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 Alannah, rider of scarlet Fiammath

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PostSubject: Alannah, rider of scarlet Fiammath   Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:26 am

Player Name: SylverAngel/ Jessica/ Jess
Character Number: 2
Last Updated: 3-6-15


Character Name and Pronunciation: Alannah (Allie) [Uh-LAN-uh]
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Scarlet Rider
Character Age/Date of birth: 20 (1994 for reference)
Family: Mother - Landra, 52, sr. jwoman weaver, Eastern Weyr
 Father - M'narren, 53, bluerider, Eastern Weyr
 Sister - Melara, 31, creche worker, Eastern Weyr
 Brother - L'nar, 30, brownrider, Eastern Weyr
 Brother - Narellen, 27, jman healer, Eastern Weyr
 Sister - Rendra, 25, sr. apprentice healer, Healer Hall
 Brother - A'ren, 21, greenrider, Eastern Weyr

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: 5' 6" tall, Alannah is built more on the skinny side, though her appetite-- especially when it comes to sweets-- would make one think she should be much larger.  She lacks the wider hips and larger chest she thinks men prefer, though her legs are decently long and fairly easily shown off.

Never happy with her own appearance, Allie changes the style of her plain brown hair on a whim, hoping something new will make it look 'better.'  Her skin is always too pale and refuses to get any darker with the sun, and the few freckles scattered across her cheeks and nose do nothing but give her a 'cute little sister' look to her way of thinking.  Her eyes, however, are the one thing she is happy with-- a pretty blue-green, with long lashes, she often tries to find clothing to match in an attempt to draw attention to them.

Her clothing style and jewelry changes as often as her hair.  She tries to keep up with whatever fashion trends there may be outside of the leathers a dragonrider wears for flight, but doesn't always go for styles that would suit her body type more.

Play By:
Photo Reference:

Alannah is impulsive and prone to drama.  This has, of course, gotten her into trouble along the way, both with authority figures and peers alike.  During weyrling training, she tended to whine and complain about her own inability to complete a task, instead of focusing on what she was doing wrong and fixing it-- a trait which likely did not endear her to her classmates.  She would eventually get past the roadblocks, though, mostly due to a very patient instructor who took her under his wing, yet at the same time, refused to take any of the attitude she was dishing out.  It was perhaps his belief that she would accomplish what he asked of her (and, most importantly, Fiammath's unfailing confidence) that helped her get through training with few major mishaps.

Though perhaps not as quick to give up on a task as she used to be, there are still times she claims to know she will never get something right, and refuses to try any harder to accomplish it.  The right encouragement (or a swift kick in the behind) might force her to do so, so any wingleader she is assigned to will likely need to deal with her with a firm hand-- or play up his charms (if her wingleader is male) and convince her to do whatever it is he asked of her as a personal favor to him.  Either scenario will likely work well-- though she's apt to take the charming encouragement the wrong way, as she falls easily and hard for a handsome male that shows her attention.  (Likely why she seems to come away from what she believes to be a relationship feeling like a failure-- she chooses the wrong men most of the time.)

Oftentimes pouty, as noted, Allie can still be sunny and bright when she's in a good mood.  She's loyal and will do almost anything for her friends, though she may not be the best at keeping secrets.  Not because she's vindictive or wants to spoil the fun of others, but because she gets so excited for her friends when they find a new love, or have a surprise present coming, that she can't contain it.  If she does screw up and offend a friend some way or other, she will do anything to try to win their good graces back, often going a bit overboard to be helpful and nice until they either tell her to stop, or give her some sign of official forgiveness.  (This also applies to relationships, and why they likely don't last…)  And if one of her friends (or her dragon) is disparaged in her company, she's likely to take up arms and defend their honor-- or at least cat fight or verbally insult the offending party.  There is nothing wrong with her dragon, or the other 'mutants' as some call them-- and if anyone says otherwise, they better be prepared to face this scarlet rider's wrath!

Theme song:

History: Born at Eastern Weyr to a bluerider and his weyrmate, Alannah grew up among the other weyrbrats.  She never truly wanted for anything, though she was never completely content with what she had.  Her sisters were always prettier and drew the better-looking boys.  Her brothers always got the better treats from the kitchen workers, and Impressed or walked the tables the first time they tried.  Her friends always had better dolls or nicer clothes.  Everyone else got the better chores, no matter how long they'd been at the Weyr.

No matter what anyone else said or did, Allie was constantly comparing her own lot to that of everyone around her, and coming up lacking.  Of course, it didn't help that she showed no real aptitude for any specific craft or job.  When she did find something that sparked the tiniest amount of interest, she was quick to give up trying to learn at the slightest sign of failure.  So it was always possible there was potential there, but she was unwilling to give the tasks in question a second try.

Believing Standing for a Hatching would only end in the same result, it took several Turns for her to make the decision to do so.  She'd go through the candidate classes, join the groups of those waiting to Impress, and then change her mind not long before the eggs were due to hatch each time.

When she finally allowed someone to convince her completely that Standing was what she should do, she was all set to wait near the eggs and see if a dragon would choose her, instead of sitting in the stands when they started to rock.  And yet, as the Candidates were called to the Hatching Grounds, and time drew nearer for the first one to crack, her nerves mounted.  As the first shells fell open and their occupants chose their lifemates, she convinced herself she would find nothing but failure in the coming moments.

But just as she turned away to leave the Sands, she heard a voice calling her back.  And in that moment, her life was changed-- mostly for the better, according to Fiammath.  Even Allie would likely agree, though perhaps not with the most recent event that forced her to leave Eastern.

Already prone to consider herself a failure, being 'exiled' has done nothing for Alannah's attitude.  Especially since her lover refused to join herself and her fellow riders of 'mutant' dragons in coming to the new Weyr-- he saw no reason to give up his cozy home and friends to come explore new adventures with her.  He wasn't the one who'd been asked to transfer, after all.  Yes, he was sorry she had to go-- their time together had been fun, and he'd miss her.  Of course he would.  Maybe once the new Weyr had been established, he'd come visit, and think about a transfer, but building the new space from the ground up just wasn't his thing, she had to understand.

Of course, she didn't.  And she had no way of convincing him otherwise when the plans were already in motion for them to leave-- nor could she convince the leadership to let her stay.

So, while some of the dragonriders sent to White Lighting Weyr might be excited about the change in location, Allie is certainly not happy with it at all.  Not. At. All.

Dragon Art credited to
Name: Fiammath
Color: Scarlet
Speech Hex Code: #a82e40, #e297a2
Impression date: P10.43.4.15
Physical description: Fiammath is on the smaller side for a scarlet dragon.  Her wingspan is slightly longer than it should be given her length, though it seems to affect her flight patterns very little.

A deeper pinkish red, rather than an orange one, most of her hide is one smooth shade.  From her neck through most of her tail, her underside is paler, with her belly being the lightest.  Her head knobs and claws, however, are darker, and in some light she almost appears to have a deeper stripe that goes from her head all down her back to the end of her tail.

As much as her rider is pouty and a complainer, Fiammath is a strong go-getter.  She doesn't let failure come between herself and a goal, or even between her rider and a goal that needs draconic involvement.  This likely saved them during training, seeing as Alannah too easily gave up on tasks she was given.  Fiammath will push and push, demanding everything she can of her rider until they get something right.  Of course, if Allie's mental state isn't currently up to the task, and no amount of mental browbeating will force her to focus, Fiammath will concede momentary defeat and give in to her rider's weakness.  She won't let Alannah stay down long, though-- only long enough to get her head back on straight, or until the next opportunity to continue what it was they were working on.

So long as her rider's wishy-washy attitude doesn't interfere with training or their duty as dragonriders, Fiammath is likely to leave things lie.  Alannah does have to watch that she doesn't whine too much to her dragon about a particular topic, though, as there are times the scarlet has gotten fed up and taken matters into her own hands-- talking to a male's dragon and telling him the problem in order to make Allie's mind up for her.  There is no doubt Fiammath will defend her rider's honor, though, when it comes into question-- she has also been known to tell Alannah she's better off without a particular male due to his treatment of her.

Some might think it unfortunate that such a strong dragon was saddled with a weak rider, but Fiammath wouldn't have it any other way.  Obtaining rank has never mattered to her, much as she strives to do her duty well.  She serves as a strong asset for any wing, despite any issues leadership may have with her rider's attitude.  She can handle her rider, after all, and make sure they get a job done, and have it done right the first time.  Even if she has to deal with a few minor bumps along the way.

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PostSubject: Re: Alannah, rider of scarlet Fiammath   Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:45 pm

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Alannah, rider of scarlet Fiammath
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