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 I'm a scholar and a gentleman (Attn: Br'son)

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PostSubject: Re: I'm a scholar and a gentleman (Attn: Br'son)   Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:57 pm

"I know we will, buddy," Br'son said, letting his eyes close again. "You've never let me down. If that floor gets uncomfortable, there's plenty of room up here, especially now that Sidran doesn't have two words to say to me anymore. Faranth, but I balled that one up. So hot..."

The Weyrsenior's voice got softer and softer with every syllable, until finally he trailed off into silence. A moment later, a soft snore came from the bed, where he lay sideways, fully clothed, his booted feet on the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: I'm a scholar and a gentleman (Attn: Br'son)   Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:10 pm

Jah'vi stayed where he was for a moment, then sighed and shoved himself to his feet. The bottle clattered as it fell on the floor, and he hushed it as if it was a sentient being. He wobbled for a minute before getting his balance, and carefully made his way over to Br'sons bed.

As carefully and quietly as he could he pulled off the Weyrseniors boots, and managed to scoot his legs up onto the bed. It wasn't perfect but at least he was on the bed, he thought with a little smirk.

He could feel his own body giving up to the Lightning, so heven stumbled to the sideboard and poured two full glasses of water. After putting one within Br'sons reach, he kicked off his boots and tried not to fall flat onto the bed.

He'd changed out of his daily clothes before coming to Br'sons weyr, so he was better off there at least, he thought, tossing his blanket over the softly snoring titan rider. He looked so much younger asleep, all the hardship he'd undergone over the past few Turns erased.

He stopped himself, realizing he'd been about to run his fingers through Br'sons hair. Slowly, he pulled the hand back and settled back into the bed.

No, it wasn't fair to either of them, he thought again. And it was time he stopped punishing himself by pining after Belior. He thought of Andren and smiled, thinking of the warmth and affection in those beautiful brown eyes. He wanted to get to know the healer more. In fact, he couldn't wait.

Still, Jah'vi was Jah'vi, and he pulled Br'son further onto the bed by curling his arms around him. He yawned again and nuzzled against his back, eyes closing. It reminded him of weyrling training, when Br'son had noticed that Jah'vi tossed and turned unless he had someone to use as a pillow. Even back then, Br'son had seen a friend in need, and crawled into his bunk many nights to hold him until he finally fell asleep.

His last thought before he drifted off was wondering how Br'son would like Andren.
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I'm a scholar and a gentleman (Attn: Br'son)
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