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 Close, but so far

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PostSubject: Close, but so far   Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:00 pm

Queen, Anedith said, sitting up all at once. Natalina could have sworn some of the gray leeched out of her hide.

"Olenath?" she asked, hope hammering through her at the thought of Firene finally coming back to them. Of Firene being alive. The possibility...

A negative, but before she could fall too far, Queens! Her wings spread, wedge-shaped head twisting this way and that. The darkly shadowed green looked ready to launch any moment, though knowing Thread fell outside their mountain valley held them all back.

They'd been here for...ever, it seemed. Nearly a Turn. Weather changing again, and Nat had despaired of another winter. Hunting, training between thankfully sparse Falls, having to explain to confused holders why...

No shortage of things to despair over, though, so she shoved her hands through her hair, stood up, and had Anedith call to the smattering of mostly-grown dragons they'd been left to watch over and the few grown dragons who had stayed with them. Queens! Who knew who, but might as well between a goat if she weren't about to find out.

Too far for Anedith to reach, and they couldn't chase during a Fall...but if not Eastern, they'd try that canyon her classmates and all their kind had been sent to.

A small hope, but well enough to be going on with.
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Close, but so far
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