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 White Lightning Weyr Clutches

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PostSubject: White Lightning Weyr Clutches   Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:43 pm

Dragon Clutches Hatched at White Lightning Weyr:

Yllaveth/Gaveth - The Bright Hope Class
Hatching Date: P10.45.9.9.
2 Shadow - Aliseth to E'zen (PC of Weyrwolf)
                 Eniseth to Teagan (PC of Apollotrigger)
1 Cobalt - Nicaeth to Breklynn (PC of Apollotrigger)
2 Smoke - Emanoth to Asteriel (PC of Vivid)
                 Sanovith to Revel (PC of SylverAngel)
1 Brown - Finnedath to M'drist (PC of Vivid)
3 Scarlet - Tevannith to Antonia(PC of Apollotrigger)
                 Micaeth to Ellaeris (PC of Truffle)              
                 Azareth to Jemma(PC of SylverAngel)
4 Quartz - Lizzoth to Abry (PC of Weyrwolf)
                 Ceronith to Vianne (PC of Weyrwolf)              
                 Tynnith to N'all(PC of Apollotrigger)              
                 Gideath to M'dian (PC of Sevillalost)
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White Lightning Weyr Clutches
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