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 White Lightning Weyr's Rules

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PostSubject: White Lightning Weyr's Rules   Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:59 pm

OOC Rules

Drama in game = good. Drama out of game = crap. Be a golden-rule toting person - treat others as you would like to be treated. Give the benefit of the doubt to your compatriots, and be upfront (professionally so!) when you have a problem. No passive-aggressive subcomments, no crapiness. Remember this is the thing we do for fun!

It’s ok to have a potty-mouth; it’s not ok to curse at your fellow players. So, totally fine: “shit! I just messed up my entire character sheet!” Not ok: “F- you and your motherf-ing douchnozzle face!” Be cool, ya’ll.

We are moderate facsimiles of grown ups - do you have a question, concern, or feedback? DM the admins - reasonable replies meet reasonable queries all day.

Keep the mood PG-13 - it gives you plenty of leeway for when there are sexy-times or violence, without going all the way to porn/grimdark. We aren’t here for that.

Things we love: engaged members, passionate writers, folks excited about building an interesting setting together with some badass characters. Things that make admins into crazy people: whining, complaining about Impression results, whining, and being sad about getting something that someone said they were cool with. Be honest in your needs/wants, it makes it so much easier to enjoy what you get. And please don’t whine.  

If you have a problem, DM the admins. Don’t complain about others in the cbox, just write it up and send it in. We act quickly, and we want this to be fun.

Let us say it again: this is the fun thing we do, not the workaday stress ball. Enjoy yourself, help your cowriters enjoy themselves, and it’s a party even as we torture our characters. That’s our kind of party.

If after reading this, you know this isn’t your kind of party, that’s totally fine. Enjoy your fun times in other places!

IC Rules

Posts are in third person. It’s totally ok to have your character have an internal monologue in the first person, as long it’s surrounded by third-person context. E.g.: Abcde looked at her fellow candidates and sighed. ‘Please tell me I’m not the only grown ass woman on the sands this time? I can’t believe how much younger these babies get each clutch.’ She bit her lip and tried to smile when anyone caught her eyes.
Otherwise it gets hard to read. (see crazyperson admins, above)

Play your characters, not other people’s. Your posts should be about what your character is doing, and maybe the hope of others’ reactions, but you don’t get to decide someone else’s character’s actions/reactions/favorite color.

Time is flexible here, so you can have the same character in more than one topic at a time. Not ALL the places all the time (you probably have other characters who need love, right? No? Would you like to plot?); use your common sense.

Make your post count. Sometimes they’ll be short, we get that. Average two solid paragraphs/post, so we know what’s actually going on. No need to write an unnecessary description of the sea breeze to pad it, but again: make it count.

Also in terms of making it count: actions have consequences. Your character can mouth off, or skip practice, or hook up with their best friend's best bed-buddy, and then your character can accept the consequences (in character) so provoked. These might not always be equal, depending on the characters - such is life, IC. (Note for OOC - in game stays in game - don’t take in game stuff out on folks OOC, and vice versa.)

If you’re starting a topic and have an intended audience, tag who it’s for - either by member or character name. Otherwise, tag it open so people know to either come and watch the show or come and play.

No hounding. Real life trumps play time (sadly), so if you’ve posted and are waiting for an answer, see giving the benefit of the doubt, above. On the flip side, if you know you’re going to be on a bit of a delay, or find yourself in the midst of an unexpected one, pop over to the MIA and give folks a heads up - treat others, etc.
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White Lightning Weyr's Rules
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