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 Siona, Rider of Quartz Lolath

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PostSubject: Siona, Rider of Quartz Lolath   Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:11 am

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: 3


Character Name and Pronunciation: Siona (see OWN ah)
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Quartzrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 24 / P10.31.5.2
Family: Father: Seegar, Trader, age 62
              Mother: Ionetta, Trader, age 57
              Various siblings, none significant at this time (will develop later as needed)
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Siona looks like she knows what she’s doing.  Her habitual expression is a slightly amused smirk, which gives her lovely face both character and a bit of attitude.  Her eyes are large, deep set and brown, and hint at her quick intelligence and sometimes biting sense of humor.  Her lips are full and a bit pouty, which makes the aforementioned smirk come off rather sensual.  For this reason, among others, Siona very rarely lacks for company of either the male or female variety.

Growing up as part of a trader clan allowed Siona access to fashions and fabrics from all over Pern.  Consequently, her style is eclectic to say the least.  Even when wearing leathers, she’ll have a brightly colored shirt beneath, or some kind of subtle ribbon wrapped around her throat or wrist to give her some color.  In fact, that’s the one constant in her wardrobe.  Siona loves color, and the brighter and bolder the better.  

She’s of medium height and lean muscular build.  Her hair is dark and long, and she wears it down as often as possible.

Play By: Willa Holland
Photo Reference:http://i.imgur.com/cdihQjs.jpg
Personality: Siona considers herself the consummate student of human nature and folly. She loves to watch people and the dynamics that they exhibit.  Occasionally, she’ll dip her toe into a bit of “social engineering”, as she calls it, in order to see what happens, but mostly, she’s content to watch, observe, and comment.  

That’s not to say that she doesn’t enjoy interaction.  Siona is an extrovert.  She loves to both give and receive attention.  She has a sensual nature to match her lush look, and she’s not shy about having a healthy sex life, now that she can do so once again.  

She’s loyal, insofar as she’s ever been tested.  She won’t consciously betray a friend or loved one… but her attachments tend to be rather superficial, when it’s all said and done.  The only one who truly holds her heart is Lolath.  All others are merely for fun.  

Her biggest flaw is that she can tend to be a bit smug, as if she knows what you want before you do.  This is particularly irritating when one considers that due to Lolath’s ability, Siona isn’t often wrong.  She’s also a bit of a materialist, and can be impatient when she wants something and can’t get it right away.  

As for the exile:  she’s not sure how she feels about it yet.  At the present time, she’s determined that if nothing else, it should be interesting to watch and see how events play out.  Thanks to this mindset, she’s probably less surly about being cast out than many of the other riders.  

Theme song: “Someone New” - Hozier

History: Siona was born to a trader captain and his wife, and she was born in the middle of a storm during an ocean crossing from Southern Boll Hold to Southern Hold.  Her life hasn’t been boring since.  When she was growing up in the trader clan, she would make a game of observing the various people who did business with her family.  Afterward, she would discuss her observations with her father, who made a game out of “reading” people as a way of teaching his children about the family business.  Siona was a bright and eager student, and it became a challenge for her to see if she could guess at people’s motivations and actions before they revealed them.  

As she grew older and started to be aware of they way that sexual dynamics influenced people, she became quite curious about the act itself.  By the time she was seventeen Turns of age, she’d taken lovers of both genders, though she was careful not to commit herself to any one person for too long.  She had a bit of a wild heart and her father’s wanderlust as well.  She figured one day she’d pick a trader boy and start having children, but she didn’t see any rush.

At eighteen, Siona came to Eastern Weyr after being Searched by an Eastern green during a Gather at the old Landing site.  She stood for Impression for two Turns, always thinking that she’d probably go back to her clan one day. She delayed, though, because there was always the promise of another clutch, and because the Weyr was such a fascinating collection of personalities and characters.  Plus, lots of attractive riders and weyrfolk happy to engage in casual flings.  What was not to love?

Siona’s world was fully rocked when she Impressed Quartz Lolath at Titan Parazath’s first Hatching. Immediately after Impression, Lolath made her special talent known when she informed Siona that one of the assistant weyrlingmasters helping them out seemed to be surly because he’d been wanting to talk Siona into sleeping with him after the Feast that night.  It seemed that Siona’s lovely Quartz had the odd ability to pick up on people’s strong desires.  

There were some limitations, of course.  Lolath couldn’t feel someone’s desires if they were more than about two dragonlengths away from her.  Nor could she feel anything if they were consciously guarding their thoughts.  But otherwise, she seemed to have a knack for getting to an individual’s base motivation.  

Because of this talent, Siona and Lolath were somewhat groomed to take on some courier duties after they graduated from Weyrling training.  However, this never materialized as such, since shortly after Weyrling training they were shipped off along with the rest of the “mutants” to a canyon in the middle of nowhere.  

Dragon Art credited to (insert name(s) of artists here.  If it's original work, use your own name/screenname)
Name: Lolath
Color: Quartz
Speech Hex Code: cfcaf6, f8cdf3, f8f8d4, daf4da Pale pastel blue, pink, yellow, and green fade

Impression date: P10.43.4.15
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Lolath small and slender, even compared to the other Quartz dragons.  She is, however, very, very fast.  She doesn’t have much stamina, but in a dead sprint, she’ll hang with the Greens, and that’s something of which she’s justifiably proud.  Her hide is a lovely cream with shades and shadows of blues, greens, yellows and pinks, particularly on her translucent wings.  
Personality: Lolath is a nurturer.  She sees her purpose in life as twofold.  First, she must take care of Siona.  Secondly, she must try and take care of those around her.  Please note, she does draw a distinction between “taking care of” someone and “making them happy”.  Lolath is intelligent and somewhat sneaky, and she isn’t above acting in what she believes is someone’s best interest, even if it makes them angry.  
Special talents: Lolath has the ability to sense a person’s strongest desires.  This is limited by proximity, as she must be within about two dragonlenths of the person for her ability to work.  She also cannot read the desires of someone who is actively trying to shield or protect their thoughts from her, so by and large Siona tries to keep her ability a bit of a secret.
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PostSubject: Re: Siona, Rider of Quartz Lolath   Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:31 pm

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Siona, Rider of Quartz Lolath
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