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 Andren, Healer/Candidate

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PostSubject: Andren, Healer/Candidate   Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:27 pm

Player Name: Ori
Character Number: 1


Character Name and Pronunciation: Andren, A'ren prounced ah'REN
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Journeyman Healer
Character Age/Date of birth: 22, January 7th, 1994
Father: Veront, 54, Master Vintner
Mother: Fara, 48, Journeyman Healer (weyrborn)
Sister: Malia, 13, considering where to apprentice
Brother: Tevan, 18, Journeyman vintner
Current location: Near White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:
Andren looks young for his age, mostly because of how much he smiles. He has dark blond hair that gets curly if he lets it grow long, so he keeps it short enough that he doesn't have to worry about it too much in the morning.  He has light brown eyes under thick brows that are a bit darker than his hair, a square jaw, and he keeps himself clean shaven.  His skin is pale and he gets sunburned more easily than he would like, and never seems to be able to get as tanned as his father does in the sun.

Physically, he has a build that tends to be fairly slender in spite of how much time he spends lifting and carrying things.  He stands just under six feet tall.  He tends toward tone instead of bulk in his shoulders and arms, but doesn't carry much extra fat on his body, either.  His posture tends to be much like his personality, open and enthusiastic.  

Personality: Andren loves to laugh, and he was thinking about becoming a Harper before he realized he didn't have the dedication to the craft to devote his whole life to it. Nonetheless, he likes to sing and has a decent tenor voice. He is a caring person, and when he sees someone in pain he immediately wants to help them, which is what got him involved in Healing. His sense of adventure is what has him questioning if that is the correct path for him, however; he has a wanderlust and urge to see what is over the next hill that has him feeling stifled in the Healer's Hall, and wants to keep people from getting hurt in the first place in a way that is beyond his role as a Healer.

He has a temper that only really comes out when he's overtired and thinks that something that's happening is wrong. Generally, he has a lot of patience for children, given that he has two younger siblings, but he and his brother tend to butt heads over what is the “right” way to do things.  He tends to avoid arguments unless he feels strongly about the topic at hand.  He doesn't have a lot of time for people he sees as petty or needlessly unkind.  Andren can be a bit of a flirt, but only if he feels like it's welcome.

History: Andren was born in Southern Hold, his father having come to the Southern Continent in hopes of making a better life for himself and starting a family.  As a child he loved to play with other hold children, always having a circle of friends. He was, and continues to be, fairly well-liked by his peers, though their parents sometimes second-guessed their children's friendships with him when he led them into “adventures” that resulted in trouble or mud-covered clothes. As he got older, Andren learned more responsibility as he discovered that there were kinds of trouble that he could get himself and his friends into that they might not be able to get out of.

Andren helped his mother in her work, rolling bandages and keeping patients distracted with jokes or songs if they needed something to occupy them while Fara tended to their injuries or illnesses. At the age of 14 he went into the Healer's Hall as an apprentice, learning everything he could about medicine and the healing arts. He spent his journey period traveling between smaller and more remote settlements on the Southern Continent, and ended up near White Lightning Weyr.  It was then that he had his first real encounters with dragons and dragonriders, and the sense of adventure that he had hoped his journeying would resolve flared up again, as well as a feeling of awe at the bond that dragons and their riders have with one another.  

What is your character’s candidate type? Dragon
What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why? Andren would probably be best suited to a dragon whose temperament is close to his. He doesn't have a lot of preference on what color the dragon is, but wants to be able to make real and meaningful contributions to the Weyr and be able to protect people who he might not have been able to prevent from getting thread-scored or otherwise hurt before.  
Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why? Quartz is probably not the best fit for him. He tends to be a fairly outgoing and a person who has fairly active drives and passions and it would be good for him and his dragon to be closely matched in that.
What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon/wher? Friendly, outgoing, adventurous, loyal, caring.
What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character? Andren needs something to ground him as a person, he feels rootless and as though he doesn't have a lot of connection to anything other than his own ideals. Impressing a dragon would give him something bigger than himself to care about and an avenue of exploring that and his drive to take care of and protect others.
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PostSubject: Re: Andren, Healer/Candidate   Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:51 pm

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Andren, Healer/Candidate
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