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 White Lightning Weyr Affiliate Guide

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PostSubject: White Lightning Weyr Affiliate Guide   Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:36 pm

Hello! Do you run an RPG-type forum? Would you like to affiliate with us? Great! We just have a few guidelines:

1. We here at White Lightning Weyr are a PG-13 group. For that reason, we'd prefer to affiliate with those clubs who adhere to the same guidelines. In practice, this means that mild IC violence and adult situations are okay, but we'd prefer to fade to black (or private forums) before anything particularly explicit takes place.

2. We would prefer not to affiliate with clubs utilizing themes of slavery and bondage. We know this can be done tastefully, and we're not here to judge, but we would prefer to keep our fantasy world a bit less dark than that.

3. We expect our affiliates to prominently post our ad and button on their advertising or affiliate page, and we'll do the same.

If you feel you can abide by these guidelines and you're still interested in affiliating with us, please PM your ad and code to one of the Admin Staff. We'll look everything over and let you know whether you've been accepted for affiliation. Please include your contact information in the PM.

Thanks so much for your interest in affiliating with us!
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White Lightning Weyr Affiliate Guide
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