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  Ashrah of Scarlet Hesriath

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PostSubject: Ashrah of Scarlet Hesriath   Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:51 pm

Player Name: Vivid
Character Number: 2


Character Name and Pronunciation: Ashrah [Ash-Rah]
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Wingrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 28  Month 10. Day 24
Family: Father: R'hant- Wingrider to Blue Miramath- Eastern Weyr-60
                    Mother: Ashlanthi- Wingrider to Green Ytandith- Eastern Weyr-57
                    Brother: R'hast- Wingsecond to Blue Pivolth- EasternWeyr-28
        Son: Z'ash- Weyrling to Bronze Manticath- Eastern Weyr-14
        Lover: Open and Available

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: Ashrah is a striking woman, with a powerful built and pretty to boot. Her training, which began during her childhood, shaped her body into lean muscle that she has worked hard to maintain over the turns. She is of medium height with large breasts and wide hips. When she walks, its with a ground eating stride and a definable swing in her step. She dresses like most of her peers; dragon rider's trousers and jacket, knots arranged sharply on the shoulder. Her dress might not be fancy but it is clean and well maintained. Most would say Ashrah has a sweet face to look upon until she's scowling and shouting in you face. She has a very expressive face; when she is happy, sad, angry, scared or joyful it is evident by the way she holds her mouth and her eyes. Rigorous training has left its legacy on her skin; impact scars run the length of her knuckles, elbows, shins and knees. Apart from that she is clear of complication and rather flexible.

When gathers roll around, feats and especially at Wing ceremonies, Ashrah has a few pieces of fancy jewelry, mainly a silver necklace with one oval ruby as the pendant. Silver earrings and a dark red velvet gown for the more stately events. Everyday accessories are a belt knife and a single silver band with a square garnet. The ring Z'fel gave her the day they were Weyrmated. She never takes it off her hand and can be seen rubbing it with her thumb. It reminds her often that what is most precious can be most fleeting.

Play By: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Personality: Ashrah started off a wild child, the kind of weyrbrat who was always getting into places she didn't belong. It was not helped by the fact she had a twin brother who was more than willing to tag along and a childhood friend who might have been the incarnation of mischief itself. Time and tragedy have, however, taken a toll on her once daredevil ways. Ashrah the woman is a much more conservative soul after losing her best friend and Weyrmate Z'fel. His death still hangs as a cloud in the back on her mind, even after all this time. If there is one thing about Ashrah that is evident, which is that she is a woman of deep feelings. She feels her old and new responsibilities heavily on her shoulders and takes the old lessons very seriously. Those traditions are there for the protection of dragonriders, not the restriction and they should be honored. Ashrah tries to maintain a level head with everyone now that she working toward becoming Weyrling Master and if Wing protocol is breached, she is unrelenting in her scorn.

That is not to say she is a unrelenting harpy because she does have a motherly side that manifested not long after she became pregnant with her first child. A tender word sometimes is all you need to get through to a Wingrider or a Weyrling. A gentle but firm touch is preferred with the youngsters and Ashrah works at maintaining the balance everyday. If she is hard, it is because she feels like she has to be and not because she enjoys reigning down hard on someone. Her dragon is constantly reminding her that mistakes are opportunities to learn. Ashrah is hardest on herself when she thinks she has failed and has a bad habit of beating herself up about things. Ashrah, if by the loss of Z'fel or the amours of her dragon, always has an eye on the horizon for a new lover. She's into open relationships, flexible with both male and female riders. She hasn't had a long relationship with anyone since Z'fel died but there is hope in her that she might find someone who could fill that void someday. When it comes to family, Ashrah keeps her own close. Sometimes her son, Zashfellen, chafes under his mother's affections.

Theme song: “Ariel” by October Project

History: Ashrah and her brother Rahasten were born on the hottest day of the Turn and while it shouldn't have had any bearing on their demeanor, no one could be sure. From the get go, the twins were terrors on their foster and natural parents, always getting into mischief. Fostered with cavern's woman Zania and her young son, Zefellen the three were trouble incarnate. Ashrah had an aggressive bent at a young age and took a heavy interest in martial training. The young girl had half a mind to grow up to be a guard but her brother's interested in Impression were too much to ignore. She never gain up strength training though and to this day Ashrah maintains a fighting fit body. All three enrolled in the candidate program when they were of age. Zefellen surprised everyone when he Impressed his first Standing, walking off with a brown dragonet. Ashrah was devastated to be left standing alone; her twin brother also Impressed that day, to a blue dragon just like his father. Two years later, Z’fel and his brown dragon Nitrath would graduate from Weyrling Training. Ashrah was sixteen when seventeen year old Z’fel took her back to his weyr. The two teenagers spent a glorious night together but to their mutual surprise, Ashrah discovered she was pregnant four weeks later. Z’fel proposed to her half way through her pregnancy and the couple espoused. Ashrah stepped down from candidacy to raise their child. When the baby was born, Z’fel and Ashrah decided to name the little boy “Zashfellen. Zashfellen was eight turns old and well on his way to becoming an educated lad when the unthinkable happened. Z’fel was running flaming exercises when a green between too early and caught him full in the face. Nitrath reacted in a panic and jumped between to extinguish the flames but no coordinates were mapped. The brown pair was lost to between. The loss was a blow to twenty four turn old Ashrah and for a time she fostered Zashfellen with a cousin. During this time a clutch hardened on the sands.

Six months went by before Ashrah could bring herself to talk to old friends or even look at her young son. On Hatching Day, Ashrah look Zashfellen to watch as the dragons found their sides. What a surprise was waiting for them! Not only was this the first of the new colors to be hatched to Eastern Weyr.There was a silvery blue, a deep black-purple, and breaking out of a ivory and pink egg was a blood red Scarlet dragon.  Ashrah found herself staring, she had never seen a dragon so beautiful. As if the thought called out to her across the sands, the Scarlet turned toward Ashrah. Ashrah fell into the whirling rainbow regard of a Scarlet female who declared herself as….


No one had expected Ashrah to ever Impress a dragon, she had never returned to Candidacy. But at twenty four turns old, Ashrah Impressed to one of the first Scarlet dragonets. Z’fel was gone but with Hesriath at her side, Ashrah felt that she could make a new life for herself. The two entered Weyrling Training, knowing they were going to go places.

Ashrah realized that things had to change with Hesriath in her life. She began to pour herself back into her work. Things were changing along with her, the politics of the Weyr shifting as more new colors began to appear. Z'fels death galvanized her into becoming a steady and stalwart rider. By thirty turns, she had accomplished herself and Hesriath as a prim fighting pair. Eventually, Ashrah's mind turned to the primary training of the young weyrlings. If Z'fel had gotten more teaching, more preparation would he have still been alive today. If someone had objected to his antics, he would still be alive. Ashrah hopes to make a difference now, safety and knowledge being the most important things in her training. She needs to know those kids will be okay, that they will be ready for all the risks in the future. It has become her passion.

When the new colors were exiled to White Lighting Weyr, Ashrah had to bid her son good bye with a heavy heart. She would not have him sacrifice his good standing with the current Candidate Master. She convinced him to stay with his age mates and friends, to his ultimate benefit. At sixteen turns old, Zashfellen Impressed bronze dragon Manticath and joined the ranks of Eastern Weyr as a true dragonrider. It was the proudest day in Ashrah’s life, coming out only slightly ahead of her own Impression of Hesriath. Now Ashrah turns her sight back to achieving a rank she desired so much at Eastern. She would be Weyrling Master and through her hard work, the leadership of White Lightning would come to see her value. Ashrah also hopes that one day her son can secure the Weyrleadership of Eastern Weyr and make a bid for reunification. In the mean time she seeks to find favor in the eyes of the leadership of White Lighting, though loyalties are split between Sidran and Casriel. Ashrah looks to Br’son to supply order as the new Weyr becomes established.

Name: Hesriath
Color: Scarlet- Hesriath is a bright ruby red from head to tail, with slight blood tones.
Age: 4.5 Turns
Size: Length:45ft     Wingspan:40ft

Physical Description: Hesriath is a long, muscular dragon and a powerhouse for her color. Her hide is a decadent ruby red, glossy and enticing to the eye. She is the biggest Scarlet of her clutch, likely the largest in all of White Lightning Weyr. Hesriath walks with a sexual confidence and aggression that make her exactly what a carnelian is rumored to be.  Hesriath is nothing short of the best parts both lover and fighter, demonstrated in both her flirtatious and her vicious aerial tactics.  She is a well proportioned female and even the two trailing scars on her left shoulder blade do not diminish her raw power and beauty.

Even when not in season, Hesriath enjoys mimicking feline like behavior, flirting with males by brushing against them or nuzzling them. It is not unusual to see her sharing her ledge with any cobalt, brown, blue or the very rare bronze.

Personality: Hesriath is a confident dragon, almost arrogantly so and has been from birth. She was born beautiful and strong but she hasn't rested on the laurels of her birth. This is a Scarlet who throws herself into her work with a competitive drive, being a very extroverted individual. Even for a Scarlet, she both a sexual and aggressive female. She is climbing her way to the top to become a Weyrling Master's dragon; she continues to test her strength and endurance. When it comes to relationships, Hesriath has many. With her rider, she is a sister soul and friend who constantly and consistently supports her rider. Ashrah has a bad habit of beating herself up about things and Hesriath is apt to remind her of her good points, her strengths and at the end of the day she is still mortal. Mistakes are opportunities to learn, an opinion that has served her well in the company of young dragonets. Her rider's motherly feelings rubs off on her in turn, making all those weyrlings seem like Hesriath's own children. With younglings she is gentle, her randy nature subdued by their innocence and tender yet firm with their teachings. Hesriath's sexuality does not always make having friendships with other female dragons difficult. Hesriath loves a challenge and cannot help but competing for the attention of a mature male.

Physical contact is very important to Hesriath, with humans as well as dragons. She is self professing in her addiction to cuddle with a handsome male dragon, even when she isn't in season. Ashrah is used to seeing a different color of dragon joining her often. When it comes to her mating flights, Hesriath is a storm of desire and pushes the pack to dizzying heights, testing their endurance and raw power. She has a loud broadcast, so even a sevenday before she rises Ashrah stays weyrbound. However, it cannot all be fun and games. Sometimes one must put aside pleasure for battle. When it is time to fight, Hesriath is a power house. Her mind becomes very tactical, calling on the lessons of her old Weyrling Masters and Wingleaders to command her forces. Eventually, when Ashrah had felt she had learned a valuable lesson and she was done morning the loss of her dear Z'fel, the pair appealed to the Leadership to be considered for future Weyrling Masters. They were denied at Eastern Weyr but the pair continues to hope for a promotion in the future

Now when it comes comes to humans outside of her rider or dragons outside her Weyr, Hesriath is aloof and commits herself to great inspection of strangers. Lovers coming to see her rider's favor will find themselves under the gaze of the great red Hesriath. It smooths the process if he or she has a male dragon of their own that Hesriath can cuddle up too but she still might bristle at the presence of a new transfer. Politics have not escaped the attention of Hesriath; she's felt their presence keenly in the ascension to rank in White Lightning Weyr. She knows to climb the ladder, the chain of command must be respected and favor curried. Hesriath can please with the best of them or better, when she needs too. In the bare bones of it, Hesriath is a passionate creature, driven by lust, love and power to put it bluntly, and she will do anything to protect what she deems valuable.

Speech Hex Code: F62217

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PostSubject: Re: Ashrah of Scarlet Hesriath   Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:11 pm

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Ashrah of Scarlet Hesriath
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