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 Wherhandler Alden

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PostSubject: Wherhandler Alden   Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:31 pm

Player Name: Sevillalost
Character Number: 5, I think



Character Name and Pronunciation: Alden (AL den)
Gender: male
Character Rank: Greenhandler, Wher trainer
Character Age/Date of birth: 63
Family: none of note, besides Aldisk
Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description: Alden looks like the proverbial grizzled old man.  His hair is brown, long and unkempt.  His blue eyes are nearly lost in a web of wrinkled flesh, and his lips are thin and colorless.  He's thin almost to the point of emaciation, and he walks with a pronounced limp from some old injury or another.  

Despite all of these apparent weaknesses, however, Alden doesn't look weak.  In fact, the adjective most commonly associated with the man is "terrifying".  He's been bonded to green Aldisk for most of his life, and some of her savagery must have rubbed off on him, for he gives off a palpable air of violence.  

Typically, Alden dresses in serviceable leather work clothes, suitable for working deep in the mines or wherever Aldisk is employed.  He prefers not to think about what he wears.  Besides his knives.  He's got at least four that are visible, and probably a few more that aren't.  Long experience has taught him that Aldisk had better not be the only one with claws in their partnership.  

Play By: Waylon Jennings
Photo Reference: http://imgur.com/zBtArxd
Personality: Alden is mean.  He doesn't suffer fools... at all.  And when you've kept yourself and your green wher alive for three decades, nearly everyone is a fool.  He has no time for those who whine.  No one ever promised him that life would be fair, why should it be different for anyone else?  

All that aside, though, he does have a bit of a tender side for Aldisk.  Of course, it's a tender side wrapped up in acerbic, barbed comments, but it's tender nonetheless.  He does care passionately about the welfare of whers in general, which is what led him to his current occupation as a wherhandler trainer.  He got tired of seeing whers mistreated because of ignorance on the part of their bonded handlers, and decided to do something about it.  

Rumor has it that occasionally, that "something" was more along the lines of killing the handler than training them, but that's never been proven, and Alden isn't saying one way or the other.  

Professionally speaking, Alden respects Avidian as a man who handles his business.  That respect is, to be honest, laced with a healthy dose of fear, for Alden has seen what happens to those who cross Vid.  In fact, when first approached by Vid's people to help train the whers of White Lightning, Alden declined.  It was only when Vid made him an offer that he couldn't refuse that Alden relented.  He's still not 100% happy about being coerced into the job, but he's got a safe den for Aldisk and himself, a steady supply of food and liquor, and at the end of the day, he figures it's better to be philosophical about the things he can't change.  

Theme song: "Lonesome, On'ry, and Mean" - by Waylon Jennings
History: Alden's early life is murky at best.  He never says where he was born or raised, and, in truth, he's probably forgotten himself.  What he will tell you is that at the age of twelve, he found himself working in a southern mining camp, hauling ore and generally doing the crap work for the adult men in the camp.  The camp's wher was a brown, and that brown had recently sired a clutch on a local breeding gold.  The brown's handler was given one of the eggs, and through accident or sheer luck, Alden was the closest human to hand when the egg hatched (approximately a sevenday before it was scheduled to do so... the brown's handler wasn't happy about being misinformed!).  In any case, despite being only a boy, Alden impressed the feisty green wherling, and she named herself Aldisk in his honor.  

For the next several Turns, they worked in the mining camp.  Aldisk developed quite a talent for finding pockets of ore, and Alden's situation improved drastically.  Eventually, however, that particular vein ran out, and the miners moved on.  So Alden and Aldisk did the same.  

They largely lived holdless, eating the game that Aldisk caught, moving from camp to cothold and beyond.  They'd work for a while, and then move on when either Aldisk or Alden got restless.  All in all, it was a fairly good life, despite the hardships of living on their own during a Pass.  They had a few close calls, but by and large, Aldisk's instincts kept them safe.  

Somewhere along the line, Alden found the fabled White Lightning.  Though careful never to drink enough in a single sitting to impair Aldisk, Alden soon began to rely on the stuff as a part of his daily routine.  This went on for Turns, until one morning he found that without his morning hit of the juice, his hands would shake, his mind was scattered, and Aldisk screamed at him for feeling so bad.  

He tried.  He did try to quit, but in the end, it hurt him, hurt Aldisk too much.  Every healer he saw said the same thing: if he didn't manage to wean himself, he'd be dead before the Pass ended.  But every time he tried, it just hurt them both too much, and he found that he couldn't do that.  

Right around that time, Avidian's people came calling.  Alden had come to Vid's attention, and it turned out that the stillmaster had need of an experienced wherhandler with experience teaching.  Vid promised that Alden would have as much of the Lightning as he needed, and a comfortable living for his last few Turns if he agreed to take the job.  If he didn't, however, he'd never taste another drop.  

And so Alden and Aldisk came to White Lightning, to help train the next generation of wherhandlers at the strangest Weyr anyone had ever seen.


Wher Art template credited to Miyuko142 on DeviantArt; coloring by Sevillalost

Name: Aldisk
Color: Green
Speech Hex Code: #08bf87
Impression date: I9.194 Spring
Physical description: Aldisk is a relatively small green wher.  While still muscular, she tends toward the whipcord thin, rather than the bulkiness of the male whers she so enjoys knowing.  She moves with a feline grace, and has a lithe strength that has made her more than a little bit valuable in all of her work environments.  Due to long Turns of working in mines and other such hostile areas, however, she's got a lovely tracery of scars over her bright green hide.  She wears these scars with justifiable pride, and considers them to be badges of honor.  
Personality: Aldisk doesn't suffer fools any more readily than her handler.  However, between the two of them, Aldisk actually has somewhat more of a sunny disposition, insofar as such things are possible for a wher.  She still takes a gleeful delight in savagery as demonstrated by the many fights she's enjoyed over the Turns, and her mating runs have always been bloody, knock-down, drag-out affairs.  

In contrast to her rider's pessimism, however, Aldisk looks at each day as a new adventure.  And if there is something displeasing about any part of the adventure, she sees it as but a momentary obstacle to be destroyed with swift, unrelenting violence.  That way she can get back to enjoying her adventure at her earliest opportunity.
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PostSubject: Re: Wherhandler Alden   Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:43 pm

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Wherhandler Alden
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