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 Wingrider Sh'lor of Brown Imioth

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PostSubject: Wingrider Sh'lor of Brown Imioth   Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:06 pm

Player Name: echonymph
  Character Number: 6


Sh'lor of Brown Imioth

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together

  Character Name and Pronunciation: Sh'lor (Shykelor)
  Gender: male
  Character Rank: Wingrider
  Character Age/Date of birth: 20 (as of P10.45.9.1)
Kelobrien(50) rider of Blue Senrieth - deceased
Shyradee(46) - Cook
Full Siblings:
Brielody (22, f) rider of Green Aurayath (WLW)
Kyabree(18, f) rider of Scarlet Nwynth (WLW)
Shyorien(17, m) Candidate at WLW
Keldesh (15, m) Candidate at WLW
Kalabria (14, f) Candidate & Apprentice Dragon Healer at WLW
Deekela (12, f) Weyrbrat at WLW

  Current location: White Lightning Weyr
  Physical description:
Hair: Dark brown, nearly black, straight, cropped as short as he can usually
Eyes: Light blue/gray
Height: 6'2"

A man of a medium build, he works hard to keep himself physically and mentally fit. He wears loose but not too loose, fitting clothes when not in his leathers, as he tends to want to be more comfortable than fashionable. He tends toward a dark wardrobe and shies from vibrant colors. He attempts to look good at important events and always shows up for drills and Fall looking professional. He has a confident walk that isn't quite a swagger. Though there is obvious pride in his walk.

He keeps his hair shorter in back, leaving some hair on the top of his head to style when the occasion calls for it. The contrast of his dark hair and light eyes makes his eyes stand out.They are light bluish gray much like several of his siblings. He has a rounded eye shape, well groomed eyebrows that frame his eyes nicely. His skin tone is pale and he can burn in the sun easily if he doesn't take precautions though not as badly as those who have had less sun exposure as he does tan over time.

There is a thin, almost silvery looking scar on his left forearm where he was threadscored two months ago (P10.45.7). It was mild and Imioth took him Between before he could really tell how badly he might be injured. The Healers had him back in fighting form in a matter of days.

  Play By: Torrance Coombs
  Photo Reference:
The first boy born to his father, Sh’lor has always had a lot on his shoulders. As such he can be solid, responsible, someone to rely on to a degree. He isn’t going to go out of his way for people in general. While he would never dream of shirking his duties, he might not lump helping other people in with them. He is a rather serious sort of person and doesn’t tend to engage in things that are deemed fun nor is he likely to tell jokes or laugh at them. Sh’lor comes across as callous and unfeeling to most people. Mainly because he doesn’t see any reason to beat around the bush. He is a direct sort of person albeit somewhat sarcastic.

Stemming from his upbringing, Sh’lor is a closed off individual. He doesn’t let people in. Even his family has a hard time getting him to open up emotionally. The brownrider is a bit callous when it comes to other people’s emotions as well. He doesn’t see why he should have to coddle other people or say things that make them feel better. Relating to other people is not easy for him. In general, he either thinks he is above most people or is resentful that they have something he wants or that will never be attainable for him. Just as he resents how his younger siblings were allowed to have a childhood whereas he had to prepare for his future and also help raise his siblings.

Ambition drives him, propelling him toward his current goal of becoming a Wingsecond. He works hard to be someone that can be called upon to take on more duties. He will do almost anything to prove himself useful to his wing and even more so to be looked on as someone with leadership capability. That said, he can be very Traditionally minded. He was raised to believe in the strict Weyr hierarchy. He expects to be treated according to his rank. He dislikes mutant dragons for being in his way to the upper echelons of the Weyr. It used to be just Bronzes and a few other Browns that were his competition for the rank he feels he deserves but now he also has to compete with Cobalts and Scarlets. His reasons which differ from his father, extend mostly toward his competitiveness and his feeling that there must be something wrong with these new colors. In the end he and his father agree so that is all that matters to him.

From the time he was small he has wanted a say in his own future. He has his own dreams and thoughts, he doesn’t feel like everything he wants should be dictated to him by his father. So as his father is gone, he feels a kind of relief, like he can start living his life how he wants to live it. A cynic, he doesn’t think much of his future right now or anyone’s for that matter. Bad things happen and then worse things do.

Unlike his younger siblings, he doesn’t take things for granted. He feels like everything he has, he has earned.  There is nothing worse to him than hearing someone complain about the sort of things he was forced to do at one time, without complaint. That said, Sh’lor is not one to become angry easily. He’s more of a stewing sort. He’ll think about how much something irritates him but he might never act like it does. He can be almost strangely level-headed especially in high tension situations.

  Theme song: Skyfall by Adele

  History: Shykelor was born the second of seven children and the first boy. His father was a strict man with heavy roots in Tradition and his mother was a soft spoken woman who spent most of her time doing everything his father said she should. He learned a lot about how to treat other people from his father. He also learned that being a man meant responsibility for those under his care. He came to understand that a man's place was not more important but more prestigious than a woman's unless that woman rode a Queen dragon.

Rank was important. He learned etiquette well before he ever Impressed or even stood as a Candidate. As a child of the Weyr he had a typical Weyr education. He wasn't necessarily the brightest of students but he was above average. Bright enough to remember what he needed to. More importantly he picked up on things more from watching other people do them than by memorizing. In a way more street smart than book smart.

When he thought about joining a craft, his father denied him, like he did all but Kalabria when they asked. They were going to be dragonriders or they were going to die trying. No one more so than Shykelor. If anyone HAD to Impress a dragon, it was him. And the higher ranking the better. It was only a pity that the things his father valued in him, caused him to distance himself from other people. He did have a few friends growing up but their parents were similarly minded to his own so that he wouldn't be "tainted" by the riff raff (weyrbred kids who were less traditionally minded).

When he first began Standing as a Candidate at fourteen his father was thrilled. He even allowed Brielody to Stand with him. Still they both came back empty handed the first time and good riddance. The Clutch produced a mutant Queen. When she rose to mate and clutched, he still hadn't Impressed and though he and Brielody wanted to opt out of Standing, they literally were not permitted to only stand for Gold clutches. Titanium Parazath had laid a large clutch it seemed. The dragons began to Hatch revealing not only mutants but some of the "Normal" dragons too. He was happy to see Brielody Impress a green (thank Faranth). He didn't watch her walk off the Sands as he was almost barreled over by the head butt he received from a pushy brown dragonet who became his life mate. Imioth and he were going to do great things together. From then on Sh'lor knew that he would make his family proud and that he might, just maybe, be allowed to want some things for himself not just because it was what the family wanted.

All thoughts of that were dashed as his father often interceded in his life. And he also had to look out for his sister in Training too. Although to be honest, Brielody was a reprieve from their father. He'd take her expectations over his. At least there was one other person amid all the mutants in their clutch who felt as he did. Though they never spoke of why, each assumed it was because they were expected to dislike and mistrust the new colors.

And then the trouble maker in the family went and got herself disowned. Kyabree had never been good at following their father's rules but to Impress a Scarlet was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Since then none of them have been allowed to see or speak to their sister. He was among those who agreed with sending the mutated dragons away. Out of sight, out of mind. He was Threadscored about a Turn after graduating and was only out of commission for a few days thanks to Imioth's quick thinking.

He thought their family woes were over when suddenly Shyorien, Keldesh and Kalabria went missing. Sh'lor figured they had gone after their sister. It would be like Shyorien to think Kyabree needed family and it would be like Kalabria to go where the mystery was. He simply didn't see why Keldesh had gone. Up until then, the little brat had followed him around everywhere. He was his shadow. He didn't even like him. Except now that he was missing, he kind of felt strange.

Then dragons started dying. K'brien (their father) became almost paranoid about how they took care of their dragons but Imioth and Aurayath were fine. No matter how cautious he was, Senrieth still took ill and like all the others who took ill, he died. His father went mad. Sh'lor knew his father's whole life revolved around being a dragonrider. He would never survive without his blue. So he took his father Between before his mother could see him raving like that. It wasn't an image he thought she needed to deal with. As it was, she broke down.

As the new head of the family, he ended up making a decision. They would go with the other dragons and beg to join them. Because their mother and little sister needed civilization. Because they needed to not be at Eastern.

Dragon Art credited to (insert name(s) of artists here.  If it's original work, use your own name/screenname)
Name: Imioth (pronounced - Im (like Imp) - Ee- oth (as in off)
Color: Brown
Speech Hex Code: 53300c , 351e00 , 6d400d
Impression date: P10.43.4.15
Wing: TBA
Physical description:

Imioth is a large brown rivaling even some Bronzes and Cobalts. He's almost 50 feet long with a 35 foot wing span. Sturdy, muscular, built for stamina in the air. He is a solid dragon, who probably weighs more than other dragon's his size due to sheer muscle. He's a chocolate/dark coffee colored brown which fades to lighter brown only under his chin and under his wings. He has dark (chocolate syrup) colored claws which he keeps sharp and long for hunting purposes. His gait is half feral and half proud as he lifts his head high when he walks.


Every bit as ambitious as his rider, Imioth hopes to raise himself in the ranks as much as he can as fast as he can. Dedicated to his wing and wingmates, he has less of an interest in what a dragon's color is and more of an interest in their abilities. He is always interested in flights. While he might not put in much of an effort in flirting prior to flights, he certainly makes up for it during. He is very much the brawny brown. Muscular and sturdy, he has the ability to remain strong throughout a Fall. Almost hyper vigilant during Falls, he rarely is injured. Imioth quickly recovers from muscle strains and seems almost tireless to those who work with him. When he is off duty he does one of two things regularly, he sleeps and he flies females. Sh'lor might not be one who seems very inclined to bed people but his dragon is very interested.

He likes to compete especially against the new mutations. Mostly he wants to prove he can measure up to them. Imioth is likely to ignore the negative things about himself and can come across as a bit vain. He can also be savage/uncivilized in his pursuit of things he wants. As a hunter he is deadly, vicious and unstoppable. He hunts like he is on a mission but one he enjoys and flights can be much the same to him. Imioth is a fighter first and foremost.

While the brown is forced to socialize, he is much more likely to listen to conversation than to take part in it. When he does have something to say, it is usually short and to the point. Often he will not debate with others because he sees no reason to. He will only assert his knowledge if he feels it is necessary. He isn't necessarily worried about confrontation but he doesn't like to waste his time. In this way he can be very serious and rational. Not one to play or daydream.

Special talents: N/A

Rhaenthwor of Gold Rhaensk
Vawnali of Cobalt Kyrzoth
Sh'lor of Brown Imioth
Kyabree of Scarlet Nwynth
Brielody of Green Aurayath
Kalabria of Shadow Ohanith(Weyrling)
Z'phver of Citrine Devakith (Weyrling)
Lezsande of Scarlet Tianrith (Weyrling)
H'nar of Quartz Aivrith (Weyrling)

Smuggler/Guard Drethon

Played by Echonymph
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PostSubject: Re: Wingrider Sh'lor of Brown Imioth   Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:24 pm

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Wingrider Sh'lor of Brown Imioth
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