may never have had a girlfriend or been with a woman, even though many young men his age may have already taken more than one lover. His shyness however, even outside of some general caution due to distrust, was probably enough to keep him from developing a close relationship with anyone for it to become more intimate. He has already been put to a few match-making sessions by the Lady of his home, the Steward’s sister. They even have tried to test his interest in her daughters or the suitable daughters of other Peers but still, little apparent interest in any of them as of yet. (Even though one lady he took an interest in but her personality later showed not to be compatible with his own).

Though Rudnikot’s public opinion is still a little uncertain, the people’s trust in the Steward who has safeguarded the hold’s interests over the past few short turns, is greater than their liking of Hraedan, whom some had come to suspect of foul play. There had certainly been such whispers about the streets, though no proof had ever been laid bare. But, entitled to their own opinions, Noctrian knows that he can do little about public view of him considering that since his father’s death, most of the happenings in his life were kept hushed within the walls of the Steward’s family’s estate at the minor Hold. It was supposed to be for his own protection and the Steward’s plan to one day bring him home to become Holder. He became nearly invisible to the world it seemed, until more recently. People perhaps hadn’t even known what happened to him, where he’d gone, or even if he was still living. Though still an enigma since his activities and detail about his life are still kept secretive, news had reached Rudnikot that he was indeed alive and may soon return home. He was of an age now that he could do his father’s work -even if it were with some assistance from the Hold’s trusted warden Steward.

Noctrian tends to see the conflict between he and his uncle Hraedan as a battle of ethics and moral principle amoungst family rather than for position and power, even though he understands that ambition for the attainment of greater power is the root of it. But to him, that is not ultimately what matters most. Though he may not completely desire the responsibility that comes with a relatively large minor hold, he is still unable to relinquish his home to a man filled with so much deceit. As a matter of upholding his father’s honor and the honor of his family he feels pressured to act to reclaim his life there. It is his place of birth after all, and that, the hold, everything in it.. the spirit within it, was all that was left to remind him of his parents. For that reason alone, he does not want to abandon it. But his goal is not only to remove his uncle from any position of influence, but to restore the good faith in his family by those who once looked to them for security and wellbeing.

His next step then, is returning to Rudnikot Hold; only, the Steward’s latest letters have warned that to do so would be to risk his life. His uncle Hraedan has apparently prepared for his coming, and is ready to greet him with force to permanently remove him.

Hold Name: Rudnikot Hold/ Taerin's Palisade

Size: Major

Key information: Main produce are: Runners, Whers, Fishing, Smith-wares, Textiles and other Agriculture. It is a point of trade for surrounding minor holds, so it sees a lot of traffic in and out of its borders from the minor holds it oversees.

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Noctrian -Rudnikot Hold Heir Apparent
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