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 Weyrleader Applications

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PostSubject: Weyrleader Applications   Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:37 pm

Hey lovelies!

Yllaveth's flight is coming up rather soon, and it has the potential to be explosive, what with all of the personalities involved. I've decided that this will be a truly open flight, which means that the incumbent Gaveth has just as much of a chance to win as anyone. So if you'd like your boy to outst him from his place as Yllaveth's mate, here's what I need from you:

Send me a PM with your name, the name of your character whose dragon you'd like considered for the Weyrleadership, and why you think that pair would be a good choice for the Weyr. Please note, "good choice" can be for IC or OOC reasons. For example, if you think your character would be a terrible choice IC, but there's great OOC story potential, that's legit and I want to know about it.

Also, please note that winning the Weyrleadership in no way disqualifies you from Impressing anything cool down the line. *cough*Aliseth!*cough*. Not that all dragons aren't cool... But you know what I mean. There are few enough of us that we can all do super fun plotty special things and have a great time at it. Smile.

If I don't get any responses, I'll choose one of my own characters, and that would be no fun for anyone, so please send them in! I can say for sure that Yllaveth won't be rising before I finish moving, so you have at least until I get settled in. Let's say you have until I post Yllaveth launching into the air to get me an application if you want to be considered. That way, once I post her blooding, that will be a "last call" of sorts.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your boys' favor!
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Weyrleader Applications
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