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 Natalina, rider of green Anedith

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PostSubject: Natalina, rider of green Anedith   Fri May 13, 2016 10:59 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: infinity


Character Name and Pronunciation: Natalina
Gender: female
Character Rank: greenrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 27
Family: father: Calnin, trader/runnerbreeder/racemaster; mother: Atasie; siblins: oh yes, many
Current location: Eastern Weyr, WLW-bound
Physical description: Nat is tall - tall for a woman, tall for a human, tall for a young tree. She has broad shoulders and long legs and flat out looks like she could take nearly anyone in a fight (or maybe just do exercises with other, smaller, humans). And, because many things can be true of people, she is also strikingly good-looking. Dark, wavy hair, the sort of chestnut brown that is both unremarkable and lovely, light hazel eyes, and a smile that can change everything.

She is most often in riding leathers, or, if she's going for comfortable pants, her particular leather jacket is usually on, or, it's not a work day, her taller-than-necessary boots. Granted, there aren't a lot of non-workdays, especially lately. She doesn't often break out a gown, but when she does - well. She can be a showstopper, and it shows in the daring cuts and bold colors she favors.

Play By: Adrianne Palicki
Photo Reference: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif

Personality: Natalina has rarely met an innuendo she could resist or a situation she couldn't sass her way out of. She is quick on her feet and quick-witted, and there are times she can do just as much with silence and a lifted eyebrow as with a comment.

She is also determined, ballsy, determined, and stubborn as all get out. If she wants something done, she'll get it done - she's not so much a sweet-talker/group-builder/enlister-of-others, and would prefer to go it alone or with someone she's known a long time. Truthfully, she likes working with others, but she's not trying to be a leader, and she won't ask twice. So if it happens, great, and if not, it'll still be handled.

History: Calnin's family can be traced back generations, all runner-breeders or racers or race-masters. Depending on the generation, sometimes they worked closely with a particular Holder or Lord, but apart from a few dramatic family tales, they'd kept quite a bit of the wealth amassed over time. Atasie's family, of a minor Bloodline, had less luck keeping hold of marks earned over time, but kept close enough to various other members of the Blood to remain at least comfortable. Despite the practicality of their marriage, the two are deeply, blatantly in love, many Turns and children and business deals later. Nothing to say one can't be practical and romantic.

Lina grew up rather rough-and-tumble, in and out of stables, but rough-and-tumble with a lot of privilege (a most comfortable bed to return to, never a worry of going hungry, no need to race into marriage, a lifetime occupation she loved ahead of her, a father who knew the worth of his daughters just as well as his sons, marks to buy whatever she wanted). As such, she could ride nearly as soon as she could walk, could dress nearly as well as a Lady when the mood/occasion struck, learned to fight and scrap from both relatives and workers, and from chores even (especially) favored children had to do, the strength to make any fight interesting.

And yet. Gather. Dragonrider. Search. An age-old story, and she threw herself into it. The power of a comfortable upbringing - she was utterly sure the risk would pay off in reward. And, after a few Turns (during which she did occasionally return home when no clutch was on the Sands), it did. Anedith burst from the shell, zig-zagged dizzily around the hatching grounds, and laid claim. And though she'd had no strong preference to color - new, old, not as they'd already proven to breed true - she knew a traditional green would allow her father to brag in many social circles in a way a scarlet, for example, would not.

And, to be fair, I'zak was a much more pleasant classmate than N'set, but then...Anyway. It never felt like enough time to worry about it. Training, training, training. Brawls that sometimes she joined just for fun. Training. Thread. And always, always, Anedith. Like everything she'd ever wanted from a runner and so much more she'd never thought to consider.

She should have taken a more active part in the discussions around the 'new' colors, but was so secure in her privilege she realized that exactly too late, when the exile was decided, when the tipping point had been reached. And after, everything started to go increasingly wrong. She was paying attention, now, and so she noticed. Greens rising less frequently, less blues chasing Anedith. Lethargy, or cough, or...sickness. It roosted and refused to leave, and she noticed.

And was powerless. Dragons started to sicken dramatically, Firene ordered the weyrlings to quarantine, sending healthy dragons - of mutant bloodlines - to take care of them. And then weyrlings died. Not the youngest class, but the rest. The dragons were young, and so lingered so much longer than seemed likely, but eventually...

Time to go. Follow where the rest of the healthy dragons had gone. Where the new colors had gone, before them. Take the weyrlings overland, to safety. She's kept her mind so focused on the work, on the next step, on the necessary, that there's been very little room for grief. Better that way.

Name: Anedith
Color: green
Speech Hex Code: 006600
Impression date: P10.44.4.10  
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Anedith is a dark, shadowy-forest green, minor scars nearly unnoticeable against her otherwise silky hide except for one that twists across her left cheek and the top of her muzzle. It is not overly dramatic, but can be seen easily enough. She is lithe - long sweeping wings that she loves to stretch, and looks just as strong and flexible as she is. It is length, not bulk, that brings her to average size, and one can fairly feel the quickness in her - she is a Wingleader's dream of a green. Speed and agility and just enough stamina to last a full half of fall if she doesn't have to do too many extraordinary maneuvers. Sometimes she lasts less time, but that's because she's doubled back so many times she might as well have flown a full half-Fall or more.
Special talents:
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PostSubject: Re: Natalina, rider of green Anedith   Thu May 19, 2016 9:50 pm

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Natalina, rider of green Anedith
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