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 Elena, Lady (NOT Lady Holder), Tarza Hold

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PostSubject: Elena, Lady (NOT Lady Holder), Tarza Hold   Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:32 pm

Player Name: Chryssa
Character Number: 1


Character Name and Pronunciation: Elena (E-LAY-na)
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Lady (NOT Lady Holder)
Character Age/Date of birth: 17
Family: Sister: Lady Holder Gavana, 31, Tarza Hold; Brother-in-Law: Lord Holder Cyon, XX, Tarza Hold
Current location:  Tarza Hold
Physical description: Standing in at 5 foot 9 inches, Elena is of medium build, with a proud carriage.  She has dark brown, curly hair that reaches just below her shoulders.  Her eyes are green and heavily lashed.  She boasts high cheek bones and an oval face.  She is always well put together and dresses in a fine fashion, but knows how to let her hair down and have fun.    
Play By: Caitroina Balfe
Photo Reference: http://imgur.com/W2nK9Xd
Personality: As the youngest daughter of the Lord and Lady Holder Elena was born strong-willed with a well defined sense of responsibility.  She has the ability to wrap the unwary around her little finger while not making it seem so.  As one versed in the healing arts, she is able to maintain a cool head under pressure and thinks through decisions prior to making them.  Once she makes a decision, she sticks to it.  She is passionate in her bid to learn all she can, most especially in regards to the healing properties of plants, and woe to any that get in her way, as she has a sharp tongue that may come into play.  She takes no truck of the foolish or lazy in the world, and is impatient with those she feels are not living up to their potential.
Theme song: I Wanna Do It All by Terri Clark
History: Elena was born at Tillek Hold and was the youngest child to the Lord Holder.  As a child, she idolized her older sister and always believed that she could accomplish anything.  She was five years old when Gavana disappeared from home, but had every faith that she would land on her feet.  Growing up at the youngest child, she was indulged, but not to the point of excess.  At an early age, she became enamored with plants and their therapeutic properties; a past-time that her parents encouraged as healing knowledge is always an asset.  
When she turned twelve, she expressed an interest in becoming an apprentice to the Healer Hall, which was immediately struck down by her parents.  As a blooded daughter of the hold, her duty was to marry and produce strong sons and daughters.  This did not sit well with Elena and, eventually, a compromise was struck: either she would be allowed to join Gavana in the South to create strong alliances, or she would join the Healer Hold regardless of her parents' wishes.  Elena's parents chose to send her to her sister; there she would learn a proper woman's place and create a new and strong alliance with a prominent hold.  She was overjoyed that she would be rejoined with her sister, and figured she could find a way around that last part.

Hold Name: Tarza Hold
Size: Major
Key information:  First Hold to declare for the Weyr and a major source of healing plants, notably exotic ones.
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PostSubject: Re: Elena, Lady (NOT Lady Holder), Tarza Hold   Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:12 pm

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Elena, Lady (NOT Lady Holder), Tarza Hold
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