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 May- Dragon Candidate

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PostSubject: May- Dragon Candidate   Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:09 pm

Player Name: Vivid
Character Number: ??


Character Name and Pronunciation: May
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Journeyman Dragon Healer/ Dragon Candidate
Character Age/Date of birth: 21/ 08.24

Family: Father- Mathias- Holder- Harper Hall- 60
Mother- Yandasia- Holder- Harper Hall- 57
                      Brother-Yathias- JM Harper- Harper Hall- 32
                     Sister-in-Law- Fila- JM Harper- Harper Hall-27
                     Nephew: Fithias- Hall Brat- 1

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: May is a lovely woman and from the moment she left her small Hold, she drew the eyes of men and women. She takes good care of herself, watching what she eats and exercises regularly. Her rust red hair falls in slight waves, shock through with rose-gold highlights. Her red eyebrows are slim and her eyelashes long and dark. Large, almond shaped eyes are reminiscent of cool rain water, clear and crisp. Her eyes are a pale blue splashed green and her skin is fair. May usually dons a hat and avoids prolonged contact with between the sun and her bare flesh. She burns very easily. Across her shoulders and on the back of her arms, she has a light spray of freckles.

May has always dressed like a Holder woman, conservatively and with a simple elegance that enhances her good looks. She has a small collection of fine pieces of jewelry inherited from her grandmother. A string of small, round blue agate beads and hair combs in silver and moonstone. May has always leaned toward pastel shades, enjoying the way the pale colors make her skin look warmer. Green and blue are her favorites but white, pink, peach and violet can also be found in her chests.  May can almost always be found in a dress. She is far more comfortable in a frock or gown than pants, which she mostly considers to be a man's clothing.

Play By: Dallas Bryce Howard

Personality: May has always had a gentle way about her. Her mother hoped one day that May would attract a Lord's son and thus she spent many days by her mother's side, learning the gentle arts of a lady. She is respectful to her elders, submissive to men and lives in awe of powerful woman like Divida and Sidran. She makes an effort to always be pleasant and remember her place. She knows that as one of the Dragon Healers, it is important for her to set a good example for young woman who may be pursuing a Craft. Her family's esteem has always been very important to her and she blossoms with pride when they visit and write. She has a bright but velvet smooth voice, genteel and eager to please. May knows it is important for her to make good by her Craft. While not an ambitious person, she has considered putting herself through the training to become a Master.

Hold born values run deep when it comes to her sexuality. May leans solely toward men and, as mentioned, adopts a very submissive relationship with them. She dearly craves a husband.

May is intimidated by the sexual advances of a woman and it sits ill with her conscience. By being close to her family, May has always felt familial ties settle close to her heart. For many turns she has looked forward to starting her own family, one of  the reasons she craves a mate. Having always been comfortable around children, May eager looks forward to the day when she can have her own. She thinks a lot about these future children and even has a small tablet of possible names. She is keenly aware she is getting older and so far childless. A thought that weights heavy on her Hold bred mind.

Theme song: "Stand By You" by Rachel Platten

"I'm gonna stand by you.
Even if we can't find Heaven
I will walk through Hell with you
Love! You're not alone
Because I'm gonna stand by you!"

History: May's family line claims to have lived on Eastern land since the Weyr was open. Little in the way of records exist nowadays that can prove that claim but May's family has always been tightly bound in Eastern Hold. Mathias and Yandasia had one major thing in common, ambition. Neither was of a Lord's blood line but they had high hopes for their equally beautiful children. Yandasia kept young May by her side, encouraging the girl in the gentle arts of a Lady.

Yathias, May's older brother, would work to crack new ground elsewhere, maybe in Telgar were the youngest daughter of a prominent Master crafter had taken a shine to him. May, being a lovely girl, would make a good marriage for herself and Yandasia had just such a man in mind. The eldest son of the Lord of Eastern Hold would do just nicely.

Lady Yandasia was eager to see her pretty daughter marry into the strong blood of one of the Holds. Certainly, she figured, May's jewel colored eyes and red hair would fetch the noble, young heir. Even Fort and Ruatha would have to take notice; they might not have the blood line but no one could doubt May's beauty. Her father began to meet with other Holders, discussing a possible match. May, obedient to her parent's will, was well disposed toward the marriage. She was only fifteen but this was her life. It set very well with May; all was going very well.

It was a long time before an agreement on the dowry could be met. During this time, May befriend a young woman named Nadisa. Nadisa was traveling from her small hold because she had shown an aptitude for beast healing. She and her Master were going to Eastern Weyr, for Nadisa's true desire and talent lay in Dragon Healing. May was interested as well. She had always been good at making numbweed cream. She questioned Nadisa endlessly and finally the dark haired girl was able to pursued her Master to evaluate May. While Mathias was a traditional man, he also was a pragmatic one. He knew if his daughter could win the esteem of a Master Dragon Healing, she could grow to be a powerful voice in advocate for the Hold. An ambassador with loyal ties in Eastern Hold territory, who would speak for the rights and needs for Holders all over Pern. He allowed for it and May was taken to the Weyr. She knew in her heart that she could succeed in the training and her father would find a good husband for her. More over, her mother would ensure he was, at least, handsome.

Her parents were overjoyed to see their daughter walk the tables at the age of twenty. Though she was a late apprentice, May felt in love with Dragon Healing. She fell in love with dragons, even the ones others called mutants. She would never admit to it if asked; ladies do not speak of such things. Though to every dragon, be they Old or New Guard, she bent herself to their best care. They were beautiful and noble beasts. She cared for them so much that when Eastern banished the New Guard, her heart was deeply hurt. Then the nightmare began...the plague. Dragons began to fall sick all over Eastern Weyr. There was nothing Master Jasfin could do, nor Nadisa or May. May lost patient after patient, her heart broke to see suicide claim so many riders. The massive death toll broke Nadisa spirit. She left Eastern Weyr and went back to her Hold, married and abandoned the craft all together.

May could not do that, no matter how much it heart. There was news that a new Weyr had begun and May took her skills there. She kept a low profile once at White Lightning; being a craft taught Holder put her at odds with nearly everyone. Maybe it was in the way she would naturally submit to the authority of a person if they were male, maybe it was in her obvious discomfort with same sex couples. She knew she was too conservative, even after her turns at Eastern Weyr. She knew that some riders found her frustrating in that fashion, mostly the more liberal female riders. Some of the New Guard riders were very provocative and all in all, it was strange to have a man leading the Weyr with his queen. A female Weyrleader and Weyrling Master. Then brand new dragons no one had ever seen before, when they were still getting used to Titaniums, Cobalts, Scarlets and Quartz dragons. It seemed a wild new world in great need of order. May decided she would be the order she wanted to see in the world. She set up shop at White Lightning and began to treat dragons.

Little did May know that she was being watched and not by a human. She had gained some keen draconic notice but for the moment, she hasn't been told anything.

Craft: Dragon Healing
Rank: Journeyman
Training location:  Eastern Weyr
Specialty: General Practitioner but beginning a specialty in Thread Related Trauma

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PostSubject: Candidate Interview   Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:44 pm

What is your character’s candidate type? Dragon Only
What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why?

Titanium (Primary Request)/Gold/Green/Quartz. I think that May's gentleness comes from a great inner strength of character. She has pushed through the miasma of the plague, even after losing so many she loved. Even though she could not help those dragonriders, she kept to her Craft for the love and need of it. I think these are good qualities in a Titanium Queen's rider and I think White Lightning Weyr could benefit from a mature Craft raised woman Impressing a queen. I prefer Titanium over Shadow because while I understand Titanium's possess a great will, I feel like the is too much of a vicious streak in them. It would be very abrasive and alienating for May to continuously have to fight her dragon on every point. I really want May to Impress a Titanium and I am comfortable with the amount of time and work that will entail. I accept the fact I might have to wait a few Hatchings for one. If May was not the right fit for any Titanium queen, I think she would do very well on a green dragon, especially one who was Search sensitive. I think a Quartz that could sense diseases or internal injuries would also be extremely fitting, given her dragon healing background.

Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why? I don't see May on a male dragon of any color. I think she would be too submissive to a male voice in her head and possible let her dragon have too much say in his raising.

What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon?
As a dragon healer, I think it would be good to have a dragon with a great deal of empathy.

What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character?

By bonding with a dragon of my own, I hope to understand riders even more and thus excel in my Dragon Healing. I had thought to become a Master one day...maybe I still can. It is important to me to provide great service and skill to my Weyr.

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PostSubject: Re: May- Dragon Candidate   Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: May- Dragon Candidate   

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May- Dragon Candidate
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