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 Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]

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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:52 pm

D'caen didn't answer. He simply covered the greenrider's mouth with his own and let himself fall into the taste of her.

Maybe they'd make it to his weyr. Or hers. Or maybe not. In that moment, he didn't care.


Fillioth screamed his own frustration and arrowed down away from the victorious Maraxith and Eniseth. His rider blinked, steadied herself, blinked again and caught sight of a very angry bronzerider shoving his way out of the flight weyr.

"Z'ash!" Cosenne called out, her voice ragged with her own need and frustrated desire. She went after him, heedless of anyone else in her way. Her fingers reached out and caught at his sleeve. Maybe enough for him to notice, maybe not.

"I'm here," she said, in case he noticed. In case he wasn't too lost in rage. In case he was still enough himself to seize desire over violence.

In case she could salvage something out of this blasted afternoon.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:39 pm

Jah'vi didn't even register the scratches on his cheek, his face practically exploding in a smile of joy. He was there. "You're here," he breathed, taking Andrens' face between his hands and pressing his lips to his, trying to be gentle and not let the dragon lust overcome him.

It was useless, though, to try and keep the emotions in check. Soon his tongue was delving deep into Andrens' mouth, and his hands sliding up his muscled back. Without even realizing it he'd walked them to the bed, and he let himself fall backwards, keeping his arms tight around the healer.

He broke the kiss with a deep, shuddering breath, staring up at Andren. "Are you sure?" he asked, practically gasping. They were quickly approaching the point of no return, but he would let Andren walk out if it was too much.

Please don't go, he silently begged, trying to keep his body from bucking upwards.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:47 pm

Rh’var instinctively reached out and attempted to steady himself— and get closer to the source of all that heat he could feel hovering nearby— when Teagan took hold of his shirt.  He fell back against the wall again when she let him go, though, part of him mourning the loss.  

Ordinoth was gaining on Eniseth, the bronze’s drive flooding them both… and then abruptly changing to rage and disappointment when his prize was snatched by another male.

Rh’var wanted to tear the cobalt’s rider away, fight for the queen, because she was his

“Hey, man, not a good idea…” someone murmured, grabbing his arm and halting his forward progress.

But Eniseth was his!  The cobalt had cheated, and—

“Come on.  You should go outside.”

Ordinoth abruptly turned away and flew in an angry, snarling, weaving pattern as he pushed himself farther and farther in frustration.

And Rh’var found it was strangely dark in the flight weyr.  But no, his eyes were just closed.

And there was a vaguely familiar face floating nearby.

“You have someone?  For, uh… y’know, after?”

Taking a deep breath and steeling his feet to finally work as he realized he really did need to get out of there (not that the two women lost in the flight would likely pay attention if he didn’t— but that would just be rude), Rh’var nodded.  “Yeah,” he choked out, his voice far more gravelly than he expected.

“Good,” R’fariel— finally he was able to put a name to the face— winced slightly, obviously wanting to get away from the goings-on behind himself.  “We should go, you know.  Or at least, I should.  I really do not need to see my cousin naked.”

That got a rusty half laugh, and Rh’var was finally able to move, heading for the entrance to the alcove.  “Thanks,” he murmured when R’fariel paused to make sure he was all right once they were outside.

“Sure.  You should call your… whoever,” the cobaltrider gestured vaguely, since he wasn’t sure whether to reference a guy or girl— and he, himself, had both.

“I will.”  Unless Vawnali were hanging around here somewhere… he realized he had no idea if Kyrzoth had even given chase.

R’fariel rubbed the back of his neck and glanced away, clearly looking for a dragon on a ledge.  “Well, uh… later, then.”  And then he hurried off, clearly having spotted whoever he was looking for.

And Rh’var was left waiting to see if Ordinoth relayed a message from Vawn, or if she was right here where he could see her…


R’fariel needs, Vorganth relayed to both Anarath and Nwynth, knowing their riders would be able to decipher the message, and relay back who of them was available, and where his rider should meet them.

The cobalt was, of course, irritated, but he was confident one or both of the scarlets would allow him to join them on a ledge once he’d dunked himself in the river.

Unless, somehow, they were both proddy.  But that thought never occurred to Vorganth as he dove for the cooling water.


Alannah somehow hadn’t expected T’kal to be among the chasers.  At least, that was her excuse for being surprised when Fiammath passed along Thortoth’s summons.  Or perhaps it was just the newness of it all, still.  And of course, she couldn’t say no.  (Plus, Fiammath was fairly physically shoving her out of their weyr when she sat there contemplating it.)

She comes, Fiammath relayed back as her rider hurried away, nearly tripping over her own feet.  And a swim sounds nice.  I am sorry you lost, she added in sympathy— or what sympathy she could provide.  Because she wasn’t truly sorry the blue wasn’t able to give his attention to another female.  Even if it was a queen.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:25 am

Andren had relaxed into the kiss, into the pull of Jah'vi's arms and need. In this moment, things seemed clearer to him than they had for most of the last three days, and his uncertainty and hesitance seemed to melt away from him. As they landed on the bed, he disengaged enough to get Jah'vi's legs off the floor and angle himself so that his knees were planted comfortably.

The question came as he was reaching to pull off his tunic, and he looked down at the bronze rider with a smile that warmed his eyes, resisting the urge to laugh and for the moment answering him with a firm kiss, the healer's arms sliding under the other man's shoulders and his body pressing down against his.

"Do you have any idea how much I've been thinking about you? If I'm sure about nothing else, I'm sure about this." He whispered it against Jah'vi's lips, voice rough with desire and something deeper than that, before catching them again.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:05 pm

The greenrider cracked a smile under that warm kiss but then twisted her fingers in D'caens hair as best she could, tasting him with mounting interest. Her own dark hair tickled her cheeks and blue eyes fluttered closed, pleased as punch.

Have fun, my love but do not forget to introduce me later. He rides a brown and brown dragons are my business.
 Tulanuth's voice was merry, near jovial. Mara would not forget and she told her green just that.


Z'ash turned about as if Cosenne had jerked him back, his dark brown eyes wide with surprise. He looked her up and down, as if shocked. For a moment he caught his breath and mentally groped for some logical protest. Yet, he and Teagan were not monogamous during mating flights and the cobalt rider had called out to him.

"Are you sure...you would not rather have N'set?" the young bronzerider asked even as he took her hand. Shards and shells though, she was beauty. All dark haired and brilliant of eye.

Thortoth purred at Fiammath, pleasure soaking his eyes to royal blue. I am not so sorry. I did a better showing for Eniseth than Yllaveth. Blue dragons are not made to sire clutches. It is fun to compete for the honor, though.

T'kal was as gentle as he was able as he opened his arms to once again close them around Allie. Her hair was warm and fragrant against his face, his heart swelling that she would actually come to him.

"You are beautiful, Allie." he breathed, his blue eyes gone dusky.

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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:23 pm

Cosenne threaded her fingers through his and stepped forward, coming up hard against the bronzerider's firm body.

"He's not here," she whispered, though he probably was, somewhere. He'd find his own post-flight amusements. He always did. "You are. We don't make promises to one another."

She had leaned in, eyelashes sweeping closed over her violet eyes, her words a breathy caress as she spoke just above the bronzerider's lips. Her message clear: I am here, take me if you wish.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:34 pm

Perhaps not.  But blue dragons are far more interesting company than cobalts and bronzes.  You have better stories, Fiammath said as she glided lazily down to the water to join Thortoth.  Would you compete for me if I felt like being chased?

Alannah bit her lip, shaking her head even as she let herself relax into T’kal’s embrace.  “No I’m not.  Not at all,” she replied, thinking of all the other women at this Weyr, knowing she didn’t hold a candle to any of them.  The bluerider could have any of them, at any time.  “But I’m…”  She took a deep breath and met his eyes.  “I’m here.”
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PostSubject: Re: Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]   

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Just Like Fire [Shadow Flight]
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