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 D'kan (Scai) & Cobalt Galvanth

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Sixth Gun

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PostSubject: D'kan (Scai) & Cobalt Galvanth   Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:28 am

Player Name: JQ/ Sixth Gun
Character Number: 1


Character Name and Pronunciation: Scaideskan (sai-des-kan); Nickname: Scai

Character Rank: Wingrider; Apprentice Metal Smith

Character Age/Date of birth: 21; ‘24

Mother: Sadea. Cook and Metal Smith assistant. 55 turns as of ‘45
Father: Mastersmith Vered. 64 turns as of ‘45
Younger sister: Verea, Apprentice Smith. 17 turns as of ‘45
Younger brother: Relik, Apprentice Miner, 15 turns as of ‘45

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description:
5’11” in height, Scai’s built sturdy and muscular, with his strength generally hidden under clothes. Since he’s not a large man, it’s easy to assume he lacks the tone of bigger men, but his body is very lean and well toned, with broad shoulders for his size, and a distinct masculine ‘V’ of the torso from shoulder to hips. Due to his leanness, even the small striations of muscules can be seen through his shoulders, chest and arms, revealing a hard body with his shirt off.

Scai’s facial features, tend to be slightly softer, were it not for the mischievous gleam in his eye that belied a less troublesome nature. His face is free of blemish, long and angular, with near perfect brows that sit heavy upon shallow set eyes of deep klah brown. His hair is also dark brown, usually cropped short to medium length and worn in varying style depending on his mood or circumstance. He’s perfectly capable of taming it nicely, but more likely to let it crown his head in a semi-shaggy mess like he just got out of bed. Either way, with attractive features and enough tough-guy charisma to match he is able to pull off the look handsomely.

Scai wears a thumb ring on his right hand, another plain ring on his left hand, and a short chain necklace. He tends to wear dark pants tailored with a semi-slim fit and cargo pockets, with a belt and black boots suited for work.  His shirts are also semi-slim, generally being short sleeved  with a grey leather jacket. He doesn’t care to keep his appearance overly tidy, meaning he won’t generally tuck in his shirts or button all his buttons to make himself look more presentable, but when given the proper occasion, he’ll fancy himself up nicely. He does keep himself clean though, and does not appear unkempt as much as simply casual. when his mentors constantly request that he keep his appearance more neatly since he is representing them as their student. He also usually keeps a utility knife on him, as well as a dagger.

Play By: Yong Jun Hyung

Other Noticeable Traits: Light Northern Telgar accent in his speech.

-Generally dislikes authority figures. He is distrustful of them and their motives or personal agendas. Has a tendency to treat them with some good amount of disdain. He seems to have lost faith in adults as a guidepost for those just struggling to grow up and mature into adulthood. He generally treats others with suspicion, easily rising to a fight for those he has put his trust in.
-Possesses a strong sense of honour, of right and wrong, but too discontent with the world he grew up in to go out of his way to treat others all kindly. However, he tends to stand up for what’s just and honorable, even if he doesn’t care to go about it the most diplomatic way.
-Loves his siblings though he doesn't get along with his dad or mom well.  He hasn't spoken to his siblings in several months though, ever since he moved away from home. And his mom, he feels, has given up on him. That causes his heart a lot of pain, even if he won’t admit it outwardly and doesn’t talk about it.
-Reserved around those he's not comfortable with or doesn't really know, but not hesitant to speak his mind openly, even if it might offend. He doesn’t tend to yield to political correctness much of the time.
-Can be brash and cagey, so since he is not necessarily overly-mature for his age, most adults in his life tend to treat him like a delinquent, not realizing that if they did enough to earn his trust things might be different.
-Sensitive toward people's attitudes and words toward himself and those he is close to. He is quick to lash out, becoming defensive in such cases. This is all because of the hurt he’s experienced in the past, which still shapes his attitude today.
-He’s able to be accepting of others for who they are as a person,  accepting even their weak qualities, as long as they can manage to get past the barriers he puts before them when trying to get close to him.
-Has a well hidden compassionate side, so if someone makes the effort to gain his trust, he’s capable of expressing a lot of concern and kindness in their favour. Maybe turning out to be more of the ‘big brother’ type to some, especially weyrlings.
-Amoungst peers his age group, tends to be a ringleader whom they all look to. Usually because he’s an instigator and won’t settle for allowing his friends to be victimized in any way. In that aspect, Scai would rather be a person of action. And because he has a pretty strong, steady sense of character, others his age tend to find it easy to respect him and thus, let him take the lead.
-Perceptive and smart, he is a good student and reasonably quick learner when given the chance.
-Interested in learning, though he had a hard time in the past putting much stock in his apprenticeship. He regrets missing out on some of that education though, which he knows could have bettered him, so he’s determined to try to become more educated, becoming the best Rider he can be, now that he’s at the Weyr.
-Has felt very lonely up until the point of his Impression, and even then, with regards to human relationships, can feel alone still.
-Tends to put on the act that he’s simply too independent and grown up to want to live with his family or be in contact with them. He puts on indifferent airs and lets others assume that his life is lived as intended -on his own, as though nothing is wrong. That way, when they find out that he’s the Master Metalsmith’s son, they don’t have to think badly about his family for being torn because of him. Unless of course, word had spread this far, that the Master Metal Smith’s son was of less than golden reputation.
-Feels guilty for having put his siblings in the position that they would have to bear their father’s ridiculous expectations for the future.

-Bears grudges.
-Tends to make rash decisions when he’s upset.

Mannerisms/ Habits:
-Has come to find it easy to ignore his instructors and view others with distrust. Especially if they are any figure of authority.

Skills/ Likes:
[His Siblings]: He feels like they’re the only family he has who still trust in him and love him. He feels as though his own mother has turned her back on him. In the future, he’ll probably be extra cautious around any female interests for that reason, and almost be expecting them to eventually turn their back on him. It would take a special, patient lady then, to uncover a more tender side of him.
[Independence]: At least being somewhat on his own he doesn’t have to live under the shadow of his father’s expectations. He also won’t have to bow to his every wish without getting yelled at for having any differing opinions.
[Metallurgy & Metal Appraising ]:  Though he never became skilled at crafting objects out of metal, or anything of the like, Scai has seen and laid his hands on enough of those objects and raw ores to be able to quite accurately appraise their value. As an Apprentice, he spent a lot of time learning about the various soils, raw ores, etc, their condition, their hardness or brittleness, how to maintain the heat of a fire hot enough to melt them down and purify them,, where to find them in nature and how to sift the dirt for them. He also enjoys collecting knives or other metal things; usually if they are small and might seem insignificant to others.

Unskilled at/ Dislikes:
[Authority figures]: They have fallen short of his expectations time and time again. He feels like they do not like him and are unnecessarily suspicious of him; as though they expect him to do something wrong at any moment just because of the reputation he’s garnered. They tend to look more at his appearance and whether or not he conforms to their ideas of a well behaved youth.
[Goody-two-shoes]: The pet canines kissing up to the authority figures he despises, acting so obedient jus t to get ahead. He hates seeing kids bow down to adults, even when adults are wrong, and he equally dislikes to see adults do the same to one another when there may be little actual respect for one another.

Theme song:

Marrying later in life than many men, Vered was in his early 30s when he and his wife met and decided to get married. He had always been a very focused man, greatly dedicated to his Craft, so it was only natural for him to expect the same thing of his children. He and Sadea however, were not successful in producing children for some turns into their marriage. Eventually, they gave up on it ever happening, at which point Sadea began working with her husband as an assistant at the Mastersmith Hall in Telgar.

When several turns later, Sadea became pregnant. She was overjoyed, and immediately after, since they knew she was fertile, decided to try for more children, which they had long desired. Sadea left her work at the Mastersmith Hall to raise their children, not returning to her job there until they were all old enough to begin their own apprenticeships. At that time, the children took up their apprenticeships at the crafthall, assuming that they would carry on the family trade. And of course, Vered had high hopes for his eldest son, anticipating that he would be highly skilled and become the youngest Metal Smith to become a Master of his Craft.

Scaideskan’s father gloated over his children and how bright they were, and what all they would accomplish in life. That pressure however, was primarily for Scai’s shoulders to bear, and he did uphold his father’s expectations well for quite some time. He was smart enough. He was typically studious enough. Circumstances simply took a wrong turn.

At the age of 15, he’d been in the craft for four turns. Scai had no real quarrel with his instructors nor most of his fellow apprentices. The youngster was a little hot headed when it came to defending his friends though, and he would put his foot down in order to protect them, no matter who his opponent was. He was (and still is) stubborn and bullheaded.

During an unfortunate incident, his instructor decided that he’d seen enough ‘failure’ out of one of Scai’s friends, who happened to show the least ability of anyone else in their class. In front of the entire class, their instructor shouted in the face of the boy, berrating and insulting him for not keeping up with the rest of the apprentices. In Scai’s eyes however, the instructor had gone too far, and had offered little encouragement or help to get his friend back on track. Nor did he seem to understand that there were some people who simply weren’t as skilled at certain things; but he didn’t have to yell at him and belittle him to tell him that. So enraged by the instructor’s display was he, that in order to defend his friend, Scai stood up and walked across the room, punching their instructor in the face. And when the man tried to get back up and yell at him, Scai kicked him into the ground and then continued pounding his fists into him.

At first, Scai and all of the apprentices of their class expected for there to be more questions asked, and some sort of justice to be served by the other adults; but apparently other instructors must have thought similarly, and the boys were generally recognized for not being the brightest. Thus, due to past incidents, they had already been labeled as troublemakers. Scai had already realized as much, but what really defeated his will to do well at the Hall, was when his father caught wind of the incident and did not defend him in light of all the accusations. His father should have had more faith in him. Yet none of the adults cared to pry into the matter further; it was easier to accuse the obvious ‘delinquents’ in the group and place their trust in someone that they ‘should’ trust. Obviously the instructor had been the victim here, and Scai wasn’t going to divulge the information freely.

Having hoped that his own father, on his own accord, would have had greater faith in him, it was painful to think that his father believed he would have done something like that without good reason. Instead, his father accused his classmates of having an ill effect on his son, thus pushing him to such delinquency. Scai was not allowed to attend his training for apprenticeship after that, because he couldn’t be allowed to associate with ruffians -they would be dealt with later. He would have to be moved to another location for his training -perhaps a place with fewer pupils to take his mind off his work. Because, without his current friends to distract him, and without as hectic an environment, surely things would return to normal.

Moving to Southern Telgar Hold, to stay with extended family and get a fresh start on his schooling, normal never returned to his life. Scai was far too hurt by how his parents had simply disregarded all sense of trust in him. Thus, the boy’s time apprenticing at Southern Telgar was fairly short lived, being that he carried that new sense of abandonment with him.

More frequent were the instances in which he spoke or acted out in the face of the authority around him, causing his father to believe that he was turning into a ‘bad child’. These instances became more and more of a burden for his father also; because they were caused by his son, it thereby marred his own good reputation in the eyes of other professionals of the crafts.

Expelled again from the training he’d been enrolled in, but this time from Southern Telgar Hold, word within their profession had gotten around the area that Vered’s own son was the cause of a lot of mischief. There were few Masters in the craft who would oblige him then, in taking on the man’s eldest son as an apprentice. Of course, it was difficult for his father to insist that they do so, because he understood their natural concerns about having a rebellious apprentice. Scai would only be a disruption.

The one, poor master who did venture to take him on as an apprentice, trying to show some faith in the lad, quickly tired of his disdainful attitude, and would have kicked him out if Scai hadn’t simply failed to attend lessons on his own, anyway.

After some time of not attending his apprenticeship lessons, his father confronted him about it, completely tiring of the act. He was completely unable to understand his son’s behaviour. Instead of believing in the goodness of the heart of his own child, he expressed his deepest disappointment in his son. It was ridiculous for a son to be so disobedient. Vered was far too demanding of perfection to allow it. If the boy wanted to make his own rules, then Vered was going to let him. Perhaps then, the boy would learn to appreciate his parent’s hard work and their desire for him to do better. He’d discover for himself just how hard it was to survive on your own with an incomplete education.

In order to hide his son's failure, that it would not have any ill effect on his own shining reputation, Vered enrolled his son to train somewhere where he was certain that word couldn’t possibly have yet spread about the boy’s actions -the Eastern Hold, on the Southern Continent. (lol. sorry, it’s funny.) Nor was it likely that anyone knew that a 17 year old boy by the name of Scaideskan was the son of the Master Smith.

Even with his less that spotless background, Scai was accepted into apprenticeship by a Metalsmith at Eastern Hold. And the more that Scai thought about it, the more that the Southern Continent seemed like the perfect place to start anew, and get away from the poisonous atmosphere that had been suffocating him in Telgar. So, under the pretense that Scai was simply an ambitious youth from a moderately influential family whose parents wanted to grant him the opportunity to build a better sense of independence, preparing to enter an adult world, his family sent him away. Of course, they withheld more identifying information regarding his parentage, simply implying that he was the son of Smiths, and that Scai was too grown up to want to live with his parents anymore; too grown up to wait on graduating into a Junior Journeymanship to strike out on his own. It was his 'privilege' to move away from home early in life, because his parents trusted him to do so. In truth though, Scai no longer speaks to them, is on less than trusting terms with them, and feels quite alone.

After that, Scai’s relationship with his father continued to deteriorate. As did his relationship with his mother. Being that his mother was much too quiet and agreeable toward his father to argue for the sake of her children, he also began losing faith in her. That crushed his spirit, and left him feeling as though he had no where to turn but inward. He didn’t want to burden his siblings by putting his troubles on them; though unintentionally that is what happened anyway.
At Eastern Hold, Scai couldn’t really say that he felt more at home, but at least he could breathe a little easier, without his dad over his shoulder all the time. It also made him feel a little better to know that he wasn’t the only one there starting his life over. The Southern Continent was a place that attracted the adventurous spirits of Pern.

Not long after his arrival at Eastern however, he was searched for an upcoming clutch at the nearby Weyr. Supposing that perhaps fate was offering him an escape from all of the hardship he was sure to continue to endure in his apprenticeship, he went with the Riders, and when the day of hatching came, was Impressed to the Cobalt dragon Galvanth. He was more than overjoyed to have gained a life partner whom he’d always be able to love and trust, who would never betray him in any way. Galvanth, in that light, had rescued him. But it shouldn’t have been a surprise for him to know that they would only be faced with more hardship -together- when the Weyr decided to shun the abnormally colored dragons. They were met with the same kind of suspicion for their appearances as Scai had been met with on the Northern Continent. Thus, his time at the Weyr began to be a repeat of his days in the Smithcraft apprenticeship.

The good thing was that at least he could easily empathize  with the circumstance of the mutated dragon-rider pairs, who would have to fight unfavorable stereotypes that would want to shape their future for them, knowing what skepticism they could often be perceived with. For that reason though, he continued to live as he had, hiding the truth of his heart from the world and bracing himself to fight for what was right. His weyrlinghood was marred with many incidents of fist fights and other such violence, but he rarely spoke in defense of himself. He had stopped caring if those in authority were concerned with the truth or not. Scai didn’t care if they punished him or grounded he and Galvanth from flying, because the same thing would happen over and over again. So he clammed up and eventually refused to talk to any of them, even going so far as to distance himself from other classmates; his expectations were at an all time low.

It was at a moment when he felt hope had been completely lost, that he met Casriel. He’d been rude to her at first, and dismissive of the woman, but for whatever reason that he was unable to understand at the time, she persisted in wanting to know him. She had a way of prying into his heart and seeing past his insecurities to make her way into his heart where she could earn his trust. He’d been slow to allow it, but eventually the two became good friends, and Scai became ultimately loyal to her. He supposed that in some ways, she reminded him of his sister, and since he missed his sister, he may as well treat Casriel like one. Thus, since that time, Scai has always does his best to look out for her and support her, regardless of their age difference or the fact that she was his senior in rank.

To this day, Scai has not told his parents that he Impressed. He has sent periodic letters to them, where they still live at the Mastersmith Hall, about his well-being, but they exchange few words outside of that; and when his father inquires after progress on his training, he ignores the questions or answers only vaguely.

Craft: Metal Smith

Rank: Apprentice

Training location: Mastersmith Hall

Specialty: Never had the chance to specialize. His education in the craft was spotty at times, and often interrupted, though because he grew up in the house of the Master Metal Smith, he knows more than he could, perhaps. And he has at least general familiarity with areas of specialization.

Dragon Art credited to (insert name(s) of artists here.  If it's original work, use your own name/screenname) (Workin’ on it! imma play with a new paint app and see if i can come up with something on my own Very Happy weee)

Name: Galvanth

Color: Cobalt

Speech Hex Code: #2d1d54, #4b4069, #6e6780  
D'kan & Galvanth
D'kan & Galvanth

Impression date: P10.43.4.15

Wing: TBA

Physical description:
Not quite as mean as he looks, Galvanth is a fairly bulky dragon for his size. Though he doesn’t have the height of other Cobalts, he is no less capable; he is just as strong in body as he is head-strong. Stocky and broad, with a squared-looking head with a frightening maw, the cobalt has a mean-looking countenance, He is also missing a talon on his left forepaw, which was due to an injury during a Drill in weyrlinghood.

He does not care much for talking to humans; he’d rather stick to his own kind, knowing that there are few exceptions of humans being of any interest to him. He does not care for, nor can he comprehend complicated human affairs. Galvanth is not generally unfriendly toward other dragons however, can have a temper and be a little snappy. Galvanth shares his rider’s knack of being quick to snap -quite literally at other dragons. Galvanth is only as aggressive as his rider, though, and similarly has a hidden soft side -but generally only for his rider, which Scai is especially pleased about.

He seems outwardly to be rather single-minded, with his animal instinct on flaming thread and the periodic rise to mate, but his rider knows different. He likes his personal space and has been known to snip and bite at other dragons, but never at humans..

Special talents: He boasts incredible stamina.

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D'kan (Scai) & Cobalt Galvanth
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