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 Bastiaan, candidate

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PostSubject: Bastiaan, candidate   Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:41 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: omega

Character Name and Pronunciation: Bastiaan/Bast (B'tian or B'tan after/if Impressing)
Gender: male
Character Rank: bit of a scrapper, did some message running, mostly an errand boy; now candidate
Character Age/Date of birth: 15
Family: mother: Arilaan, 'facilitator' for the smugglers, and full of stories of who is dad is
Current location: WLW
Physical description: Bast is compact - on the shorter side, not quite stocky, but...compact. He's strong, and is building muscle tone rather than height as he gets older. His hair is dark, tends to wave and flop a bit if not taken in hand, and his eyes are surprisingly bright hazel, though it's hard to tell - he's usually squinting, and has a bit of resting-angry face (this is part of why he's such a scrapper). His mischievous grin is the epitome of mischief (the dimples help), but unlikely to make an appearance unless he's feeling comfortable. Or...particularly feeling up to getting into trouble.

His clothes are nothing special at all - a bit loose, a bit worn, colors that hide stains - but neatly tended and repaired as needed.
Play By: Taron Egerton
Photo Reference:
Personality: He is much happier than his brooding face/posture tend to get across - never happier than when causing trouble and getting utterly away with it, but at heart, happy. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder on the whole 'no-dad' thing, and not only never backs down from a fight, but is delighted to egg one into fruition. He smirks when he's feeling particularly smug or not quite at ease, and the full on grins are only when he's a bit more secure - which is true of all of him. He'll run amok with someone, chat a bit, sneak a drink, fight with or alongside, but it takes a bit to get from normal surface friend to real. Which is fine - he's really good at surface relationships. Or at infuriating someone to wanting nothing to do with him. It's all good.
Theme song:
History: Arilaan was a very pretty girl who got a little over her head in delighting in her prettiness when young, and was smart, clever, and lucky enough to manage to come out that trouble with a fairly lucrative, if dangerous, career. Nominally she's a seamstress, mending and laundering clothes for the more well off, but at root she has been a Hold contact for the White Lightning smugglers for Turns.

Bast's father could be a smuggler, or a customer, or a pretty boy Arilaan was once taken with, and all she gives him are stories when he asks - asked, rather, as he gave up on it a long time ago. Regardless, she loves her son and gave him a solid home, and he loves her deeply. She didn't want him in the work she does, but...of course he wormed his way in. Errands here, a well timed small brawl for distraction there, and he went from picking up tips to some more regular pay.

Things changed at where ever the smugglers came from, which was interesting, but more interesting was when word got back that there had been a hatching. And then more eggs. What sort of fun trouble could he get into where all the interesting people came from? He asked a few people, and before he knew it he got a trip back to a canyon full of dragons and smugglers.

Who could be upset about that?
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PostSubject: Re: Bastiaan, candidate   Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:16 pm

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Bastiaan, candidate
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