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 Vivid's Characters and Thread Tracking

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PostSubject: Vivid's Characters and Thread Tracking    Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:15 am

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the House of V. I am Vivid, here to provide you with information and entertainment. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Below you will find a list of all my characters, affectionately referred to as my 'minions'. Just click on the name of the character you wish to view and enjoy.

I also have a list of Threads Completed and Threads Active for your reading pleasure. Just click on the title of the Thread you wish to read and enjoy! I will always include the name of the minions involved in the title line.

An asterisk (*) denotes a character who is currently a NPC

Looking for someone to plot with? Want to send me a message? Feel free to do so! I am always opened to plotting and I like talking to folks.

_The Minions_

White Lightning Weyr
Wingrider Z'ash of Bronze Manticath
Wingleader Casriel of Cobalt Maraxith
Wingrider L'thyr of Cobalt Osgilath
Weyrling Master Ashrah of Scarlet Hesriath
Searchrider V'tayn of Scarlet Anarath
Weyrsinger T'kal of Blue Thortoth
Wingrider E'ret of Quartz Itzelbith
Weyrling Asteriel of Smoke Emanoth
Weyrling M'drist of Brown Finnedath

Journeyman Dragon Healer May

Personas In Progress

Wherling Tahlana of Gold Wher Tahlansk
Headwoman Nadeline
Wingrider S'jal of Green Dragon Namatath
Candidate Navarik

Threads Completed
Southward (Casriel)
Considerations for the future (Ashrah/Br'son)
First Night (attn: All )
The Beginning (attn: All)
Dark Water at Midnight (Casriel/Abry)
Blood for my People (Casriel/Br'son)
The family you choose (Casriel/D'kan)
In the dark of the night (Casriel/Asteriel)
Plans of Attack (Casriel, Br'son, Sidran, Avidian and Dividia)
Clutching-In the Normal Way of Things (Attn: All)
Time for Introductions (attn:Br'son, Ashrah and All Candidates)
Candidate Lesson 1- Introductions and Expectations
Motherhood and Dragonriding (Ashrah/Antonia)
Food for Thought (Asteriel and Evzen)
Social Dynamics (attn: All Candidates)
A long awaited visitor (Casriel/Sidran/Br'son and Firene)
Mating Flight- Ruby Rising (Hesriath/ All Males Dragon)
First Feedings (Ashrah/All Bright Hope Weyrlings)
Hatching- The first day of the rest of your life (attn:All)
Hidden Treasure (Casriel/Br'son/Sidran)
Taking Care of Business (Casriel/Sidran)
A visitor from Eastern (Attn: All)
Something lost, something gained (E'ret/Allie)
Curiosity (E'ret/Ellaeris)
Hatching Feast- Midnight Chow (Attn: All)
Getting on the same page (Ashrah/Br'son)
Weyrling Exercise 1- Strength of the Body (Ashrah/Bright Hope Weyrlings)
Pools of Affection (V'tayn/Open)
Messages (Casriel/Br'son/Sidran)
Rumor and Innuendo (Open)
Weyrling Lesson A: Dragonrider Protocol (All Bright Hope Weyrlings)
Mating Flight: Wisteria Wanting (attn: All Male Dragons)
Fire and Ice: Casriel's Impression of Maraxith
Finding The Equation (Casriel)

Threads Active
By the water's edge (attn: Any)
Month 3: Lesson 1- Stregnth Training
Back In the Shadows
Since you're here (attn: new arrivals from Eastern)
Stand By Me (attn:R'fariel and Kyabree)
By the water's edge (attn:Any)
The Longer the Journey
All Available Resources (Ashrah and Alden)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
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Vivid's Characters and Thread Tracking
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