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 Sabishi Weyr

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PostSubject: Sabishi Weyr   Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:38 pm

Sabishi Weyr
An AU 9th Pass Roleplay
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Rebellion. Upheaval. Loneliness.

Something happened shortly after the 8th Pass ended. No one really knows what, but the result of the event only known as The Upheaval, is that the ranks of the Pern dragons got all twisted up. In addition to new colors appearing, Gold dragons began chewing Firestone and shifted to the lowest of the pack and Greens started refusing to Chew, and began Clutching, even those Greens who had been chewing already. The sizes of the dragons began to shift to the opposite sides. Due to the intense changes some think, Dragons and riders started referring to themselves as different colors.

Now its 400 turns later, and the Red Star is fast approaching. Sabishi Weyr is one of the two remaining Weyrs, as the dragon population was unable to support itself during the Interval. Haruka of Midori Nagith is the Weyrwoman, and her Midori had just lain a clutch on the Sands. The Riders of Sabishi know that Thread is coming, and so go in Search for Candidates to Impress on a Pern that doesn't feel they are needed anymore.

-Current Events-
-The Red Star has started to show in the sky, and the two remaining Weyrs struggle to get enough dragons to protect Pern.
-A Wher clutch is hardening on the Sands, and two Firelizard clutches were found. Both will be Hatching soon.
-Scouts are reporting signs of rebellion in the Holds. Sabishi will need to present a winning argument to ensure their survival.

-What we offer-
-An interesting AU where Greens are the Queens and Golds are the lowest rank.
-Six new Non-Canon colors, and different takes on the Canon colors we know and love.
-A new bondable called the Mrreow. Enhanced felines able to bond with a human.
-A Sitewide Marks system with both site and player owned shops.
-All Dragon colors are available for creation. Adoptable Dragons from Nagith's clutch available.
-All Wher colors are available for creation.

Sabishi Weyr is a new take on Pern. Come and join the Chaos!
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Sabishi Weyr
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