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 Blood Fire Sex Magic ((LEADERSHIP FLIGHT))

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Fire Sex Magic ((LEADERSHIP FLIGHT))    Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:53 pm

D'caen felt his face relax as Basilath's pain eased. He smiled at the greenrider... Candidatemaster, he corrected himself, as he glanced at her knots.

"I would love for you to stay, if you're interested," he said, giving her a dose of the charm he could conjure up on occasion. "Was a rough flight, and... well. I suppose there's worse ways to begin a friendship. I'm D'caen, by the way. That's Basilath over there. Remind me of your name?"

He was pretty sure they'd met before at some point, but the echoes of the flightlust hammered at him, and he just couldn't think quite straight.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Fire Sex Magic ((LEADERSHIP FLIGHT))    Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:21 pm

Despite the exhaustion of every male dragon in the race, despite the fact that he was nearly as big as some of his older competitors, Sanovith really didn't stand a chance.  He hadn't hatched with Yllaveth, hadn't been drilling with her for months, hadn't really flown with her enough to know how she moved.

But Revel knew he'd tried-- he was observant, took his time and watched.  But it cost him, when she unexpectedly turned and he lost momentum to follow.

The smokerider knew it meant he'd know what to be on the lookout for next time, though-- both in chasing the senior queen, as well as any others.  This was his second queen flight, after all.  And he was still so young-- they hadn't even graduated yet.  He had plenty of time to chase queens.  Or scarlets or greens, for that matter.

Even if he was disappointed this time.

Still trying to catch her breath as Sanovith winged his way towards the water, Revel hugged the wall and tried to stay out of the way of others leaving the flight weyr.  She didn't want to catch a flailing fist or elbow or foot from those who were reacting to the flight more violently.

When a free space opened up in the doorway, she lunged through quickly and sucked in the cooler, far less charged air outside.  Queenflights… were intense.  And on the tail end of Threadfall, the crash was likely going to leave her not knowing which end was up.

Dare she even try to find someone to spend the night with… or just go back and check on her classmates, to see how everyone else fared?

It was a tough decision, and one she wasn't yet entirely ready to make.


It was over too soon.  It seemed as if Treyath barely had time to catch a thermal before Yllaveth was doubling back and arrowing straight for Imioth.  Or so J'ril thought, struggling to focus on the flight weyr and not the sky and wind and tangling forms of titanium and brown ahead.

It took him a moment to disengage from Treyath, to completely come back to his own body.  The brown had roared his disappointment at the queen and her mate, and the sound was still echoing in J'ril's ears.

It meant he hardly heard anyone else as he elbowed his way out of the flight weyr.  Had he been conscious enough of who was around, he'd have been thankful he missed Casriel, though, seeing as neither of them would have taken meeting up at this point lightly.  But she was otherwise, occupied, and he wasn't paying attention.

For the moment, he just wanted out.  And had little thought as to what he was going to do next.

Other than be the tiniest bit thankful that, although he would have preferred Treyath win, at least it was a brown and not one of the sharding mutants.  And hopeful that Sh'lor would have the guts to stick to his ideals.


Vorganth sulked as he angled back towards the canyon-- as much as the cobalt ever sulked.  Of course, he would have been far more disappointed had he failed to catch Nwynth or Anarath, but that didn't mean he was okay with not catching Yllaveth.

R'fariel, himself, was far more ready to let it go.  Now that the flightlust was starting to leave his system, he knew he needed to check on V'tayn and Kyabree.  And maybe the others in their class.

They'd lost L'thyr today, a friend, a brother.  A clutchmate, in Osgilath.  They'd all grown up together during training, and then when those who rode mutant dragons had been banished here to White Lightning, they'd become even closer.

And now… one of their own was gone.

Vorganth, see what V'tayn and Kya are doing.  And Z'ash and Gwin.  We should… we should get together.  Have a drink.  Or something.

They needed to honor L'thyr, right?  And remember him.  And grieve.  And it would be better together than apart.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Fire Sex Magic ((LEADERSHIP FLIGHT))    Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:01 pm

Certainty was one of her finer qualities. She would never offer if she wasn't sure. But he didn't know who she was and she didn't expect him to know anything about her other than what was apparent from her riding leathers and rank knots. Nodding, "Brielody of green Aurayath."

Friendship wasn't exactly something she dealt with much. Her family tended toward being together and excluding others, although not so much by choice as by time availability until coming to White Lightning. Now they were on their own more because the family on the whole (except Kyabree) had been seen as Traditionalists who didn't like or want to socialize with riders of mutants or their sympathizers. Now though with her as Candidate Master most of her time was eaten up with work which was rather how she preferred it.

She drew nearer to him taking the opportunity to remove her flight jacket. Normally it would have been folded, neatly but in her current haste. Now that introductions were made, there wasn't any reason to delay further. Was there?

Rhaenthwor of Gold Rhaensk
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Fire Sex Magic ((LEADERSHIP FLIGHT))    

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Blood Fire Sex Magic ((LEADERSHIP FLIGHT))
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