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 Cosenne of Cobalt Fillioth

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PostSubject: Cosenne of Cobalt Fillioth   Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:31 pm

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: 7 or 8.  I really have no idea.


Character Name and Pronunciation: Cosenne (co SEN)
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Cobalt Rider
Character Age/Date of birth: 22
Father, Cossa, age 52. Caretaker, Cove Hold.
Mother, Enarina, age 46. Cook, Cove Hold.
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Cosenne is stunning, there's no two ways about it.  She's tall, with a lush, curvy figure.  This isn't to say that she's soft, however, For Cosenne is rather ruthless about her diet and exercise regime, and as a result maintains a trim, sleek muscularity along with her enticing curves.  Her hair is dark and luxurious, and falls to her shoulders when she doesn't put it up.  She looks equally regal in her tight riding leathers or her best Gather gowns.   By and large, she favors bold, bright colors set off against black, as she finds this combination most likely to turn heads and garner attention.  
But none of those things are her most striking feature.  Nope.  Her most striking feature are her large, almost almond-shaped, violet eyes.  
Play By: A young Elizabeth Taylor
Photo Reference: http://i.imgur.com/ZWQAaUV.jpg
Personality: Cosenne is used to being considered the most beautiful woman in the room.  For this reason, she exudes a confidence that borders on (and often crosses over into) arrogance.  She tends not to pay attention to anyone or anything whom she considers "beneath" herself.  For the record, however, this designation usually has everything to do with her perception of the other person's personality, and nothing to do with their station in life.  Basically, if you're a kind person, or a useful one, she'll respect you.  If she respects you, she notices you.  If she doesn't respect you... oh... were you still here?  Why?  

Her arrogance is one reason why Cosenne tends to have few friends.  The ones she does have, however, she defends with a ferocity that matches her cobalt dragon's.  Threaten Cosenne herself, and she'll merely laugh.  Threaten those she considers her friends or family and she will move the heavens and Pern itself to end you.  She's driven and determined, and absolutely convinced of her own eventual success.  And thanks to her will, she's so far been right.  

History: Cosenne grew up on the beaches of Cove Hold, where her father was a caretaker, and her mother a cook.  Cosenne was noticed early on for her striking, exotic beauty, and her parents had hoped that she would either marry well, or apprentice to the Harper Hall.  However, she really had no singing voice or musical talent to speak of, and therefore the former option seemed more likely.  As Cove Hold was traditionally the residence of Pern's Masterharper, her parents had enlisted that worthy's help in finding an advantageous match.  Negotiations had barely begun, however, when a searchrider from Eastern arrived and announced that Cosenne was a perfect candidate for the Weyr's queen egg.  

That turned out not to be the case, actually.  Cosenne went to the Weyr, but did not Impress.  She did, however, make the acquaintance of a handsome boy named Nemiset.  The two of them found themselves thrown together for quite a bit of their candidate training, and their friendship eventually turned to something deeper.  Despite it being discouraged for candidates, they began a relationship that tangled them quite closely together for a number of Turns.  

That all changed when Parazath's first clutch by Maraxith hatched.  That clutch held two fierce, competitive cobalt hatchlings.  One of whom Impressed to Nemiset, now to be known as N'set.  The other made a trundle line for Cosenne herself and announced his name as Fillioth.  

During training, Cosenne and N'set had to discontinue the physical side of their relationship, but their romantic affection changed due to the shared stressors of training.  If anything, they grew closer together, supporting each other through milestones and persecution alike.  

When the "mutant" dragons were exiled to White Lightning, they went along with the rest.  To her surprise, Cosenne found herself rather less angry than the others.  In her mind, the new phenotypes were obviously an advance for dragonkind.  She saw no reason why they shouldn't form their own Weyr and work to build stronger bloodlines.  The dragon plague just seemed to prove her right, as none of the "mutants" succumbed to the illness.  When Nolinth and the others arrived from Eastern Weyr, Cosenne argued that they shouldn't be allowed in.  After all, they'd stood by and let them be exiled.  Why should they be welcomed now?

Dragon Art credited to (insert name(s) of artists here.  If it's original work, use your own name/screenname)
Name: Fillioth
Color: Cobalt
Speech Hex Code:#6900ff, #7dbaea
Impression date: P10.44.4.10
Physical description: Fillioth is a medium sized cobalt, who echoes his rider's sleek strength.  He's not particularly heavy-chested, but he has worked himself strong, and has a surprising amount of endurance, enough to match any bronze he's met, anyway.  His coloring is mostly a uniform midnight blue, with hints of violet undertones and highlights of a lighter blue.  
Personality: Fillioth is the best.  At everything.  Just ask him.  He has every bit of his rider's arrogance, and then some.  He's particularly competetive, especially with his clutchmate and fellow cobalt.  He will jump at every chance to show just how much better he is than... well... everyone.  He gives grudging respect to queens, but really, that's only because he wants to stay on their good sides.  He is convinced that, should it come down to it, he could absolutely out fly, out fight, out hunt, out... whatever, any of them, too.    
Special talents: None
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PostSubject: Re: Cosenne of Cobalt Fillioth   Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:05 am

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Cosenne of Cobalt Fillioth
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