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 N'set, rider of cobalt Tsaveth

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PostSubject: N'set, rider of cobalt Tsaveth   Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:18 pm

Player Name: Weyrwolf
Character Number: eleventy seven


Character Name and Pronunciation: N'set (Nemiset, still Nem to a few)
Gender: male
Character Rank: cobalt rider
Character Age/Date of birth: 23
Family: father: Nerid, holder/gambler, mother: Ahnavast, holder/bookmaker; host of siblings
Current location: White Lightening
Physical description: N'set is a beautiful man - big, darkly hazel eyes, wavy dark hair, a fabulous jawline (hint of dimple in the chin), sharp cheekbones, and a nose that was ever so noble before being broken a few times. He is average height, broad shouldered, the sort of muscles one gets from use rather than for show.

He wears whatever, and makes it look nicer than it is, but he doesn't care how scuffed up anything other than his leathers gets, so it's got to be stuff that lasts awhile.
Play By: Montgomery Clift
Photo Reference:
Personality: N'set is occasionally brooding, sometimes staring off into the distance, but usually very, intensely, deeply present. He feels things, injustices and wrongs and slights and insults, and often responds to them very straightforwardly: with anger. And fists.

With people he trusts the brooding guard comes down, and he can laugh, relax, settle in. Otherwise he's just intense, focused, and not so much competitive as what else matters beyond whatever goal he's focused on?
Theme song:
History: He grew up in a family of passionate people who were so often on the wrong side of holder etiquette, and Nemiset could never figure out why his parents (who were genuinely loving and wonderful with each other and their children) were always being scorned, or rousted out, by turns sought out and desperately avoided, and looked down on.

Maybe someday he'll get perspective on it, but as it was he was Searched at 12, which is just the right age to develop a chip on one's shoulder when somehow scorn follows one to the Weyr, and one doesn't Impress right away to make up for it.

Thankfully, after Nem had the reputation of one not-to-be-messed-with (at least not without extensive backup), he found a deeply meaningful distraction in Cosenne, strikingly gorgeous and newly arrived, and thought not at all about the rules they broke in falling into a heady relationship. She understood him, as no one else had, and he loved everything about her. There were times, on the sands, even in the midst of a hatching, his eyes would stray to her rather than the dragonets, but all that came to a shattering halt when an enormous personality clouded everything else.

Tsaveth was slightly smaller than his cobalt brother, but all speed from the moment he hatched. And he used that speed to barrel down Nem at full speed, somehow cutting him only a little, and settling across the young man's chest to meet his eyes and officially Impress.

Nem, who felt all his feelings very deeply, had never felt anything like this, and so no wonder that the slightest of cut-eyed-looks regarding the color of Tsaveth's (or Cosenne's Fillioth's hide) resulted in flying tackles, fist fights, and brawls. He spent more of weyrling training on some sort of punishment duty than off, but it never helped (and probably contributed to the idea of cobalts and their riders being savages, details), and he remembered every. single. slight. His relationship with Cosenne changed through training, the physical taking a back seat to a different sort of intensity, and there were a few other classmates he didn't mind going into Fall with.

There were also, though, classmates like J'ril, whom he couldn't punch/be punched by enough, apparently.

When they graduated, things didn't necessarily get better, but few wing mates got overtly sassy about Tsaveth's contributions in the air, and most people had gotten better at not saying things where he could overhear. Still, he flew plenty of punishment sweeps (brawl-related) without regret. A crap ton of anger, but no regrets.

Then it became official, and they were sent away. N'set went with pride, and much like Cosenne, had no interest in letting the Eastern riders come in when everything outside their snug new canyon fell to poxed shards. He didn't get a vote, but has made his opinion quite clear.

Name: Tsaveth (short 'a', 'ahh' sound)
Color: cobalt
Speech Hex Code:
#4a5fcc, #c0c0c5, #3c41ee

Impression date: P10.44.4.10
Physical description: Tsaveth is average size for a cobalt, but his long, sweeping wings and long neck and tail give the impression that he is much longer than he really is. He might preen a bit over that, at times, and it does make him faster than one would expect. The dark, shining stained-blue of him has almost a violet tinge, and when he's freshly oiled and stretched out in the sun, the deepness of his color is breathtakingly apparent.
Personality: If there is a challenge, he's on it. A goal? He's done it. There is no doubt or wavering in him; he will get it done, perfectly, beautifully, best. N'set has never had a problem motivating his partner, and the magic words ("well, if you don't think you can...") have never had to be said to prompt Tsaveth. He wants to do everything, and will, if not now, then soon, at a time which was always his intention anyway.

He is exceptionally competitive with his cobalt clutchmate, though intensely loyal as well - he can (and will) trash talk, brag, push, and even attempt to bully Fillioth, but if any other dragon tried, well. Tsaveth might go pouncing, talons out, just like his rider.
Special talents: n/a

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PostSubject: Re: N'set, rider of cobalt Tsaveth   Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:14 pm

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N'set, rider of cobalt Tsaveth
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