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 Wingrider E'ret of Quartz Itzelbith

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PostSubject: Wingrider E'ret of Quartz Itzelbith   Sun May 17, 2015 11:28 am

Player Name: Vivid
Character Number: 5


Character Name and Pronunciation: E'ret {Air-et}
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Beast Craft
Character Age/Date of birth: 28
Family: Father- Retmar-48- Senior Beast Crafter- Eastern Hold
Mother- Eslara-47 Senior Beast Crafter- Eastern Hold
Brother- Reslar- 25- Junior Beast Crafter- Eastern Hold
Sister- Etlara-22- Weyrling to Green Ipsudith- Eastern Weyr
Sister- Retta- 18- Junior Beast Crafter- Eastern Hold
Sister- Esta- 15- Apprentice Beast Crafter- Eastern Hold
Sister- Remara-14- Apprentice Beast Crafter- Eastern Hold

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: Standing 6'1 and weighing in at a neat 200lbs, E'ret is a muscular, powerfully built man. His head is crowned with thick, dark chocolate curls and his eyes are a deep, green tinged blue with flecks of grey. His skin leans toward fair but he does tan after a few sunburns. His facial hair is kept light and grows in thick and dark when it does. He is a handsome man, without doubt. His carriage is that of quiet pride. He looks ahead, direct but with respect. On his left hand he wears a simple band of silver on his index finger. This ring bears in it's center a small, oval white opal.

E'ret takes very good care of his clothing. His leathers are often dark pants to light colored shirts. He takes good care of his knots; the string denoting him as a Quartz rider is still a bright white do to his care of it.

E'ret has scars on his body, tale telling signs of his work with large animals. One runs across one pectoral muscle, a bare line in his thick, black chest hair. His hands are powerful and callused across the palms.

Play By: Richard Madden

Personality: E'ret grew up in a very tradition household and carries the hallmarking characteristics of a hold born man. He takes his work to heart, ethic is very important to him. Propriety and composure are the key stones on which he builds his life. Men do not fly off the handle into passionate rages or, it they do, they should at least not do it in the presence of women. Due in part to his raising, E'ret believes that a man does what he must, does what is best for his family, and provides structure to the family life. He is a very responsible young man. His love of animals and dedication to their care has always kept E'ret tightly bound in his Craft roots. His is a dragon rider but even now, Weyr life is strange to him. His sister being a green rider, E'ret know he must change his views on traditional female roles. He knows being a quartz rider, he will have to defer to the rider's of larger dragons. It will be a struggle and without doubt his Hold and Craft views have gotten him into hot water a couple of times in the past. Likely to in the future, as the Weyr is constructed.

E'ret, hoping against hope, has never been able to rid himself of a certain degree of romantic inclination. It is his hopes that as he rides a dragon who does not rise or chase, he might find a woman among the non riders to make a life and family with. He wants a true Weyrmate; having the ring, all he needs to do is find the girl.

Theme song: TBD

History: Emmeret was born in Eastern Hold, the first of many children born to Beast Crafters Retmar and Eslara. It was Eslara's joy and Retmar's pride to have their first child had been born male, as they both were from very traditional families. Eslara's family was Holder born, dating back. Retmar's family had been in the Beast Craft for the last six generations. Emmeret was expected, from a young age, to follow in his father's footsteps as a Beast Crafter. Life at home was simple, very close knit and traditional. Men and women both worked, valued for their diligence and competence, still took on traditional roles. Emmeret and his brother Reslar were expected to grow into their craft, eventually take a wife and have children. The girls, for which there was four, were expected to stay virtuous, grow in the craft but be expected to adhere to their father's rule and make good marriages. Retmar was no tyrant, he loved and supported his family well. He was a man of the old traditions, knew his ballads and did a Crafter's duty to Hold and Weyr. Even so, when a Searchrider came to Eastern Weyr and Searched not only one of his daughters but also his eldest son and heir, he was frustrated. Emmeret calmed his father down.

"If I do Impress, it flatters your honor father. If I do not, I will bring myself and Etlara back home immediately. " He did not add, 'unless she Impresses'. His father was not in support of women riding any dragons but golden queens. Emmeret and Etlara went to Eastern Weyr. When Hatching Day came, Emmeret found himself filled with an oddly hopeful joy. If Etlara was scared, she did not show it to her brother. When the titan queen hatches, eveyone held their collective breath. Emmeret was surprised, utterly, when the fertile female claimed a man as her rider. A bronze hatched and then a brown. Neither came to him and Emmeret felt a stab of disappointment. A blue, bright as berries, came waddling up to him and looked him over. Then turned away and picked another young, weyrbred lad. A green passed by, then a scarlet, until only two eggs were left. Another scarlet hatched and then left in the middle of the sands, one egg speckled in lavender and periwinkle blue. It fell over, shattering and out climbed an opal washed Quartz dragon. The pale hide was milky, glazed in lavender, periwinkle, ice and misty violet.

I see you, my clever Emmeret. I am Itzelbith.

The breath went out of Emmeret in a soft sigh and suddenly the world seemed as if the color and sound got turned up. He felt an outpouring of love so strong, so brotherly that it nearly brought him to his knees. Itzelbith nuzzled the young man's hands, nipping and playfully bounding around him. It was only when Emmeret looked up at the surrounding boys did he realize. He had Impressed a Quartz. A mutation.

'It does not matter.' he thought suddenly, clamping down hard on the thought even as it came to him. Reaching down to stroke the opal hued neck, E'ret led Itzelbith out of the Hatching Grounds. Br'son was now rider of Titanium Yllaveth and a new crop of colors now filled the barracks. To his surprise, Etlara came and sincerely congratulated him. She had not Impressed and shocked him further when she announced she was not going back to Eastern Hold.

"I am staying and trying for a dragon." she said adamantly. He protested but it fell on deft ears. She pointed out to him that he would need all the support in the Weyr he could get. E'ret had no time to convince her otherwise; he had a young dragon to raise. Life in Eastern riding a mutation was hard but Itzelbith inspired him with such love. How could such a pairing be wrong?

The answer was: It couldn't. At least not from where E'ret stood. What others might see as a strange offshoot of the green, genderless and sterile, E'ret saw a clever mind and tender heart. A creature who was as rare and beautiful as the opal gemstone his hide seemed to reflect. Itzelbith was a bright light in E'rets life and nothing was going to lessen him. During their weyrling training, E'ret noticed that Itzelbith was very interested in the feeding pens. When one day he questioned the dragonet's need for more food, Itzelbith informed him that he wasn't looking for meat. He was looking for creatures who needed help. He voiced that it was E'rets mind that made him so concerned; his rider was always concerned for his health and the that of other creatures. E'ret mentioned the revelation to his Weyrling Master and encouraged Itzelbith to interact with more non-draconic animals.

What came to light was that Itzelbith seemed to be able to influence the moods of animals when he was near them. E'ret marveled that his dragon could have such a power and especially appreciated how useful such a talent was. It allowed E'ret to continue in his beast crafting studies as he trained as a dragon rider, something that gave ease to E'rets troubled heart. He had never hear from his father much, if at all, after his Impression of Itzelbith. It cut the young man deeply; he had ever been his father's pride and joy. Now...what was he if anything?

So when the time came that the mutations were pushed out of Eastern, E'ret was eager to go. Everywhere people looked at them with suspicion, never fulling trusting their methods or competence just on the notion of their dragon's color. It rubbed E'ret raw to have his ethic questioned in his work and to see Itzelbith shunned by some of the Old Guard dragons. Some of the female riders avoided him, as if somehow his dragon's lack of need somehow made him less male. It was lonely but for the company of the other mutation riders and E'ret felt at odds with them too. He was craft bred, hold raised and held those values close in his heart even though that world had turned its back on them. Save for Itzelbith, he felt very alone and uncomfortable with the quickly growing political climate of the new hold.

Br'son is young and means well but he hardly commands authority as E'ret would see in a Lord Hold. Sidran glad hands her Cobalt's victory and Casriel is a snake in a cat's supple fur. Who can be trusted to do the right thing in this brave new world?

Name: Itzelbith
Color: Quartz
Speech Hex Code:Opal White Wash Fade

f4eff8,dfc7e3, c7d8f9

Impression date: P10.43.4.15
Wing: TBD

Physical description: Itzelbith stands nineteen feet long, with long twenty foot wings. He is not a large quartz but by no means the smallest. A comfortable middle ground was his final length and his hide is a wash of bright white, ghosted in pale blue, faint rose and violet along his curves. He has no scarring and his wings, when extended and showing the membrane, are shaded with slightly dark (but still pale) amethyst and rose quartz.

He is a delicately boned dragon, long in the tail and graceful. Itzelbith is often seen enjoying his aerial flexibility, flying high and engaging in dizzying drops and barrel rolls. He is fast and agile; a compliment to any Wing.

Personality: Itzelbith is a insightful, caring quartz dragon of uncommon interest in animals other than food. Part of this is from his natural talent, the other from his rider's interest and practice in Beast Craft. A social dragon, Itzelbith likes to spend time with other folk than just his rider. Dragons, firelizards and even whers are welcome in his company. He is also curious about people, as interested as he might be if search sensitive.

Itzelbith does not have much ambition outside of pleasing his rider but he does have a caring heart for his fellow dragons. Pleasing them is important, if not as important as pleasing his rider. In total, Itzelbith is an affable, compassionate dragon.

Special talents: So long as Itzelbith is within 20 feet of an animal, he exudes an animal empathy that is capable of calming and comforting any non-draconic animal. His eyes meets the animal's, be it canine, feline, avian, bovine or runnerbeast, any they are filled with a serenity were nothing seems to bother them. This talent makes Itzelbith very popular with the beast craft; indeed E'ret has capitalized on his dragon's ability and gone on to help train and heal a great many creatures in the Weyr.
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PostSubject: Re: Wingrider E'ret of Quartz Itzelbith   Sun May 17, 2015 8:42 pm

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Wingrider E'ret of Quartz Itzelbith
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