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 Weyrsinger T'kal of Blue Thortoth

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PostSubject: Weyrsinger T'kal of Blue Thortoth   Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:12 am

Player Name: Vivid
Character Number: 4


Character Name and Pronunciation: T'kal [Ta-kal]
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Weyrsinger
Character Age/Date of birth: 29
Family: Father: Tahkael- Master Harper- Harper Hall- 60
                 Mother: Ahlani- Master Harper- Harper Hall- 63
                 Brother: Ahkael- Journeyman Harper- Harper Hall- 25
                 Sister: Tahlana- Candidate- White Lightning Weyr- 20
                 Lover: Open
Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: T'kal is a good looking man, with dark brown hair cut short and bright, sapphire blue eyes. Dragon riding has given him a body of lean muscle and he stand's 5'11, weighing in at a neat 190lbs. His father ran tall and slender for all his booming voice and T'kal gets a lot of influence to his looks from his sire. His hands are long in the palm and fingers, calloused on the finger tips with light scarring. He plays the guitar more often than any other instrument, which is evident by his rough hands.

T'kal wears a slightly nicer set of dragonriding leathers, with a blue dragon embroidered on his tunic. He makes sure his knots are always well tied. T'kal walks with a bit of a swagger, easy and happy. A smile is never far from his lips. On his right ring finger, he wears a silver ring with a round blue agate.

Personality: T'kal is a clever, lyrical man with a smooth, engaging voice. It is easy to see he was Hall born but Weyr raised; he blends sincerity and charisma with ease. It has always been important to him to husband and maintain good relationships between Hall, Hold and Weyr. Without the three pieces of the puzzle, T'kal knows that Pern cannot survive. He has read his teaching ballads and records, the Dragon Plague and Thread. So T'kal makes himself available to be someone his Weyrleadership can could on to get diplomacy done. That isn't to say he is just a flexible tool. T'kal is a intellectual, a romantic and he feeds his passion on a steady diet of song and sweet pleasures.

Make no mistake, he isn't some lazy rapscallion. It isn't just sex, it's romance that is important. T'kal makes an effort to be a most charming gentlemen in the presence of all. He is well liked and makes an effort to be well known. One of his vices is popularity; how he loves to be the center of attention. He often, if not always, supplies the music at the evening meal. He is the Weyrsinger, he makes himself as available as he can.

Theme song: "It's a kind of magic." by Queen

History: Tahkallan was born to a well educated Harper couple, in Harper Hall and from the beginning, his parents expected great things from him. His father had always been a traditionalist, exulting the values of Hall, Hold and Weyr. Naturally, he pressed his son into music from a very young age. Tahkallan thrived in the Hall; nothing pleased him more than sing and eventually write fine music. It was important, his father pressed, that Hall and Weyr work together for a better future for Pern. Tahkallan spent a lot of his time writing ballads about dragons, playing them for some of his father's dragonrider associates. It was of little surprise when Tahkallan asked after when next a Searchrider would come to Harper Hall.

"Do you want to be a Harper or a Dragonrider?" his father asked off him, serious and stern. Tahkallan was as honest as he could be.

"Why one or the other, sir. I could be both." Tahkallan ventured.

"Both! Boy, it is hard to have the cake and eat it too. Still, if a Search Rider comes, I will not shirk my duty. You can go and try for a dragon." and the old Harper laughed and clapped his son on the back.

Tahkallan was only thirteen turns old when he had that talk with his father and it would be ten turns before a Search dragon would look at him. But when the rider came, not an hour had gone by before he was seated on that dragon's neck, token in his pocket. At twenty three turns old he was Journeyman Harper and on his way to Eastern Weyr. He was just a week before his twenty fourth birthday when the day finally came; Takhallan had very little time to wait once he actually made it to Eastern Weyr

To the delight and surprise of his family, Tahkallan Impressed a beautiful blue dragon. Thortoth and T'kal were bonded for life. Weyrling training went by but from the beginning, T'kal explained to his teachers that it was important to keep Harper lessons as part of his curriculum. Thortoth seemed to thrive on music, which only encouraged T'kal to keep to his studies. He would be a Weyrsinger and so he did become. However, good Harper training and the Impression to a blue dragon put him in a position to be of great use to his Weyr. More over, he wasn't the only one to recognized that his skill could be put to great use. T'kal doesn't really mind, in a way it makes him feel valued to the Weyrleadership. His diplomatic way of putting things has gone toward smoothing out wrinkles in a few situations between Weyr and Hold.

His diplomacy and charm might be needed more than ever as the Dragon Plague sweeps the planet. With their senior queen gone at Eastern, T'kal joins forces with Jah'vi in hopes they can lead the Eastern dragons toward reunification. From ruined Eastern, T'kal also brought his sister Tahlana. The young woman is a candidate and T'kals believes she is also good enough to Impress. He has become her guardian and hopes he can encourage her to stay on at White Lightning Weyr.

Name: Thortoth
Color: Blue
Speech Hex Code: Cyan Ocean Blue Fade

0af4df, 5080df,0af4df

Impression date: P10.43.4.15 (Parazath/Bryeth)
Wing: To Be Determined

Physical description: Thortoth is a healthy dragon and it shows in his hide and how he carries himself. Clear, alert eyes take in details easily and his step his full of energy. For a dragon, he has a kind expression. He's quick and athletic; being a medium sized blue has its advantages in both speed and endurance. The most notable thing about Thortoth as far as appearance goes is his color. Blue dragons hard held in high regard since the plague but Thortoth draws the eye. He is a radiant trifecta of tropical ocean blue shades. It blends smoothly from face to wings. His head is a rich ocean blue, almost gem like in tone and fades, almost seamlessly, to a deep water blue. His wings lighten further and take on a most brilliant cyan blue tone. When clean and oiled, Thortoth almost seems to glow in true blue beauty. Here is not a scar or dithering mark of his body.

Personality: Thortoth is an earnest dragon, honest and well meaning. He knows there is a lot of responsibility laid on his rider for being one of the few blue riders left and it is a responsibility he holds close to his heart. T'kals romantic nature has rubbed off on him in no small way. He is a true gentleman, full of good manners and with a good recall for protocol. No small thing in a blue dragon, especially one who looks to a Harper. Thortoth also has a great love of music, song, poetry and stories. He can often be found humming to himself as goes about his business. Thortoth is a very inclusive dragon. He values the opinions of others, fascinated by their perspective. Sometimes he gets more than he bargains for and sometimes Thortoth gets run off by being too noisy. He can barely help himself; he is a curious fellow.

Thortoth is a dragon that forms fast, deep friendships with other creatures. He has himself a rather keen Search ability, being very sensitive to feelings in general. He is very friendly with young people, especially the candidates and toddlers. He likes the company of firelizards and treats even watch whers like a gentleman. He likes no color dragon over any other but is very chivalrous toward females in general. Greens, Scarlets, Titans and Golds are treated with esteem and admiration. Even female aligned Quartz dragons get nothing but the best treatment from Thortoth.

Special talents: Thortoth is Search sensitive

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PostSubject: Re: Weyrsinger T'kal of Blue Thortoth   Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:43 pm

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Weyrsinger T'kal of Blue Thortoth
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