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 Lykos, Dragon Candidate

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PostSubject: Lykos, Dragon Candidate    Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:10 am

Player Name: Weyrwolf
Character Number: 5


Character Name and Pronunciation: Lykos (LIE-coas (as in coast))
Gender: male
Character Rank: (For Craft rank, please see the Craft Guide)
Character Age/Date of birth:20
Family: father: Master Miner Arkon (deceased), mother: Master Harper Lynera (deceased)
Current location: Taerin's Palisade
Physical description: Short of 6', Lykos is rarely the tallest guy in the room. He usually has the widest grin, though, which sets off his dimples pretty well. Bluish-greenish-grayish eyes, medium to dark brown hair (straight and usually kept close-cut), a bit of a scruff around the lower half of his face - he's a good looking young man, and it's evident in the way he holds himself that he knows it.

He wears perfectly nice clothes that aren't overly distinctive, and they're not usually tailored well enough to make clear how very well built he is. He looks like a pretty boy with a big smile, and so it's rare folks take him seriously as a threat - which is fun for when he does have to get into a scuffle, because he's been well-trained at hand-to-hand combat. And, if it just happens that folks inclined to find men attractive wander by when his shirt's off, it might be a little more clear how well-suited he is for all kinds of things.
Play By: Charlie Weber
Photo Reference: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif
Personality: Lykos does best as part of a pack - he was raised alongside boys who became his best friends in the world, and he is most himself around them. Energetic, playful, always the one with a joke to lighten the mood or a suggestion to distract from less than ideal topics, but no where near as empty-headed as he can appear when engaged in his most cheerful manner.

He’s deeply loyal - he values those he trusts above nearly anything else, including his own future path. Part of that loyalty involves a deep protectiveness - he’s the one to crack jokes and get folks to relax, sure, but when the outside world interferes, and there’s a threat of some kind, he’s the one to shove to the front and protect those he cares about.

Smarter than he looks/often acts, but not a natural leader - does best as a right hand/second in command, with the right first to follow. Thankfully he’s known one since he was very young, and while he doesn’t follow blindly, he’s the guy you want in the clutch, because he always has your back. Lykos expects the same from his friends and family - that’s how the world should work. When it doesn’t, when someone doesn’t uphold that expectation, they might as well be dead to him. He's much more soft-hearted than he looks as well, and to hide that (and any resulting hurt), he's likely to disappear until he can put on that happy face again.
Theme song: "Fall back down" Rancid
History: The son of two Masters (harper and miner) who were both friends and deep allies of (Lord X/Noctrian’s dad), Lykos was raised in privilege and though he didn’t have much time with his parents, he knew they loved him. Or was sure enough to convince himself of it, at any rate. When he was in his early teens, his mother died of a winter illness that swept in and out of the hold seemingly too quickly to be so devastating. Not long later, his father took on a temporary outside assignment and was lost somewhere in the Southern Continent in his travels. Lykos has a number of conflicting feelings about that, and it doesn't help that no one knows what, exactly, happened to his father.

He had made close friends among his privileged set, which helped get him through, and those friends became family once everything changed at Rudnikot. Between the loss of his parents, everything that happened with Noctrian's parents and uncle, it made complete sense that he threw in so entirely with this chosen family. As they grew up in the vast stretches of land around Taerin's Palisade, those bonds only intensified. Once they were settled he sought out the nearest harper and took on his mother’s craft. Though he’s not formally a journeyman, he could be if he took the time to go to the hall and complete the necessary steps - it’s just never seemed the right time to leave his friends.  Plus, he’s never been super ambitious, and when Noctrian gets what he’s owed, he’s going to need a well-trained steward, no?[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Lykos, Dragon Candidate    Thu May 21, 2015 11:28 pm

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Lykos, Dragon Candidate
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