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 Dragon Candidate Xandan

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PostSubject: Dragon Candidate Xandan   Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:54 pm

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: this one goes to eleven


Character Name and Pronunciation: Xandan (ZAN dan) - X'dan (z DAN)
Gender: male
Character Rank: Candidate/Hunter
Character Age/Date of birth: 20
Family: he has no idea. Raised by the community at Tarza minehold
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Very Very Pretty
Play By: Clint MFing Eastwood
Photo Reference: (Optional as above - insert link to the picture reference for your character here)
Personality: Xandan is a study in contrasts. On the one hand, he's damn near feral, what with his extreme affinity for being outdoors and hatred of crowds of any sort. He would actually rather be out in Threadfall, finding shelter under a rock somewhere, then locked in a hold with a lot of people. For him, it has to do with being unable to see everyone, and whether or not they might be presenting a threat. In particularly bad crowds, he'll have a panic attack, which for him manifests as anger and violence, rather than fear. It's always been that way, and so at this point in his life, he's learned it's just better to avoid large gatherings of people.

That being said, Xandan, or Xan as he's sometimes called, actually genuinely likes people (in small numbers.) He finds human interactions interesting, though he'd rather observe quietly than be a major player. He's not the attention seeking type. He's more of the "sit back and watch the shenanigans" or the "quietly get the job done while other people are futzing around" type. He's always been rather good with his hands, so there aren't many tasks he can't do, but his true aptitude lies in hunting.

Xan likes women. Quite a bit, as it happens. He just doesn't see much use in chasing them. He figures if they're interested, they'll let him know. He's never really fallen in love, preferring to keep his encounters friendly. Perhaps for that reason, he has a bit of a reputation as liking older women.
Theme song: The theme to "A Fistful of Dollars" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjjDOdaFZg0
History: Xandan's parents were part of the original expedition that mapped out Tarza Hold. During the Hold's first Turn, both his pregnant mother and father succumbed to a fever. His father died right away, but his mother recovered, barely. In her weakened state, however, she didn't survive giving birth, and Xandan was left all alone. The community that eventually became Tarza Hold took him in, and he spent his childhood in a remarkably happy manner as he rotated from family to family within the Hold. Everyone knew little Xan, including the Lord and Lady.

At the age of eight, he began helping the hunters to bring in the game that was Tarza's main source of meat. Even once they were able to establish proper herds, Xan still went out as often as possible. He found that he simply felt most at home in the outdoors. His reputation became that of a strange young man, but good hearted for all of that. He learned to fight from the other children in the Hold, some of whom were not always kind to the orphan kid. Still, he would say that his childhood was mostly happy, unorthodox though it may have been.

When White Lightning Weyr recognized Tarza Hold and asked about possible candidates, Xandan volunteered. Not that he didn't mull it over for a good while first. But eventually, the lure of getting to see the outdoors from adragonback was just too much, and he presented himself at the Hold when the Search dragons came. They found him acceptable, and he traveled to the Weyr.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Candidate Xandan   Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:01 pm

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Dragon Candidate Xandan
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