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 The Bottom Line

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PostSubject: The Bottom Line   Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:03 pm

Br'son scrubbed his hands over his face. He wasn't sure when the last time he'd felt rested was, but he certainly couldn't remember it. Still, though, life went on, and certain things couldn't be put off forever, no matter how much his turmoil his emotional life suffered.

Yllaveth had reached out to the queens of the weyr and invited their riders to tea. A quaint custom, perhaps, but it allowed him to introduce some ideas about their unique role in Pernese society. Plus, who didn't like tea and little sweet cookie things? In any case, it was how Firene had trained him, and so it was how he would train his juniors.

The weyrlings had been invited first. Br'son wanted a chance to talk with Kalabria, K'zariel, and Melieste before anyone else showed up. He wanted to know how their queens were doing so far in weyrling training with the rest of their class. And he wanted their impression of their various classmates.

Plus, it was good to just check on them. The queens of this Weyr were his responsibility, no matter how he delegated their training.

The Weyrsenior dropped his hands away from his face and took a preemptive sip of tea, hoping it would perk him up. The weyrlings should be arriving at any moment, and it wouldn't do to look exhausted and strung-out. That wasn't exactly the image he wanted to portray.
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The Bottom Line
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