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 Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith

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PostSubject: Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith   Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:36 pm

Player Name: echonymph
Character Number: 8


Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith

Character Name and Pronunciation: Zaliphver (Zahl-if-ver) Sounds like Oliver / Z’phver (Zif-ver)
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Weyrling
Character Age/Date of birth: 19
Foster Father : Drethon (52)- Body Guard for Avidian
Foster Brother: Rhaenthwor (30) - Smuggler  Guard / Wher Candidate

Biological Mother:  Kalensa (deceased) - Died giving birth
Biological Father: Unkown (can be explored via plots)
No known biological half siblings (although this can be explored via plots)
Current location: What they call, White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:

Zaliphver is a growing young man. Building up muscle from hard work and now Candidate training though one might call him more athletically built than bulkily so. His arm muscles are easily discernible now though he isn’t quite as built as his “brother.” He's also not as tall, yet. He's almost done growing and will probably cap out at about 6'1".

He has dirty blonde, straight hair that he keeps fairly short. Once it starts getting close to his ears he feels the need to cut it off. His eyes are a light blue gray with a darker blue ring around the iris and lighter blue and gray inside. There might be a fleck or two of golden brown in there but they aren’t noticeable.

As far as his face goes, he's pretty sure that people find him attractive, though he isn't all that vain himself. He has eyebrows that are right above his eyes, not much space between the eye and his brows, which lends him more intensity to his face than he often means. Also his brows are a shade or so darker than his hair especially when his hair lightens from the sun in the summer time.

He wears whatever he has that is clean, which isn't saying much. His appearance may be a little less put together than he might like, especially when it comes to approaching girls. NOT that he can't make up for that with his charm and humor and obvious amazing greatness...

His shoes are worn a little too long. His clothes are rarely new if ever. Most of what he wears are leftovers from his bigger, bulkier adopted brother.

Play By: Andrew Cooper
Photo Reference:Link

Charismatic and confident, the young man can come across as a little bit vain, even if he really doesn't mean to. He just wants to be liked, nay loved, by everyone. He really goes above and beyond for other people, when it benefits him anyway. He's generally friendly and easy to get along with. Rarely has a beef with anyone other than Rhaenthwor. (And honestly, Rhaenthwor never seems to lose an argument soooo he's kind of given up the fight there!)

A considerate sort of person, he is the kind of guy to remember your birthingday or bring you a present when you are feeling low. Checking in on friends who are sick or depressed and genuinely caring about others, when he considers them to be a priority. Not all people are equal in his eyes. Those that have earned his love and companionship will be higher on his list to help than those who might have scorned or treated him badly in the past. The young man is stubborn to a fault and can hold the longest of grudges.

He has a creative soul, often one to think outside the box, or color outside the lines. He's not one to conform  just for the sake of conforming. Zaliphver does not go out of his way to be different though, it's just that his mind often works differently than the other people he is around. He would have made a great artist were he ever given the opportunity to do art or music of any kind. Instead he's made a life as a smuggler. He's a decent enough thief too. Quick and smooth.

Fun is his middle name, or it should be. If there is nothing fun happening around him then he becomes more entertaining. Life shouldn't be boring or filled with duty and responsibility. His brother has always been the responsible, serious one. Someone in the family had to learn how to have a good time. Life, as far as Zaliphver is concerned shouldn't only be about duty.

Often the one in class who is being disruptive by telling jokes or otherwise making people around him laugh. He's a bit of a clown sometimes, and always trying to play off life as if it were all fun and games. Tends to hide his more serious nature behind a facade of fun and a devil may care attitude. However, his deeper needs will come to the surface eventually. Then people will see that he doesn’t feel that life is just a game to be played. He doesn’t like to let people in that far. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable in that way. In essence he doesn’t want to be hurt.

Theme song: Dancing Through Life, Wicked


His mother died. His father was never in the picture as far as anyone knew. The baby didn't have many options when he was taken in by Drethon. The older man hadn't taken the time to marry or settle really. He'd already adopted another boy, Rhaenthwor, who soon took to helping take care of him. Zaliphver was named shortly thereafter.

He was brought up by the smugglers and quick to learn their ways especially since both Drethon and Rhaenthwor felt the need to teach him...everything. He was bossed around quite a bit by his brother, who might not have meant for things to be that way but that didn't make it easy to bear.

Growing up with the smugglers meant getting into his fair share of scrapes. He might be prone to injury or accidents when out on a run which irritates his brother to no end. It's not like he didn't have the learning. Zaliphver was better with his knife than something as bulky as the axe his brother loved.

Constantly feeling the need to compare himself to his brother he was kind of relieved at the change when the riders came to White Lightning. Like some of the other Cavern dwellers, he volunteered to become a Candidate. He could at least pretend he was doing it for Drethon and Avidian, even if he was really doing it for himself. For while he grew up with two men who loved him in their way, he never truly felt a connection with anyone that went farther than that distant love.

He failed to Impress at the first Hatching at White Lightning but there were plenty of others who did and he couldn't be kept down for long. So he went about life pretty much the same. Everything was going well. He was surprised, even kind of glad when his brother decided to become a Wher Candidate. He never really expected Rhaenthwor not to do well because Rhaenthwor seemed to be great at everything he put his mind to. And maybe that made it a little harder to deal with his brother's bonding to a Queen of all things.

He'd thought, sure, Rhaenthwor will bond to a Wher but he certainly hadn't gone that far in his thoughts. There was no comparing himself to his brother now though. A Wher handler would have a different path than he would. Hopefully now he could distinguish himself as a dragonrider.

Aliseth's flight proved almost too eventful. He'd left the dining cavern and gone to the Candidate's make shift classroom to wait it out. Brielody, the Candidate Master, explained to them all what had happened and what that might mean for weyr relations and how as Candidates, it would be best if they just do their duties and let the Weyrleadership figure things out. The good news being, there would soon be a Clutch on the Sands, though who was to say how soon? The Smokes and Shadows were so different.

Zaliphver is excited to Stand for this new pairing's first Clutch.

Dragon Art credited to
Name: Devakith
Color: Citrine
Speech Hex Code: f25703, ff7f00
Impression date:  P10.45 / Summer
Wing: Thread's Bane
Physical description: (include size, any differentiating marks, coloration, scars)
Personality: Loud, confident, vain/proud, gregarious, outgoing
Special talents: (No idea)

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith   Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:55 pm

What is your character’s candidate type? Dragon
What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why? A fighting dragon, preferably one who does fly to mate. Pretty open though on gender of dragon and color. He really could be on anything and I'd be happy.
Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why? Blue. I kill blue dragons, that is really the only reason. I'd say I'm iffy on Quartz for him so if there is another option, I'd probably prefer it but I wouldn't rule them out entirely.
What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon/wher? Zaliphver would like a dragon to become really close with. He's missed out on a lot of love in his young life. His brother and father are really bad about expressing love for him and so he feels kind of distanced from it. If he had a really affectionate dragon that would probably be best.
What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character? A sense of responsibility, learning that life isn't all fun and games and maybe putting someone else's life before his own. I'd like the whole experience to bond him not only to his dragon but to the other people in his class.

Rhaenthwor of Gold Rhaensk
Vawnali of Cobalt Kyrzoth
Sh'lor of Brown Imioth
Kyabree of Scarlet Nwynth
Brielody of Green Aurayath
Kalabria of Shadow Ohanith(Weyrling)
Z'phver of Citrine Devakith (Weyrling)
Lezsande of Scarlet Tianrith (Weyrling)
H'nar of Quartz Aivrith (Weyrling)

Smuggler/Guard Drethon

Played by Echonymph
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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith   Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith   

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Weyrling Z'phver of Citrine Devakith
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