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 D'caen of Brown Basilath

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PostSubject: D'caen of Brown Basilath   Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:28 pm

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: um.. 5 or 6?  I have no idea.


Character Name and Pronunciation: D'caen (d KANE), formerly Devicaen
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Brownrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 24
Family: none living that he knows about
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: D'caen is a handsome man, and he isn't shy about it.  With sandy blond hair and light blue eyes, his coloring is somewhat exotic and rare, and stands out all the more when he's tanned and sun-bleached... which is most of the time.  D'caen isn't tall, but he's lean, and he does have some impressive definition from his many years spent riding and racing runners.  
Play By: His Majesty, the King of Cool, Steve McQueen
Photo Reference: http://i.imgur.com/pFZdiIt.jpg
Personality: D'caen appears, on the surface, to be an easygoing, fun loving type of character.  He exudes an easy charm, and is very good at making other people feel comfortable.  This has led to his tendency to play peacemaker or mediator quite a bit of the time.  He's the kind of man who genuinely enjoys the company of men, and the pursuit of traditionally "masculine" pastimes - like brawling and drinking... and racing.  Especially racing.  
Under the surface, however, D'caen actually has quite a passionate nature.  When he believes in something, he's going to fight for it.  Whether he uses overt or covert tactics depends on the situation, because D'caen is equally comfortable with both.  He's not too proud to work a social engineering type of solution to a problem that crops up.  And when he gets his mind set... he is totally implacable.  

Theme song: (Optional - if there was a musical score for your character, what song would exemplify it?)
History: Devicaen grew up in Eastern Weyr's creche, though no one knew much about his family.  His mother had been brought on Search, though she never stood for Impression.  When she arrived at the Weyr, she was already pregnant with Devicaen, and this precluded her from standing.  Her erstwhile searchrider (and lover) insisted that she be allowed to stay, which she did.  She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and then succumbed to a childbed fever the next day.  
Devicaen was raised by an succession of foster mothers, which probably led to his developing both his charm and his social adaptability.  When he was of age, he began to stand for Impression.  In between clutches, he worked with the Weyr's herds.  A Turn later, when a trader train came to the Weyr, Devicaen discovered the sport of racing.  The Weyr, of course, didn't have a racing stable, so Devicaen hitched a ride with the traders down to the nearest Hold with one.  He worked there for four Turns, learning the ropes of the racing game.  Eventually, however, he grew too big, and so was left to choose between working as a stablehand for the rest of his life, or returning to the Weyr.  
At the age of seventeen, Devicaen returned and continued standing for clutches.  Deep in his heart, he held a dream that he would Impress, and then he and his dragon would race through the skies.  Sadly, it appeared less and less likely as time went on and none of the hatching dragonets seemed to take an interest in him.
On his last clutch before aging out of candidacy, a brown dragonet broke shell, and turned to charge across the sands toward Devicaen.  Finally, at last, he'd found his racing partner.

Dragon Art credited to (insert name(s) of artists here.  If it's original work, use your own name/screenname)
Name: Basilath
Color: Brown
Speech Hex Code: #c9a183
Impression date: P10.44.Turn's End
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Basilath is a large, heavily muscled brown.  His wings are almost disproportionately large for his body.  His wing muscles are correspondingly large and as a result, he has a barrel-chested appearance.  His color is, unusually, a uniform medium brown shade, without a hint of variation.  
His head is also large and rather sharply triangular.  He insists, however, that this gives him an aerodynamic edge in the air.  
Personality: Basilath echoes his rider's easy confidence.  He is big and beautiful and he knows it.  He likes most dragons and people, and is rather cautiously friendly toward whers.  Besides flying with D'caen, Basilath's one passion is... well... females.  
This dragon loves females, of all species.  He's been known to speak to female candidates and weyrfolk, and always in a complimentary, maybe flirtatious way.  When it comes to draconic females, his adoration is nearly constant, though D'caen has helped him back off enough to be palatable, mostly.  He will, however, chase every bright tail that takes it into her head to rise, and he's completely unapologetic about it.  He just... well... loves females.
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PostSubject: Re: D'caen of Brown Basilath   Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:07 pm

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D'caen of Brown Basilath
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