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 NPC Candidate Sheet

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PostSubject: NPC Candidate Sheet   Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:42 pm

This sheet is to be used only for characters that will be played during an NPC hatching.  These characters will be transferred away from White Lightning Weyr immediately after their Hatching Feast, and will complete their training off camera at an NPC training compound.  

These candidates may be converted into full characters, but this must be coordinated with the site admin on a case by case basis.  Once these characters are approved and an NPC clutch has been laid (IE, the clutching post has been posted and announced as an NPC played clutch) they may be played in whatever threads are appropriate

To apply for one of these candidates, post the following form (filled out) in the usual place.  Please ensure you format the thread title as follows:  "(Name); NPC (type) Candidate"

NPC Character Bio Form

[b]Player Name:[/b] (your name or screen name, so we can keep track of your people)


[b]Character Name and Pronunciation:[/b] (for male candidates, please include your preferred shortened version, should your guy Impress.  Females do not elide their names.)
[b]Gender:[/b] (note, we're talking about the gender identity of the character, not necessarily the sex they were assigned at birth.)
[b]Character Rank:[/b] (For Craft rank, please see the Craft Guide)
[b]Character Age:[/b] (Dragon Candidates must be between the ages of 14 and 24.  Wher candidates must be at least 16)
[b]Family:[/b] (optional, only required if pertinent)
[b]Current location:[/b]
[b]Hair Color and Usual Length or Style:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b] Three Words That Describe Their Physical Appearance:[/b]
[b] Three Words That Describe Their Personality:[/b]
[b] Three Sentence History[/b]:


[b]What is your character’s candidate type?[/b] (Three possible answers: Dragon, Wher, and Dual Please see the applicable age ranges in the Candidate Guide)
[b]What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why?[/b]  (This will have direct bearing on what your character Impresses, though we won’t make any promises that you’ll get your first choice(s).  Also, please be honest.  If you genuinely want a metallic dragon or wher for a reason, we're not going to immediately label you a "shiny hunter" for saying so.  We really want to know.)
[b]Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why?[/b] (same as above. Thanks.)

[b]What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon/wher?[/b]
[b]What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character?[/b]
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NPC Candidate Sheet
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