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 Carew Weyr

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PostSubject: Carew Weyr   Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:51 am

Thread has returned!  The first threadfall of the 5th pass is currently underway over Carew territory and Ry'er, rider of bronze Drumth will lead his Weyr into Fall.  Who will survive?  Will thread score any of the riders?  What injuries will occur?  Check in to see!

We have many ranking positions available for which to apply.  

We are a semi canon site with the five regular colors and two mutations but that may change as plot allows. We are a moderate to advanced roleplaying group and appreciate quality of roleplay. Please stop over and check us out.  

~Current Events~
~Thread has arrived!
~Shayeth rose in glorious flight, caught by bronze Drumth.  The Gold's pregnancy is confirmed and soon another clutch of eggs will grace the sands of Carew.  Submit your candidate NOW for a chance of impression.
~At Carew we allow our members to indicate preferences for impression. Are you crazy over non-canons? Tell us. Do you want anything but green? Put it on your sheet. Do you prefer metallic? Make a note of it. All of our hatchlings are created especially for the candidate they impress to.
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Carew Weyr
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