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 Always on the run for a little more time (Attn: Casriel)

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PostSubject: Always on the run for a little more time (Attn: Casriel)   Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:44 am

The chill of the fog that had moved in woke Teagan, who gave a little whimper and burrowed closer to Casriel under the thick furs of her bed. After the initial flight lust had worn off, she'd invited the blonde Wingleader back to her weyr, and had spent the night getting to know this younger version of a woman she knew well.

She allowed herself a smirk, remembering Cas' surprise and delight at her knowledge of the woman. As she buried her nose in Casriels' thick blonde hair, she gave a contented purr. Maraxith had prevented Manticath from catching Ensieth, which was probably for the best considering the bloodlines. Her attachment to Z'ash had led to Manticath siring multiple clutches with Ensieth.

Another thing she needed to inform Br'son of, she thought with a stifled sigh. Hopefully now that Ensieth had flown, her mind would be clear and she could remember all the details she had memorized.

She felt the body beside her shift, and she wrapped her arms around Casriel to pull her closer until her front was plastered against the older woman's back. "Good morning," she said, voice still husky and a little hoarse. "That was quite some flight. I'm afraid I forgot to congratulate you on Maraxiths' flying last night."
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Always on the run for a little more time (Attn: Casriel)
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