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 Yosra, weyrling to smoke Ferradith

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PostSubject: Yosra, weyrling to smoke Ferradith   Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:17 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: alpha


Character Name and Pronunciation: Yosra (YAW (like the beginning of 'yawn')-sra
Gender: female
Character Rank: candidate, was a shiphand
Character Age/Date of birth: 17
Family: Mother: Dirreva, ship's captain; Father: Sesil, trade master; many siblings blood and foster
Current location: WLW
Physical description: Yosra often looks severe and no-nonsense, or pretty dang ravishing, with few stops in between. Her hair is dark brown, long and thick, either tousled or firmly pulled back. Wide, light brown eyes that are most often weighing, judging, or dismissing. Tall, broad-shouldered, strong. And her voice is a standout - deeper, a bit rough around the edges, a hint of sea-drawl to it, and most often sounding either dryly amused or incredibly bored.
Play By: Erica Cerra
Photo Reference: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif
Personality: She puts people and experiences into categories, and imagines it's all pretty black and white. Anyone not crew is a mark or useless; a deal is profitable or a waste; she likes someone/thing or she doesn't. When there isn't a job to do she likes to sit comfortably and maybe play some cards, or dice a bit, but mostly there's plenty of jobs to do, and she's very good at her work. Yosra doesn't usually have time or opportunity to think about anything outside of her routine - she's focused and knows that though every day will bring something different, the things she's responsible for will always be there. Comforting, that. Apparently there's more to her than she's realized, given that she took a huge, routine-breaking jump recently. But then every 17 year old still has some growing up to do...
Theme song: (Optional - if there was a musical score for your character, what song would exemplify it?)
History: She's spent winters on land and summers going port to port as long as she can remember. Both her parents are from trader stock as far back as back goes, and while twenty turns ago her mother being the ship captain might have raised an eyebrow or two, it was old news, well established by the time Yosra would have noticed. Her parents are a flawless team, Dirreva handling all things ship related, Sesil all the external customer pieces, and they've been quite profitable over the turns. Enough to build out their route to include a cross-continent trade once a turn, which accounts the things Yosra has seen as quite well-traveled for anyone not a rider.

And she loved her life. The closeness of the crew, the routine of ship life, the different routine of winters catching up with other family, in other holds, getting to know different ports and forget them just as quickly. And, like the majority of her siblings and cousins who lasted more than a season on the ship, she was competent and more than, getting done the things needing doing and never wondering about other options - what was past a port, or what it was like to stay anywhere longer than a winter.

Except...as she got older, she'd noticed her mother appraising her, or young men from other trains/ships/ports consideringly. Easy enough to ignore, especially as news from land got worse and worse. Plague? Things were changing rapidly beyond the shoreline, and though surely it wasn't enough to affect them - suddenly, it was. A cousin's cousin (far enough back, all the traders seemed related somewhere) appeared with his charge, or son, asking them to take this little maelstrom of a human boy on their annual trip South, "to the dragons."

The man was intriguing enough (though she'd resolved not to act on 'intriguing' until she figured out whether she actually preferred men or women, not realizing 'both' was an actual option), but it was the boy who thoroughly charmed her. Adorable, but ferociously so, Terciev knew what he was about, and that purpose and drive woke something in her. His papa couldn't stay, and Yos couldn't have said what moment the decision was made, but when Terciev got off the ship, her home, it was well-accepted that she was going with him.

Still, she found herself blinking around quite a bit once they arrived and the shock wore off. She'd never been reckless or impulsive in her life. What was she thinking?

She found at, perhaps unsurprisingly, at the hatching.

Dragon Art credited to template by Mellody on DeviantArt, color by Weyrwolf
Name: Ferradith
Color: Smoke
Speech Hex Code: e1ddd9

Impression date:
Wing: Weyrling
Physical description: soft, storm-cloud gray

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PostSubject: Re: Yosra, weyrling to smoke Ferradith   Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:14 pm

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Yosra, weyrling to smoke Ferradith
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