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 Dividia Wherhandler to Brown Divisk

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PostSubject: Dividia Wherhandler to Brown Divisk   Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:38 pm

Player Name: Weyrwolf
Character Number: 3


Character Name and Pronunciation: Dividia (duh-VID-eea short ‘i’, rhymes with bid)
Gender: female
Character Rank: wherhandler, brown Divisk
Character Age/Date of birth:  30
Family: father Avidian, de facto head of the smugglers
Current location: what has suddenly become White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Dividia can be, by turns, completely unassuming and nondescript, terrifying, ridiculously beautiful, and many stops in between.

She has large, slightly tilted brown eyes, dark brown hair kept just past her shoulders, and a build that does not fully convey how strong she is. Long and lean, she’s built like a dancer, more leg than anything else. Though she usually dresses in comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement, in browns or grays or various duller colors that are easy to wash after Divisk goes walkabout, when she gets it in her head to dress up, she goes well-tailored, close fitting, and vivid colors.  

Play By: Summer Glau
Photo Reference: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif
Personality: Dividia is whomever she wants to show someone in the moment. Does she need to be sweetly innocent? Done. Frighteningly competent? Easy. Intimidatingly deadly? Got it.

At heart, Dividia is sly and quick and clever. She prefers to know everything possible to know, and has no hesitation about crossing lines to find it out. She does what is in her best interest, and does it well. In part, yes, she wants to impress her father and make him proud, but a much larger part just really enjoys what they do, because she’s good at it. Few things make Dividia as happy as bringing a room’s worth of shady characters to heel, except maybe bringing a room’s worth of shady characters to heel and making in a tidy profit while also rubbing some jackhole’s nose in it. She doesn’t mind gloating at someone, if it’s well-deserved, but she won’t take credit for something that was a happy accident or someone else’s save.

She carries herself with the confidence that comes of knowing how to defend yourself very effectively, and then having really key family/friends, like a wher that’s two steps short from ravening murder, and a father who loves her dearly and is also not a very nice man.

Depending on her mood (or who she needs to be. or who she is surrounded by), she can be expansive and friendly and charming and grand. She’s also been known to stick a man’s hand to a table with the sharp end of a blade, so, it’s a crapshoot. Like a cobalt pair, those who have her loyalty have an incredible fortune at hand, and those that don’t are better off hoping she doesn’t know them.

Theme song: “Ain’t no rest for the wicked”, Cage the Elephant
History: Dividia was the youngest of her father's children, and raised right in the thick of her father's work, which caused her to have to consistently step up her game to keep from being banished back to the babies. Perhaps because she knew that somewhere, it entertained her father, she found great joy from a very young age in being exactly where she shouldn’t be. Not because she didn’t know better, but because she delighted in being sneaky. As such, she witnessed deals from inside crates, learned all sorts of passages in and out of the canyon, and ingratiated herself to many folks she had no business knowing from an age most children were learning to write their letters.

Dividia learned to read so she could better figure out when lists were accurate and when they were not, because she was curious, and learned not to ask questions either way. Her father, she was sure, would prefer her to figure things out on her own rather than pester with the sort of obvious questions any silly holder could get out of their mouths.

She explored a great deal when anyone who could feasibly boss her around was out on "business runs", and found several dangerous areas the hard way. One was a wher's den, which she stalked for turns - ten turns, to be precise, leaving food when times were good or she was feeling daring. Though as she got older she was more often than not on the business runs, she never got tired of going by to see how the wher was doing, leaving food that probably wasn't necessary - she'd seen the creature in action and knew it could handle itself just fine. Still, at one point when she was twenty-ish she noticed it was acting much, much differently, and curiosity drove her to get closer and find out why.

Eggs. Just two, the wher brooding over them, and Dividia was overcome by sheer want. It took her a few days to figure out the path that didn't have an overwhelming chance at death (just a solid one), and then she went for it. It didn't go smoothly - she was still bleeding when she got back to the canyon, which was for the best because the shock of being stolen, or the lack of heat, or sheer luck of timing ended with the egg hatching soon after and a ravenous, raging brown wher coming out swinging. Dividia realized soon after that it could have ended very, very badly, but instead just semi-badly. When the wher went to bite off her hand, something happened between the two of them - she should have been afraid, and wasn't, and he should have killed her, but didn't.

The rough presence of Divisk in her mind changed everything - because it meant a daily struggle between the two. When he felt like going along, their increased value to the smuggling operation was invaluable. When he didn't, though...well. Everything was changed.

As she and Divisk developed their wary partnership, Dividia moved more deeply into her father’s work. She never goes anywhere without knowing three alternate routes out, has a brown wher (usually) at her side who will suffer no one’s touch but hers, and is skilled at digging up information. Whatever she’s up to, it’s a safe bet she’s never bored, never will be, and it’s better not to question too deeply.

And then the dragons came, and everything was changed all over again.

Wher Art credited to Lady Tragedy on DeviantArt.  Coloring by Sevillalost
Name: Divisk
Color: brown
Speech Hex Code: 644B33
Impression date: (ten turns ago)
Physical description: Divisk is a perfectly average size for a brown wher, which means he is so heavily muscled he looks like he could lift a dragon on his own. His talons are exceptionally thick, and there are various minor scars across his corded body, either from misadventures or fights or both, and the combination of all of those things give him a particularly ferocious appearance.

He is the unleavened klah shade of brown, dark and without variation, which makes the scars stand out all the more. His eyes are slightly larger than normal, which means he is that much more sensitive to light, and ultimately gives him even more of a looming sort of look.

Personality: Large swathes of the world are an affront to Divisk - not just the light and the noise and the constant thinking out there, but the lack of warm flesh in his mouth at all times, the foolishness of those who aren’t his handler, and the relative shortage of labyrinthine passages to work his way through .

Chances are if he acknowledges someone else’s presence, he’s considering in what order to rip them apart, because they’re in his way. He sleeps hard, and waking him is a dangerous endeavor (even Dividia prefers to do it from the other side of something sturdy, if it’s necessary). When he’s awake, and not hunting or looming at his handler’s side, he had better have something to occupy himself, or he’s going to pick a fight.

He always knows where he is, no matter how deeply underground, and can worm his way to an exit if given enough time. This, more than nearly anything else, keeps him happy, and he will go on walkabout without Dividia just as happily as with her. Granted, he prefers to go with her on a business trip, because those always feel like hunting. And, as mentioned, Divisk really enjoys a good hunt.

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PostSubject: Re: Dividia Wherhandler to Brown Divisk   Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:41 pm

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Dividia Wherhandler to Brown Divisk
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