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 Sidran of Cobalt Gaveth

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PostSubject: Sidran of Cobalt Gaveth   Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:11 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: 1


Character Name and Pronunciation: Sidran (Sid as in Sidney, SID-ren)
Gender: female
Character Rank: Cobalt rider
Character Age/Date of birth: 28
Family: mother: Angiry, Headwoman of Eastern Weyr; father M’sid, rider of brown Hasith; many half-siblings of various ages and occupations
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Sidran is on the taller side (5’10) and her build is one of a lean woman who does a great deal of physical activity - her arms are impressively toned, and her legs look as strong as they are. Light brown hair, usually kept to her shoulders for ease of tying back, bluish-greenish eyes, light skin, and excellent cheekbones give her a striking look that she absolutely plays up.
Play By: Lyndsy Fonseca
Photo Reference: https://2img.net/h/i1374.photobucket.com/albums/ag438/wolfandstuff/Sidran_zpswarrnulr.jpg
Personality: Sidran is weyrbred, with many of the preconceptions, privileges, and prejudices that go with it. She sees no reason she can’t be in charge, despite being a woman, and has always been driven and ambitious - wanting to be the decision-maker, not the one sent willy nilly by some ringleader. She’s also very clever, curious, and had a sense of mischief others found appealing, so from an early age she had good friends, and those who did her bidding (and often the two groups got very muddled). She gets people, most of them, but tends to default to getting them in order to have them do what she wants rather than really seeing them as people. Most relationships, and most of her actions, are in service of getting her toward her goals - she knows what’s best, and she’s the one to get them there.
Theme song:  
History: Her mother runs the Lower Caverns, her father was always content to be a ‘second, and Sidran wanted others to answer to her as easily as they responded to her mother - not often disregard her as they did her father. She knew the road to power was to Impress a queen, but none of the golds hatched during her candidate-eligibility were a match. Browns were another possibility, but all the ones she knew were so...content. That was never a word that applied to Sidran.

She ran her little coterie of children near her age, but over time more and more of them Impressed, or went to crafts, and she thought she might as well plan to take over for her mother some day. It didn’t feel exactly right, but she’d order the Lower Caverns, cultivate the Weyrwoman, still get it together. She was sitting in the stands when Olenath’s twelve eggs were due to hatch, and watched as entirely different dragons started coming out of them.

The soon-to-be-named Titanium caught her eye, of course - there was a definite magnetism to the new dragon, even if they had no way of knowing she was a queen. But then another egg hatched, shards flying, and the deeply blue-black shimmering dragon proceeded to destroy every last bit of the remains of the egg that had imprisoned him. She laughed, loudly, the sound carrying across the shock of the audience seeing these unfamiliar hides.

It caught his attention, and he stalked toward the stands, Unafraid, uncaring that she was too old to be a candidate, and not remotely concerned about any consequences she should have been weighing, Sidran was on the sands before she knew it, Gaveth claimed her, and they haven’t had a moment of true peace since.

Which, considering how wrongly the world perceives him and his “ilk”, suits them just fine. There’s a great deal to fix, after all. Especially after Weyrwoman Firene retired, and Gaveth caught one of the junior golden queens, and all the Red Star’s fury seemed to fall down at once, and suddenly they were off to some canyon. Things to fix indeed.

Dragon Art credited to template by VenusRain on DeviantArt, color by Sev
Name: Gaveth
Color: Cobalt
Speech Hex Code: #122851, #76777a, #122851

Impression date: P10.41.1.5  
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Gaveth is massive, thickly muscled, his shoulders larger than normal to support his broad, overly-long wings. He is a very dark blue with a steel undertone and a metallic overtone, which is the only thing that lightens his hide to be visibly ‘cobalt’ and not black or any such thing. His eyes are large, and seem brighter than normal against the depths of his hide, and his muzzle seems larger as well (his teeth are ferociously large and sharp. Or maybe that’s just the general air around him making them seem scarier than they are).
Personality: He is the best. At anything. At everything. If you think differently, he will commit a great deal of energy to not just proving you wrong, but finding a way to ground your doubts into the ground. He outflew bronzes in training - but made an effort to do so in a way that made some of them doubt their own abilities.
While it might not always work, he is clear in his own mind that it does. He will destroy opposition, he will hunt, he will rend, he will win. There are no other options. So other dragons are perfectly nice to have nearby, but his instinct is not to make others better, it’s to win out over them. Sidran can check that impulse to a certain extent, but she has yet to learn to fully channel it - but if she does, and Gaveth ever realizes that making dragons around him better will set him up to be the best...that would be a game-changer.

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PostSubject: Re: Sidran of Cobalt Gaveth   Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:12 pm

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Sidran of Cobalt Gaveth
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