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 I'zak rider of bronze Devonith

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PostSubject: I'zak rider of bronze Devonith   Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:18 pm

Player Name: weyrwolf
Character Number: ...12


Character Name and Pronunciation: I'zak (EYE-zack), formerly Irizak
Gender: male
Character Rank: bronzerider
Character Age/Date of birth: 22
Family: Mother Irisel, rider of green Ambrith, father Duzak, weyr herdsmen; full and half sibs abound(ed)
Current location: White Lightening, formerly Eastern
Physical description: I'zak is slightly taller than average, broad-shouldered, rangy more than muscular. Messy medium brown hair, dark brown eyes that are either melting or sardonic, and a face that can be compellingly handsome or sardonic. His smile is almost only ever, well, sardonic, though he has a range - knowing smirk, half-lifted 'I told you so', sarcastic 'good job', etc. Every now and then it's genuine and warm, which is a bit of a game-changer, but those tend to be Devonith-related.

If not in riding leathers, he tends to do light colored and linen-ish woven shirts, better for the heat, and various shades of darker colored pants, often with many, many pockets both obvious and less so. Comfortable, usually wrinkled, and definitely durable.  
Play By: Harrison Ford
Photo Reference: (Optional as above -  insert link to the picture reference for your character here)
Personality: When he was Irizak, he was almost never still. Whether rolling out of the creche or running amok from toddler-on, he knew Eastern top to bottom and eavesdropped on/burst into more conversations than anyone had a right to, usually by accident. Because it infuriated the adults around him, he adopted a too-big-for-his-britches, I-know-everything attitude from early on, and to this day, the less he knows, the thicker that habit gets. Now I'zak, he's 'seen it all, done it all' if you take his word for it, but he's been a known rogue at Eastern long enough that few do.

It seems like he takes absolutely nothing seriously, but Devonith is always in perfect, glowing health with straps and harness and oiling jobs that the pickiest Weyrlingmaster couldn't find fault with. While it's unlikely there are many who have seen him work for anything, he got very good at secretly studying and working in private, and it so often looks like he is naturally talented and effortlessly amazing. Some of it is natural skill, but most of it is invisible hard work - he doesn't want anyone to see him sweat, nor does he want to get stuck anywhere, anywhen, without the confidence that he can get out.

So: snarky, confident to the point of utter full-of-himselfness, and seems more of a layabout than any bronzerider has a right to be, does behind the scenes work so he's not an embarrassment, and most ensures he can be as infuriating as possible, always.  

Theme song: "The Joker" Steve Miller Band

History: Though weyrbred, it was his father's footsteps that called to him when he was young, more than his too-busy and too-distant mother's. A weyr herdsmen is an interesting creature, and Duzak was no exception. He travelled often to trade out animals and keep bloodlines strong for bigger, meatier animals and faster breeders, and despite the Pass, little Irizak followed along, invited or not (he was never invited).

As such, though it was Eastern that always called him home, he got to know the surrounding areas well, and was always quick to boast about his expertise. (It's likely this was partly due to a desire for attention that his busy parents rarely gave him, but he would never agree). He never actually wanted to be a herdsman though, if he had to be honest. Watching the dragons close up was always a draw, even if he wouldn't admit it.

He stood to clutches because it was expected, and there was no reason not to, but sporadically - if his father was on a trip close to a hatching, he'd find a way to sneak out and join it (the other visible part of his conflicted do-I-want-to-be-a-dragonrider? issues), and as he got older it got harder to convince himself he didn't care.

Dragonkind changed, or at least some small corner of it, and he was intrigued but no more compelled. Sure, they got a lot of attention, but if there was going to be negative attention, he wanted to control it. Still, when Parazath's first clutch proved beyond a doubt she was a queen, he had to stand just to see. None in the mixed new and old colors chose him, but something hooked him, and he stood to the next few clutches.

It wasn't until Parazath's second clutch that a dragon took returning interest in him, and though he'd tell anyone he always knew he'd be a bronzerider, he backed away when the large hatchling bumbled toward him, thinking the bronze would surely want someone else.

But Devonith had made up his mind, immediately and irrevocably, and that's been the way of them since.

Time passed, weyrling training came and went, Thread happened, new colors were run off, I'zak pretended he didn't care, dragons starting getting sick, he pretended he didn't care, dragons started dying and he went a little crazy.

They flew everywhere, talked to everyone, gathered healers and dragonhealers and crazy mountain-dwellers and absolutely nothing helped. Devonith and his remaining clutchmates didn't sicken, but they were powerless regardless. Then Firene and Jah'vi told their small group it was White Lightening or nothing, and he's somehow one of three bronzeriders left on the planet.

Bloody shards.

Dragon Art credited to (insert name(s) of artists here.  If it's original work, use your own name/screenname)
Name: Devonith
Color: bronze
Speech Hex Code:
#d48131, #a57e0a #d48131

Impression date: P10.44.4.10
Wing: (this will be assigned for you upon approval)
Physical description: Devonith is large, and looks bulky rather than streamlined, which makes him seem even bigger than he is. He has a copper-y tinge to his bronze, a burnished ruddy glow that doesn't blend against anything but the most brilliant of sunsets - sneaking is not on the agenda. He does a good loom, but is usually too good-natured for it to really carry any fear for long.

He lost a fair amount of weight when everything went wrong at Eastern, but he and I'zak have done a fair amount of hunting (around Eastern territory) since the move, and that's helped.
Personality: Devonith is quiet more often than not, full of sweetness and lightness but not a lot of words. It's not that he's stupid - he's very, very good in the air and observant of his fellow dragons - he just doesn't see the need for all the chattering and wondering and posturing that so many (ahem, his rider) often busy themselves with. Instead, when faced with a decision, he ponders for a moment, then quickly makes up his mind and will only rarely change it. He prefers the company of other dragons, but does not respond well to demanding or tempermental personalities, and will often  make that known by abruptly leaving and looking intimidating from somewhere else (for all the good that does, attached to his so-often sunny mindtouch).
Special talents: n/a
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PostSubject: Re: I'zak rider of bronze Devonith   Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:46 am

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I'zak rider of bronze Devonith
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