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 J'ril of brown Treyath

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PostSubject: J'ril of brown Treyath   Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:39 pm

Player Name: Jess
Character Number: 9
Last Updated: 3-23-16


Character Name and Pronunciation: J'ril
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Brownrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 27/ (Aug. 9, 1988)
Father: S’riel- Rider of Brown Jasudeth- Eastern Weyr- 57
Mother: Jastri- creche worker- Eastern Weyr- 44
Half Sister: Casriel- Rider of Cobalt Maraxith- White Lightning Weyr- 29
Half Sister:  Asteriel- Weyrling to Smoke Emanoth-White Lightning Weyr- 22

Uncle: Ty'riel- Rider of Blue Sidrith- Eastern Weyr- 52
Cousin: Kezariel- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr-23
Cousin: Tyvaniel- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr-19
Cousin: R'fariel- Wingrider to Cobalt Vorganth- White Lightning Weyr-16

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: J'ril has the height to be intimidating, standing at over 6' tall, but he doesn't have the bulk.  His muscles tend to the long and lean sort, often making him appear weaker than he actually is.  He can use this to his advantage at times, surprising someone he might be attempting to bully, or allowing them to think he will be easy to take advantage of, only to prove them wrong later.

His light brown hair falls to the tops of his ears, long enough to get in his eyes.  His big hazel eyes might draw in the unsuspecting, but more often than not, they're full of contempt, especially now that he's at White Lightning Weyr, among all of the freaks.  The rest of his facial features are soft enough to hold an almost feminine cast, but make no mistake-- J'ril hates any mention of these traits, unless it's clearly an appreciative eye making such remarks.

Play By: Bill Skarsgård
Photo Reference: Link
J'ril is an arrogant, manipulative and hateful young man. Jealous of Casriel's self of confidence and Asteriel's kind and generous nature, he was willing to do anything to make his father happy with him.  Now that his father is gone, he's lost a bit of his purpose, and is trying to find it anew at White Lightning Weyr.

Passionate in his hatred of his cousin and all mutants, it chafes that he has to work, and live, with them again.  They don't deserve anything. Not. One. Thing.  But he has to grudgingly admit that without them right now, he and the other old guard dragonriders who survived would have nothing.  If he could find a way to survive, to come up with enough dragonriders that they could return to another Weyr, he would.  But he fears that will be a long time coming.

Then again, he can try be patient, and wait.  The right opportunity will present itself, and he'll be willing to do anything to seize it.

Theme song:

J'ril was the only son S'riel got on Jastri, the young creche worker who thought a popular brown rider was her ticket to a very fine Weyrmate. But she didn't count on S'riel pinning his hopes on a brighter star.

For turns, Jarcastil was not even a blip on S'riels radar. He grew up among the other weyrbrats, though he was always desperately trying to find some way to please his father, to draw his attention away from the daughters he sired with greenrider Castera.  Nothing worked, and the boy he was grew to resent his half sisters.

Though he had yet to Impress, he took comfort in the fact that neither had his sisters.  Until Casriel was chosen by one of the first cobalt dragons to hatch-- instead of by a queen.  It amused Jarcastil that simply because of the horrendous color of her dragon's hide, his older half sister was suddenly cast out of the favorite spot among their father's children.  Disowned as she was, their younger sister Asteriel disowned their father in turn.  Leaving S'riel's only son as the only promising member of his family left.

It should have held a bitter edge, the knowledge that he was only being recognized in the absence of his sisters.  But Jarcastil cared not-- he was finally getting the attention, the recognition he deserved.  And he reveled in it.  He was willing to do anything his father desired to keep his place, no matter how extreme.

Of course, he still had yet to Impress.  But both he and S'riel were confident he'd Impress well.  A bronze was the only thing suitable, of course.  And he certainly wouldn't want up with one of the mutants like his older sister.

And yet, bronze wasn't in his cards.  Thankfully, he didn't Impress a mutant-- though his brown was the offspring of one, and Casriel's cobalt at that-- but there were times the limit to the rank he could achieve chafed.  Still, when it came time for the mutants to be cast out, J'ril wasn't among them.  He was still one of the 'better' riders, and made sure he cultivated that reputation.  No matter what it cost.


Now that he's come to White Lightning Weyr, J'ril is floundering a bit.  He's forced to work side by side with all of the mutants again, has to work under one of them, even, as both his half sister and another cobaltrider are Wingleaders.  One of them is Weyrleader.  But he's biding his time, attempting to make his plans known to those who ride old guard dragons and seem as if they might be receptive.  One way or another, he's going to find himself in charge-- either by revolting, or winning the Weyrleadership for himself.  And then, massive changes will be coming.

Dragon Art credited to
Name: Treyath
Color: Brown
Speech Hex Code:
Impression date: P10.44.4.10
Physical description: Treyath's hide is a deep reddish brown.  He boasts a great Threadscore on his right hindquarters, but otherwise, the color is fairly uninterrupted.  Deeper, more coppery tones, are cast on his underside and claws, where lighter, almost golden tones, highlight his neck ridges and ear bobs.

Personality: Level-headed enough for a brown, Treyath is still fairly high energy.  He's young, and makes up for what he lacks in experience with enthusiasm.  He's willing to prove he's as good as any bronze (or cobalt, for that matter) and J'ril allows his competitive streak to have its head as often as he desires.

Sometimes, he stops to think about the consequences of his actions, and other times not-- it depends how excited he is about the upcoming event.  The more excited he gets, the less he is ready to do and not think.  This has served him both ill and well in the past, especially during training and Threadfall.  But he and J'ril hvae survived those rough patches, only becoming a stronger pair for it.
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PostSubject: Re: J'ril of brown Treyath   Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:23 pm

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J'ril of brown Treyath
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