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 K'lem and Quartz Seikith

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PostSubject: K'lem and Quartz Seikith   Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:20 pm

Player Name: Sixth Gun
Character Number: 3


Character Name and Pronunciation: Kaylem (Kay-lem); K’lem; Kay

Character Rank: Upper-class Weyrling. Future Searchrider.

Character Age/Date of birth: 22/ P10.23

Father: Kergon (46 turns. Chief leader of a holdless band outside of Eastern.)
Mother: Lemissa (42 turns. Apprenticed as a Harper when she was young.)
Brothers: Kergin (24), Lemergon (18), Kerissan (14),
Sister: Kaylen (20), Lemae (16),

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description:
Deep Cerulean eyes with a hint of cyan around the irises. He got them from his mother -her kinder disposition, too. K’lem is of average height and weight, with a lean body mass and little bulk, even though he remains physically very active. His activities though, don’t lend themselves to size in general. His hair is near-black, cut to medium length and styled neatly, with bangs brushed forward over his forehead where eyes are sometimes shadowed there; his sideburns grown out enough to partially cover his ears. He keeps good hygiene and generally appears well-groomed.

Kaylem’s attire generally consists of dark trousers which are semi-slim in their fit and boots that he keeps polished to a shine. White undershirts and typically dark shirts seem to suit him fine. He owns more than a couple of well-tailored blazers to dress himself up in, and suit pants to match, though a set of black leather flight gear is more frequent. He still has a high appreciation for the finer things in life, taking joy in the luxury of them. Clothes included. And for as clean as he presents himself it might be hard to imagine him ever having lived any other life -though it would certainly explain his appreciation for fine things.

Kaylem likes to wear stud or small hoop earrings, at least one or two rings adorned with semi-precious stone (given to him by his father), and a short chain necklace. His finery though, he keeps stashed away for safe keeping if he’s going to be running patrols or engaging in other hard labor. From his days amoungst the holdless, he owns a belt knife and a pair of swords, but the only one he keeps with him is the belt knife. The longer of the two is ornamented with a crimson tasseled lanyard and a couple of small bells that were sewn to it by his sister. She, of all his family, seemed to know the pain he went through after her husband’s death, understanding that when Keylem left home, he intended not to come back. The bells were a symbol of her song of love for her brother, so that he would always remember her.

Play By: Jang Hyunseung

Photo Reference:

-Tends to have a smiley disposition. Not one to make a lot of jokes, but on the surface, seems to enjoy a good sense of humour and jokes from others. He was often the butt of his sister’s jokes, though it was all in good fun (and love), poking at their brother with such jests. In fact, he liked their playful, innocent teasing. His mood however, is just as capable of turning dour as anyone elses’, though he is long-suffering, with patience not easily worn down for serious matters. He is enduring in that light, and capable of very serious, perhaps even brooding attitudes. Though, this is infrequent. He simply prefers to be more buoyant -though buoyancy can easily be a facade to cover up or shield himself from other negative emotions.
-Cares deeply for his family. Has a deep respect and love for his mother, father, siblings, and those who make up the close-knit group of their roving band. So much so that he would deny his own self for their sakes. There was some competition and even conflict between he and his elder brother though, which did not always end up well. Though, in general, he was the first to forfeit victory in their disputes, allowing his brother to do what he wanted. It was more of a show of deference though, than a show of cowardice, and typically, his brothers thoughts and actions tended to align more with that of their father’s, so he knew that in the end, it was unlikely things would go his way, anyway, when it came to major decisions.
-Tends to be thoughtful, though his opinions were not always taken into great consideration by his father, who was the end all be all of their roving troupe, growing up.  
-Does not have the personality for deception or lies. He prefers to be a more honest person, and a person who would not resort to underhandedness. If he were going to challenge someone, it would be more direct.
-He does however, possess the same fervency in combat as his father and older brother, but generally in recent times, that’s been only in the case of dire need. His heart does not desire bloodshed or to cause others pain, though he is by no means an idealistic enough person that he would abandon violence altogether, if it were a means to achieve something he saw as worthy cause. Until the time he joined the Hold Guard at Eastern Hold, he’d even for a while abandoned the idea that there was any world at all which existed without violence or conflict of some sort. It seemed like such a certainty in life, regardless of how much one might dream of a life lived otherwise. He’d come to believe that a place without violence or conflict and unlawfulness simply did not exist on the Southern Continent.
-Sharp mind, well-trained reflexes and a decent tactician from his experience in the field under the mentorship of his father and older brother. He was also a decent and well respected leader of men when the responsibility was given to him by his father, in order to assist in pulling off a raid on another group, in order to attain supplies.
-Avarice: (explained in history)
-Not incredibly well schooled, so his reading and writing is but passable. He has only moderate knowledge in the way of classical education, though his mother knew how to play some of the teaching ballads and sagas that every Hold Harper would have often recited. His education then, is generally based on need-to-know practical things that are necessary for someone of his ilk to survive day to day.

-Gets excited over picking up even the smallest fraction mark, keeping them collected in a jar. Every little bit counts toward his attainment of “something good”. It is yet undecided however, just what this awesome gift to himself is going to be. Or at the very least, he hasn’t disclosed that to anyone else.
-Perching himself on his dragon’s foreleg in solitude for thought, so that if people want to find him, they’ll have to come in range of his dragon’s ability.
-Used to have drinking contests with his brothers

Theme song: none yet

Kaylem’s Father is very authoritarian leader of a holdless band who often conducts raids to acquire supplies and to absorb other smaller bands into their ranks, so that they can maintain strength in numbers and add fresh blood to their stock. His father then, was very strict and not always the kindest man, so he and his sons were always treated with a good deal of respect, knowing what would happen if anyone crossed him. Of course, his family too, knew better.

During the Pass, the holdless bands were no less active in their ebb of conflicts and temporary peace making, always with their minds on the most beneficial alliances or enemies to make. They even used the fear of Thread to their advantage. To escape it themselves however, the bands generally had a headquarters somewhere that was considered safe; either close enough to the Holds that their territory would mostly be covered by the dragonmen, or within caves and near bodies of water that they could seek refuge in. For the most part, Kaylem's father liked to keep a safe haven for them anyway.

Over the course of several turns however, some said that the Falls could be predicted. Just like anything else in nature, it began to show patterns. Not that most people wanted to bet their lives on guessing games, but it was true enough. The world around them was full of patterns in nature, such as the time of morning that each type of flower decided to bloom, the path that stars took in the sky, the way the leaves on trees turned over when it was about to rain, or the path that storms took depending on geography of the surrounding area. There were many things that they had learned to predict, but Kaylem's father was also not a negligent leader, so too every precaution.

Amoungst other methods of dealing with the nemesis, the smiths amoungst them hammered out sheets of metal to arm themselves with as broad-rimmed hats and something akin to a simplistic pauldron so that the men who kept watch for it at strategic points around their territory would not be left completely unprotected. Still, there were relatively few incidents of someone getting caught out in it once they learned to be able to roughly predict the schedule of the Falls.

Their band only raided cotholds on the rare occasion, at least within Kaylem’s memory; their successes were generally in attacks on other holdless bands, especially those who involved themselves with smuggling, because there was more to be gained there, in victory. In goods, and in bodies. Their steering clear of raids on holds also assured that their activities would be overlooked by the Holders. As long as they didn’t become involved in harassing the general citizenry, there was no threat of having to face the Hold Guard, but the holdless were not amoungst those who were numbered in that count of ‘citizens’, so preying on one another meant free-game as long as a man was willing to risk his head for it.

This is the life that Kaylem grew up in. Combat and strategy were more or less the only strengths that Kaylem’s father valued aside from the occasional records-keeping, as that is what sustained them, and so that is what he and his brothers were taught. Though, it was always his eldest brother who seemed more cut out for it.

Amoungst the holdless, adulthood was reached at a younger age -14 was old enough to be a young man, even if a very small and inexperienced one. So, it was at this age that he began handling real weapons. He’d been taught by his brother in turns prior, how to defend himself without them, or only using wooden blades, bu at 14, his first real sword was bestowed upon him. He felt rewarded then, like he was finally a grown up, but realizing the truth of its purpose was less satisfying than he thought.

Throughout his teens, Kaylem followed his father’s instruction without asking questions, even if that meant following through with deeds he may have considered more unsavoury. In his mind though, there had only ever been one way to preserve a person’s existence. And that existence was determined by survival of the fittest. His world was comprised completely of the holdless and the seemingly vast expanse of land that they traveled. Their way of life was the only thing that he knew.

Having just turned 18, Kaylem’s father chose to enter into a conflict with a holdless band who he’d previously given his eldest daughter to in marriage. Kaylem could have been considered very good friends with Namasar, the man that his sister wed, though they hadn’t gotten to spend a lot of time together. The two had only met on a few occasions, but during those meetings, the two of them were like kin; they were like of mind and manner, sharing similar ideologies at heart. Both Namasar and Kaylem did everything he could to stop the conflict between their fathers, but eventually their relative clans ended up fighting.

Before the attacks on one another began, his sister’s husband came to apologize for what had transpired. And though he regretted the fact that their families had chosen to no longer be at peace with one another, whatever happened, the two of them would always be friends. Even if they ended up fighting to the death, between the two of them, it was not a fight out of hate, but a fight to uphold the honourable will of their fathers who would not be placated otherwise. The two of them parted in tears and on good terms, knowing that they may soon have to face one another in far more unfavourable circumstances.

Indeed, that day came, and in the midst of a raid, while trying to rescue his sister from the chaos, Kaylem ran across Namasar there with her. Recognizing that Kaylem’s father held the advantage in the day’s battle, the man let his wife go, so as to keep her from being caught up in it all. She was pregnant with his child and the two of them loved one another very much; he could not have wanted her to become harmed in any way. So, entrusted with her life Kaylem escaped with his sister, hoping to return in time to save his friend.

Upon his return though, Namasar had already been gravely wounded. Kaylem tried to help him, begged him to let himself be saved, if there was a way, but his sister’s husband knew that his life was at its end -his wound was fatal. Instead of saving him then, Namasar asked that Kaylem take mercy on him and end his life quickly so that he didn’t have to suffer. The two men shared parting words so that Namasar could depart from the world without worry for his wife, and knowing that he would pass in the company of a friend who was true to him -it was all that Kaylem could do. And then, before his resolve could waver, Kaylem took his friend’s life, letting him rest in peace. It would have to be in another life, if such a thing existed, that the two of them got to meet again -and without having to see things come to an end in such a way.

After that, Kaylem lost a lot of interest in his father’s fights and the raids they conducted. He found it hard to face his father every day, because in a way, he blamed his father for his friend’s death -the death of his sister’s beloved. And all for what? Wasn’t there a better way to live than this?

Dissatisfaction then, drove him to leave home. He offered to scout for more opportunity in further reaches of the territory, where smugglers may have been using open country road as a thoroughfare to move their goods. But what he didn’t tell his father, was that he wasn’t sure if he intended on returning. It would be easy to assume that he’d been captured by another holdless band or killed by smugglers, so his disappearance probably wouldn’t be thoroughly investigated. Nor would they be know exactly where to find him. In vast countryside, he could have been anywhere.

Not knowing where he was going then, Kaylem packed his things, and on runnerback, started on a path that he hoped might present a better future.

Eventually, Kaylem wound up at Eastern Hold, exploring and scavenging the streets for food and shelter. Far from home, he was exposed for the first time to just how luxuriously people lived in their more sedentary lives, in comparison to his own family, who were stuck conducting raids in order to supply much of their need. Completely captivated by the kind of world that the Hold symbolized for him, Kaylem was soon driven by the desire to acquire the things he’d been without for all of his life up until that point. At first, it was only curiosity -what seemed only innocent diversion- but eventually, his pursuit was to satiate a new-discovered avarice.  

His experiences in the Hold even in just those first days, expanded his perspective on the world, bringing him to the conclusion that this was the place that he’d like to stay. Kaylem was eager to experience the same extent of happiness as those who seemed to live life in such ease. He looked forward to integrating himself into society there -though, that was likely just his own glamourized vision of life talking, as excitement for all things new to him took hold.

Not completely understanding that it was abnormal to see a young man sleeping on the streets, Kaylem had only managed to survive there without being found out by the guards for a few days.. but he was found by someone else. Hungry and appearing practically destitute, as she put it, Kaylem was found by a kind young lady who took him into her family’s home, hiding him in a spare room (that had previously been used by her older brother), or occasionally a nearby stable, so that at least he’d have a roof over his head and some food. Out of deep compassion for others, she provided these things for him, as well as new clothes, helping him tidy up his appearance. She taught him the things he desired to know about hold life, and helped him find work there, as an official apprentice to the Hold Guard.

Kaylem felt as though he owed his happiness to her. The two of them became very close, and even became lovers, though she never showed any interest in becoming anything more. He was, after all, holdless, and her family would never approve of them being together. Understanding the complexities of marriage arrangements, Kaylem felt he had little ground to stand on, though the treatment of being a lesser was far different than that he’d been treated with at home. At least amoungst the holdless he could be a somebody. But here, he’d not yet earned a place for himself.

As Kaylem went on to train with the Guard, he proved his skills as he refined his technique further, until one day he could test into a journeymanship with them. At this stage, he could take on the real tasks of safeguarding the hold, using his knowledge of bandits and holdless to assist him. But that all wouldn’t happen for another full turn or more. In the mean time, the Guard impressed upon him that there was more to being a Guard than wielding a weapon; and there was more to carrying a weapon than just brandishing it to threaten or kill. Kaylem thought long and hard about these things, thinking that perhaps the ideologies that he and Namasar had shared really weren’t dead after all. It was just that he and his friend were looking in the wrong place for them.

In his mid 20th turn, Kaylem was brought on Search from Eastern Hold to Eastern Weyr. Impression seemed like a promising goal -and if nothing else he’d just make a place for himself there, doing something akin to what he’d always done. As long as he didn’t have to be faced with a repeat of the past, allowed to nurture a more benevolent side of himself, he could be happy with that.

He stood but failed to impress the first time around, but with another clutch soon after, there was hope for him yet.

K’lem’s Impression to Seikith was only beneficial for his life. There had always been a more empathetic and compassionate side of him that had never been greatly nurtured, seeing as that while growing up, his father praised a man who could bear a toughened countenance and had a hand that was quick to punish. There was no acting against his father’s wish, even if it meant denying himself by turning his back on what he thought was ‘right’, in favour of feeding a less desirable nature. But with Seikith in his life, it was hard to even think about going back to such times.

Kaylem had already begun adopting the Hold’s slightly more tempered and chivalric version of martial ways, and given Seikith’s Talent, even if someone apparently loathed him ,it was difficult to want to turn a blade on them. There were few times that Seikith hid the projected emotion of others from his rider, so K’lem was more aware now than ever of just how people felt; their fear, their envy, their greed, their happiness, their sorrow, their worry… and all of it appealed to the empathy inside of him. He’d certainly become more introspective at this time, letting himself ponder over the things that people must be going through in their lives that made them feel the way they did. He became more curious about people and found himself more affected by their moods than he could have imagined.

Throughout their first few months together, as he took time to contemplate things -including the emotions of others-, K’lem realized that the avarice he thought he’d developed wasn’t necessarily for all of the material things that he could attain by building a life for himself at the Hold; rather, it was for the loving companionship that he’d been given through his Impression to Seikith, and by the few friends he made while there. They were existing peacefully, even if at times it was a peace tinged with gray.

After eventually learning to tune out the sensations he picked up about others through his dragon’s talent, Kaylem was able to live more at ease. At first, it had been a lot to handle all at once, especially if amoungst a crowd and Seikith grew too excited to tone down the projection that he cast back off onto his rider. But.. in recent days, nothing worked to tone down the sense of malign that he got from other riders at Eastern. There was clearly a growing dislike of the group of mutant bloods, and he could tell that they were up to something, regardless of whether or not they were going to say it. There was a sense of impending climax from some of them, and when they were brought to the new weyr, a sense of relief and perhaps even victory emanated from at least one of them. But at least, out here, at White Lightning Weyr as it would be called, Seikith and his rider didn’t have to suffer the dismal atmosphere that had been smothering them for the past weeks on end. Here, the air seemed.. clear.

Though life as an outcast, a nomad, a bandit, none of the above were strange to him, K’lem finds himself disappointed at having to start all over again. In a way, he finds it kind of comical that he wound up like this again -holdless, weyrless. At least until they could rebuild. But that was not something that he didn’t feel up to. As long as there were those at his side who were willing to be his companions, he could make a place for himself in the world, no matter where that place was at.

One thing that K'lem was grateful for, upon being set free from Eastern Weyr, was the fact that he got his weapons back. The Eastern Riders didn't seem to care what happened to them once they left, so their concern was not for whether or not they had weapons; and if anything, they might need them to survive on their own. Truly, it was a kind gesture. ( >D ) More than anything though, they held sentiment for him, because just holding them in his hands reminded him of where he came from and how he'd gotten to where he is at this point in his life. He couldn't want to wield them for unsavoury purposes anymore, but then again, there was no father or elder brother standing over him to coerce his hand. At the same time, he couldn't let go of that which held so much sentiment and memory for him.

It was difficult first parting with the swords he'd always had at hand. He was accustomed to their weight at his hip, and having them ready for attack, so it took him a while to get used to not having them there. For a long time, he felt naked without them. But he had to remind himself that the Weyr was a place where peace had been harbored, where there was no need for such tools. Likewise, Seikith could warn him of any ill intent and K'lem could call them on it, confronting them about it to let them know he was ready if they wanted to have a try at him. Rare was the time though, that such a thing had happened. At least, up until the last weeks of their time at Eastern.

Most importantly though, when his blades had been taken from him, K'lem was sure to take the crimson lanyard from the long-blade. The lanyard that had been sewn with bells from his sister he kept with his personal things, ensuring that it never left him.

Craft: Martial /Guardsman

Rank: Jr. Journeyman

Training location: His father and brother’s mentorship primarily, until the age of 18. In his 18th turn, he’d begun training with the Hold Guard to further refine his technique. Continued here until he’d almost reached the age of 21.

Specialty: Swords and knives. Single or double edged. Is capable of dual-wielding knives or short swords.

Dragon Art credited to:

Name: Seikith (Say-keeth)

Color: Quartz

Speech Hex Code: #96a8b6, #aaccd8, #d3e6f0 (I plan on lightening the color just a bit, again, so plan on seeing a slight adjustment, but this is basically it >D)
K'lem & Seikith

Impression date: P10.44.4.10

Wing: TBA

Physical description:
Seikith is on the large side of average size for a Quartz dragon. He has no particular noticeable markings that would make him stand out, and has a sleek, well-proportioned body. His extremities appear long and perhaps give the illusion of some added height when he stands at his fullest. His coloring has a dusky, powder blue tint to it, though the faint coloring stands out most against his white hide, when under the shadow. Under the light, it becomes a pale cerulean glaze.

Seikith is not an aggressive dragon in general, unless faced with Thread, though should his Rider’s mood change for the worst, he is not so gentle that he would sit idly by, be there some threat. Generally though, his temperament is quiet and well-tempered. He is not talkative by any means, because he ‘listens’ to others through his talent so to speak. His talent also makes him more understanding of humans at times, because, though he may not completely comprehend circumstantial human complexities, he is keen to pick up on their feelings, which is almost as informative. Thus, he feels rather ‘in tune’ with people and other dragons alike. Seikith is also inquisitive, though not necessarily nosey. He doesn't feel the need to involve himself with others unnecessarily, even if his interest is peaked.

Special talents: Within 3 dragon lengths can pick up at least faint whisperings of emotions of others, though they may not be very clear unless the emotion is strong. The closer the person is, and the stronger the emotion is, the stronger the sensation of emotion that can be picked up. From 2 dragon lengths, emotions can be interpreted clearly, even if it was a passing thought that translated into the momentary excitement of a fluttering heart.

K’lem has an innate sense of this 2 dragon length range, and has a habit of trying to stay within it when there are others around that he may want to read into. However, sometimes the shared emotion is unwanted, like if there are teenage boys in puberty around girls, because conversely, Seikith’s channeling of these sensations through to him are almost as automatic as the sharing of their own intimate bond. This kind of Emotion-sharing K’lem considers rather troublesome. Thus, there are also times when he prefers to seclude himself so as to give himself a break from the sometimes tiresome onslaught of other people’s feelings; especially if they are very strong feelings. Though, perhaps much like a HAD filters the many dragon voices into white noise, K’lem has learned to tune out many these feelings as they bleed through Seikith and into his own consciousness.

Throughout Weyrlinghood, this ability proved difficult to deal with, K’lem often trying to keep it a secret. Since weyrlings are young and hormonal, going through big changes in life,.. which often led to awkward misunderstandings and comical encounters. Though, at times, it also led to unwanted realizations and even the discovery of the existence of painful things in people’s lives that most would not want disclosed. Though it was hard to know the details of the story that elicited pain, his strong sense of empathy made such discoveries hard to swallow. Depending on the strength of the emotional projection however, sometimes more could be understood than not. K’lem would learn that there were certainly differences in emotions like ‘love’ and ‘hate’, ‘fear’ or ‘excitement’. Not every love was the same, just as the depth of a person’s dislike or distrust of the mutant dragon pairs could vary from person to person based on their own personal experiences.

This talent has at least once or twice lent itself to good purpose, as the honing in on such emotional projection alerted him to a person’s wrongdoing, in which case, he was able to scope out its location and put a stop to it before something bad happened. Such instances were a bolster to the pair’s confidence and appreciation for the dragon’s talent.

In such instances as in the face of the hatred and distrust of those who were traditionalists, not welcoming of the unorthodox dragon varieties, it was difficult at to turn his back and walk away from a fight. It was usually the most controversial things that brought about the greatest height of emotion, placing that burden on K’lem and his dragon to suffer understanding more keenly than they could have wanted. For K’lem, there was no doubt in his mind just how some of the riders at Eastern Weyr felt about their existence.

K’lem tries not to advertise Seikith’s ability because he doesn’t want people thinking they’re trying to read their minds -which is how most people have understood the talent in the past, even though the assumption was erroneous. Not every thought turned into body-chemistry altering feelings that were worthy of detecting, let alone tuning into. The ability couldn’t read the thoughts themselves; only assumptions could be made about thoughts that may have crossed a person’s mind when they elicited a heightening or fluctuation of emotion. Though, a person’s general state of being could certainly be assessed by the talent.

Over time, if there is a lot of heightened emotion, K’lem finds his dragon’s ability exhausting. It becomes hard to handle just how overwhelming the strength of them can be -especially if they’re negative. Thus, life at the Weyr, toward the end of their stay at Eastern, was becoming difficult, so he more frequently sought to isolate himself and his dragon in order to escape it. It’s better not even being around those who he ‘knows’ feel negatively, even if his dragon isn’t close by enough for him to pick up on it. It is also better for him to seek the happiness of others than to encourage bad feelings, lest he make he and Seikith suffer because of some pain that he’d caused.

The dragon himself however, seems happy to tune into these things, since to him, the ability comes completely natural. He hardly seems to notice that humans themselves might feel as though he may be infringing on their privacy by picking up on how they are feeling at a given time. And when they were just Impressed, it took him a while to realize that other dragon pairs did not share this capability. In a way, the pair only thought that perhaps he had the potential to be a strong Searcher.

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K'lem and Quartz Seikith
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