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PostSubject: Nadeline-Headwoman   Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:51 pm

Player Name: Vivid
Character Number: 9

Character Name and Pronunciation: Nadeline [Na-de-lyn]
Nickname: Nadie [Na-dee]
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Headwoman
Character Age/Date of birth: 45

Father: N'din-Wingrider of Blue Sasubith-Eastern Weyr- Deceased
Mother: Laliena- Wingrider of Green Fannith-Eastern Weyr- Deceased

Sister: Lanadia- Wingrider of Green Opalth- Eastern Weyr- Deceased
Brother: N'lani- Wingrider of Brown Kidith-Eastern Weyr- Deceased
Half-Sister: Namira- Sr. Journeyman Harper- Harper Hall- 38
Half-Brother: Naiden-Wherhandler- Brown Naisk- Eastern Hold- 36
Half-Brother: Lamallen- Journeyman Smith- Eastern Hold- 34
Half-Brother: L'mir- Wingrider of Green Raimath- White Lightning Weyr- 30

Former Weyrmate: M'kem-Wingsecond of Bronze Jakirth-Eastern Weyr- Deceased

Son: M'kal- Wingrider of Brown Zagmath- White Lightning Weyr- 20
Daughter: Wingrider Nakema of Green Aesath-White Lightning Weyr- 19
Daughter: Anadine- Candidate-White Lightning Weyr- 17

Nephew: Nainad- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr- 16
Niece: Lamala- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr- 14
Niece: Lamira- Weyrbrat- White Lightning Weyr- 12

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: Nadie is a tall woman, standing 5'10 and running lithe in the body. Her mother was slender and tall, her father taller still. High cheek bones in her face give her an angular look but her round cheeks often give an easy smile. Large brown eyes are framed by a long mane of equally brown curls. Her skin, though lined about her face from laughter and loss, is dusky olive. It is clear she has southern heritage, no matter that she was from Eastern Weyr. Nadeline's hands are rough and care worn from all her Turns in the Lower Caverns of Eastern. She dressed in clean and practical way, homespun cloth dresses and a crisp apron most of the time. She has a worn band of gold on her left ring finger, engraved "N&M". This was her espousal ring from M'kem.

When Feast days or Hatchings come around, Nadeline has a gown of garnet red trimmed in white embroidery of blossoms. She has embellished slippers that go with this feast day clothing, with matching dark red hair ribbons.

Play By: Minnie Driver

Personality: Nadeline is a warm yet practical woman, shaped by Turns of hard work, love and loss. She is very family oriented, having three children, more nieces and nephews besides. She is very close to her half-brother, L'mir. Her children make her very proud; M'kal is the spitting image of his father and Nakema is so much like Nadie's lost sister, Lanadia. Nanadine is the youngest and very much favored upon by her mother. Nadie doesn't like to admit it but she does dote upon Nana a great deal.

The Weyr is her home, as Nadie sees it. White Lightning might not be Eastern but it is all she has. It is important to have people who need her in her life because losing M'kem is the hardest thing Nadie has known. Even now, the pain of her Weyrmate's death is hard on Nadie. She does what she can to maintain composure but it is hard for her to look at any bronzerider and not remember M'kem. Time may heal Nadie and she is a handsome woman. She could do with a spouse but so far, she has exhibited no interest. She has the Weyr to think of and she was very well trained by Eastern's previous Headwoman. When it comes to politics, Nadeline keeps her head out of it. Though her family was very much Traditional, she has no particular problems with the New Guard. In fact, she treats them no different than she would any gold, bronze, brown, blue or green rider. They are the future of Pern and no matter their color, they deserve food and clean weyrs, clothing and effects.

All in all, she is a good woman with a lot on her mind. Nadie loves to laugh and share stories over a pint of ale; once chores are done she has time for leisure and has always easily made friends. She doesn't have much of a temper but she will put her foot down if something interferes with her work.

Theme song: "Gravity" by Mary Fuhl

History: Nadeline was born at Eastern Weyr. Her parents, both dragonriders, has formed an open yet life long pair bond with one another and so Nadeline had a large family including full and half siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, and chosen clan kin as her parents added lover to their lives. Nadeline was the eldest child, fostered to her mother Laliena's eldest sister, Lamabda, shortly after Nadie was born. Nadeline's younger, full blooded siblings, were Lanadia and Nalanin. They were also fostered to Lamabda, who workjed in the lower caverns of Eastern Weyr. Nadeline was a sweet youngster and took to following Lamabda were ever the woman would allow her. This kept her in the kitchens most of her young life, chopping tubers alongside her aunt as her younger siblings dreamed of dragons. By bloodright, Nadeline had opportunity to stand for Dragon clutches. She did Stand, when she was of age but she did not Impress her first hatching. Nor her second or third. By the time Lanadia had Impressed her green dragon Opalth, Nadeline was sure she would never Impress. After Nalanin Impressed brown Kidith, she left the Candidate Barracks. She wasn't soured against dragonriders, who were her blood and kin but she was exhausted from years of disappointment. She was in her late teens when she stood for her last hatching. Nadeline decided she had to do something else with her life and immediately went to her Aunt Lamabda. After a few night's discussion, it was decided. Nadeline was formerly introduced to the Headwoman of Eastern Weyr. Lamabda explained the girl's interest in learning the trade of Weyr management. Nadie had already proved herself more resourceful and hard working than half of the weyrbrats and she accorded herself well. The Headwoman agreed, being a woman of no young age, to let the teenager shadow her. It was not a proper apprenticeship as one would have had with a Crafter but it did the job well. Nadeline began to train as a Headwoman. She was twenty turns old.

The work was hard and it came with the needful knowing of a thousand portions of the Weyr. Nadie worked from dawn to dusk as she had many other days, chopping vegetables or scaling fish. She picked up extra skills along the way, sewing and preserving among the more important ones. With Headwoman training also came the inventory of the Weyr's goods, it's tithes and stores. It was not all work, however. At the age of twenty four, Nadeline met M'kem, a handsome bronze rider just put in from Fort Weyr. The two were hardly separated from the moment they clapped eyes on one another. Withing six months, they were Weyrmated and in nine, Mankallen was born. A turn later, Nadeline gave birth to a daughter she named Nakema. Two turns after that, her youngest daughter  Nanadine was born. For a while, all was peace and love. Nadeline would fall asleep every night, tucked into M'kems back and know that life was perfect.

And then that moment ended.

Nadeline would remember that Hatching, for all of her days. Not only was her half-brother Lamiren Standing for the clutch but it was the day the mutations were hatched. Blood red dragons, plum black ones and others. Lamiren did not Impress that day but later he would go on to bond to green Raimath. Nadeline could see the ripples cascading through the Weyr. Even her home was untouched by it; M'kem for all his warm heart and bright smile was a strict Traditionalist. Even Nadeline was relieved when L'mir had Impressed a green dragon. She thought of their children and what there lives could mean. Yet, for all the upheaval the new dragons caused, life seemed to find a way. Eventually, one had to go back to work and that is just what Nadie did. Her children were partial fostered between her and one of her half-sisters; the three children growing in the ways of future Dragonriders and proper Weyrfolk. Even M'kem seemed to come to grudgingly accept the idea of new dragons, though he would be glad if his children only Impressed traditional colors.Time passed over them all.

At first, no one seemed to notice anything odd. Nadie certainly did not. She was sad when her father at died; the bluerider took a clump of Thread in the shoulder. Sasubith caught it across his windpipe and went Between.  Then, her mother took sick. The greenrider complained of pains in her stomach; Healers later revealed there was a tumor there. Leliena was heavily dosed with fellis to stop the pain and died in her sleep. Her green dragon Fannith went Between. Lanadia had transferred to Ista Weyr; a Turn later Nadeline received word that her sister's green had died and Lanadia had flung herself from her ledge. The letter never said why or how Opalth had died. Opalth was sick and the Dragon Healers couldn't tell her what or why. It wasn't long before N'dani too was pacing the halls outside the Dragon Infirmy. Kidith was off his food and his color wasn't good. Nadie could do nothing; she had no dragon healing knowledge and her hands were full as she got ready to take over for the old Headwoman. Even as the Old Guard sickened, the New Guard thrived. Traditional dragons were born among the sport colors and Nadie's children in time Impressed when the cobalt Gaveth flew Gold queen Syrath.

One morning, her son and daughter stood side by side on the Hatching sands. A egg marbled in red, orange and yellow burst open and a chocolate brown dragonet leaped out. He turned once and caught Mankallens gaze. He moved to meet the boy and the young man called out happily.

"He says his name is Zagmath!" M'kal exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the brown dragon's neck. Another egg, white speckled in mauve shivered and broke apart. Snaking her head free, a jewel like green dragon hatched. She struggled free and cast her gaze about for her rider. Slowly, she came to look at Nakema. The girl exclaimed as cheerfully as her brother had.

"She is Aesath. My Aesath!" the girl called as the green butted at her knees.

Nadeline leaned into the warm arms of her Weyrmate. M'kem looked down at her with a smile and kissed her forehead.

"A brown and a fine green. I am very proud of our children, Nadie." M'kem murmured in her ear, kissing her cheek.

"I love you." he whispered. M'kal and Nakema went into Weyrling training. Yet that joy would be muted by the continuous decline of the Old Guard dragons. Nadie would have been tempted to worry for M'kem but Jakirth was such a strong bronze. He seemed to keep his health, his eating was good and his hide shown brightly. Nothing seem to told the bronze dragon. 

It was the Weyrleaderships decision to cast out the mutations. One by one, every Titanium, Cobalt, Scarlet and Quartz was forced out of Eastern Weyr. It was then that Jakirth fell sick and within two sevendays, he was grey with death. Nadie's days were filled with tending to M'kem, who fell into a great depression. He left their weyr and lay beside the hulk of his dying bronze. Nadeline begged fellis juice off to ease his suffering. The Master Healer allowed it. Nadeline sat that night with M'kems head in her lap, stroking his greying hair as the fellis soothed the last lines of tension out of his face. Jakirth gave one last, great moan and was still.

Time stops for no man and no woman either. Nadeline couldn't loose herself to grief, though many nights she lay awake weeping for a man who would never come home. Nadie's heart was broken but past the pain, she knew she had a job to do. She had three children and a Weyr full of people needing food and direction. The old Headwoman stepped down and allowed Nadeline to rise to her position. She as forty four turns old. Nadie has stayed at Eastern Weyr through the Dying Times to make sure all that could be taken care of was. News came forth from the exile's Weyr, that Yllaveth the Titanium had clutched her first eggs. Six months after, one of her queen daughters flew to be caught by one of the new sports. Then Aliseth clutched eleven eggs and Nadie knew it was time to leave. Even her children had gone head, taking Zagmath and Aesath to what locals were calling "White Lightning Weyr."  

Nadeline gathered her family that still lived and moved them to White Lightning. Those who would go, in any event. To her joy, all of her children came and her half brother, L'mir. Now, Nadeline turns her eyes toward a future of a new Weyr and the people who need her.

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PostSubject: Re: Nadeline-Headwoman   Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:15 pm

She looks fantastic, and well up to wrangling the WLW lower caverns. A couple of timeline/established history things to tweak:

  • The plague didn't really kick in until after the exile - so by all means her parents' dragons could have died and later it was attributed as related, but it wouldn't have been something noticed/widespread until after the mutations had gone to WLW
  • Sidran's mother is/was the Eastern Headwoman, so wouldn't have been super elderly or likely to step down, but other than those specific mentions everything else in terms of Nadeline being her second, etc., works (I'm happy to plot some background w/Nadeline and Sidran as well, as before she Impressed Sidran aged out of candidacy and assumed she'd take over for her mother, so that could be fun!)
  • The only open blue is from the Turn's end Parazath/Maraxith clutch, so not sure you want her brother to Impress w/Z'ash, Nadie's children, etc. Also, since there isn't a brown available in that clutch, you could have the brown/green Impressions of her children be part of the quarantined last Eastern weyrling class, soon to be looped into WLW. let me know what you want to do timeline wise on these Impressions.
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PostSubject: Re: Nadeline-Headwoman   Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:09 pm

*I think I will say that Nadie's father was killed in Threadfall and her mother's dragon was sick but as her mother was also sick at the time, no one really noticed. Let's say Nadie's mother had a chronic disease (cancer) and died in her sleep.

*I would like to include Sidran into Nadeline's history and perhaps they were even friends or at least friendly.

*I will change L'mir to a greenrider from Maraxith/Parazath's first clutch.

*M'kal and Nakema can be from Syreth/Gavath's clutch.

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PostSubject: Re: Nadeline-Headwoman   

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