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 Tungsten Weyrling Tr'cev of Elhuyath

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PostSubject: Tungsten Weyrling Tr'cev of Elhuyath   Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:22 pm

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: 15?  I have no idea


Character Name and Pronunciation: Tr'cev (tr SEV)
Gender: male
Character Rank: Tungsten Weyrling
Character Age/Date of birth: 12
Father: Tr'vas of bronze Rudith of High Reaches Weyr(deceased)
Mother: Elicia of green Lishanth of High Reaches Weyr (deceased)
Multiple "brothers" and "sisters" up North.  Some of whom are actually related to him. Will develop as needed
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Tr'cev is small and rather slight for a boy his age. This may account for the rather pugnacious scowl that he wears nearly all the time.  His eyes are a startling green, and are all that he has left of his mother, who died when he was born.  He's got multiple little scars here and there from being a very active child.  He wears leather work clothes more often than not, and hates to dress up.  Like most boys his age, he's typically rather dirty... though he's just recently begun to notice girls, and that has proved an incentive toward more frequent grooming.  

His hair is naturally dark, but he keeps it cut close to his scalp.  Or he used to, when the Weyrs were functioning.  It's grown out quite a bit and is super unruly, always falling into his eyes and whatnot.  
Play By: A very young Bruce Willis
Photo Reference:
Personality: Tr'cev is all protective love and pugnacious stubbornness wrapped up in one small-for-his-age package.  He grew up in the creche at High Reaches Weyr, surrounded by other children.  Oftentimes, he found himself leading a group of those other children in some adventure or another... usually of questionable legality as far as the creche workers were concerned.  He attended his lessons grudgingly, but adored dragons and told everyone that he was going to grow up to be a dragonrider just like his Da.  

Though smaller than most other boys his age, Tr'cev has a bit of a reputation as a scrapper.  This is in large part because he absolutely despises a bully, and will not tolerate any of the other kids picking on someone smaller, younger, or weaker than themselves.  And Faranth herself help you if you picked on one of his chosen siblings.  This intolerance for bullying couples with an absolutely implacable stubbornness to create Tr'cev... a born defender.  

It also creates a very driven young man.  Tr'cev is a fighter, and has always seen obstacles as simply problems to be solved or doors to be beaten down or broken.  He absolutely will not let anything stand in his way... which is, in part, how he showed up at White Lightning Weyr.

Impressing Elhuyath has had an interesting result on Tr'cev's personality.  The startling sweetness of his dragon's temperament has taken some of the edge off of Tr'cev's pugnaciousness.  He still can't abide a bully, but he's not so quick to take offense as he once was... which is probably a good thing.  
Theme song: Don't Tread On Me - Metallica
History: Terciev was the son of a High Reaches bronzerider and sometime Weyrleader.  His greenriding mother died giving birth to him, and Terciev grew up surrounded by love in the HRW creche.  Occasionally, Terciev would "adopt" one or another of the children in the creche as his brother or sister.  At one point, he talked one of the guards hanging around the creche into becoming his "Papa", and teaching him basic confidence and fighting skills.  All in all, he was an extremely happy child, surrounded by "family", happily looking forward to the day he would Stand to Impress a dragon of his very own.

Until the dragons started to die.  That was a very rough time.  Eventually, there were no more clutches at the Weyr, no more queens left living.  Terciev's Papa took him and several of the other creche children to live with his family's Trader train.  Terciev stayed until just after his twelfth nameday, and then announced his intention to go find his dragon.  His Papa didn't want him to go, but Terciev wouldn't be dissuaded, and when the train traveled through Southern Boll Hold, Terciev booked passage on a ship sailing South.  

The only problem was that very few people knew how to find the brand new White Lightning Weyr.  Thanks to his trader connections, Terciev had a better idea than most, and he managed to get in touch with some of Avidian's people.  They'd gotten the word that they were allies to the Weyr, and so when this skinny, pugnacious kid showed up asking to be taken thence, they sort of shuffled him along the line until someone could take him to Vid.  

That "someone" ended up being Quartzrider Siona and Lolath.  The Quartz pair had been working extensively with the smugglers, and someone brought Terciev to her.  Thanks to her quartz's ability to know desires, Siona instantly could tell what was on this kid's mind: dragons.  Or, to be precise, hatchlings.  Lolath wasn't a Search dragon per se, but the kid did have a point that he was entitled to stand by virtue of his birth.  So Siona brought him back to the Weyr and delivered him to a candidate lesson.  And just like that, Terciev had his shot.

He joined the candidate class, and was happy to have made the start of a few friendships when Aliseth's clutch hatched.  That clutch held several surprises, though none more impactful to young Terciev than the introduction of his beloved Elhuyath.  Elhuyath was Pern's first Tungsten dragon, a curious mixture of unshakable confidence and unrelenting optimism.  His sunny nature seemed to be as strong as the steel for which he was named, and Terciev (now Tr'cev) found himself joined to a creature of near constant delight.

Dragon Art credited to Mellody on Deviant Art. Coloring by Weyrwolf
Name: Elhuyath
Speech Hex Code: #9e9692, #f6f6ef, #9f8d85
Impression date: No idea. Risa, help?
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Elhuyath is HUGE. At Hatching, he out weighed the largest of his clutchmates by a significant margin, and his wingspan was easily double that of the smaller quartzes. As he is constantly eating, chances are good that he will continue to be large for his age as he grows, much like his smoke brother. His hide is a dark, metallic gunmetal grey without even a trace of the tell-tale blue highlight of his titanium sisters. As of right now, he seems to be developing in proportion to his size... he's just really, really BIG
Personality: Elhuyath is unfailingly confident and unrelentingly joyous. He is the embodiment of sweetness and light and perfect confidence in his own excellence and that of his rider. It's even money whether his sweet arrogance is truly sweet, or just annoying, but that probably depends on who you ask.
Special talents: Being super big. And happy.

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PostSubject: Re: Tungsten Weyrling Tr'cev of Elhuyath   Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:46 pm

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Tungsten Weyrling Tr'cev of Elhuyath
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