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 Wingrider Brielody of Green Aurayath

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PostSubject: Wingrider Brielody of Green Aurayath   Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:54 pm

Player Name: echonymph
Character Number: 5


Brielody of Green Aurayath

I can turn it on
Be a good machine
I can hold the weight of worlds
If that's what you need
Be your everything

Character Name and Pronunciation: Brielody (Bree-Elle-oh-dee)
Gender: Female
Character Rank: Wingrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 22 (as of P10.45.9.1)
Kelobrien(50) rider of Blue Senrieth - Senrieth recently died from the disease and K'brien was taken Between on Sh'lor's Imioth
Shyradee(46) - Cook
Full Siblings:
Sh’lor(20, m) rider of Brown Imioth
Kyabree(18, f) rider of Scarlet Nwynth
Shyorien(17, m) Candidate
Keldesh (15, m) Candidate
Kalabria (14, f) rider of Shadow Ohanith
Deekela (12, f) Weyrbrat

Current location: White Lightening Weyr
Physical description:
Hair: Medium to light red
Eyes: Light blue
Height: 5'5"

Brielody has slightly wavy red hair falling just above her mid-back which on a normal day is pulled back via ponytail or if she is feeling more ambitious a braid. She tends to only have her hair down when she isn't expecting to do any work. At celebrations, she wears her hair down and will on occasion attempt to curl it with a hot metal rod. Doing this has given her burns on her hands in the past so she doesn't do it often. She prefers to wear her leathers when there is a chance she might need to do anything at all related to dragonriding. She doesn't like having to change quickly. When the occasion calls for it, she will dress up and has a couple gowns made for such events which she alternates. Her leisure clothes are limited to a couple of loose linen type pants and tank tops.

As a dragonrider and a bit of a controlling/perfectionist, she works hard on her appearance. She stays fit, eats healthy foods, brushes her teeth, maintains her eyebrows, etc. In the evening she has a rather intricate facial skin care routine which Aurayath often teases her about. Her skin does have a nice healthy glow about it, so something might be working there...or she could just have good genes. Who knows?

She wears a belt most of the time which has a pouch attached to it of things she might need in case of emergency. These things might seem arbitrary to most but she feels comforted knowing she has them. A few marks, a needle and thread, a spare bit of clean cloth and a couple hair pins. The items can clang together as she walks, depending on her speed.

Play By: Amy Adams
Photo Reference:
I can do it
I'll get through it

But I'm only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I'm only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
'Cause I'm only human

Always the most organized of her siblings, Brielody needs to have a schedule and a plan. Partially because it makes her life less complicated and partly because she doesn’t do well when things are chaotic. She dislikes storms, erratic behavior, children, changes in her life. This can all end up sending her into a bad mental space. Bri is known (by those who do know her) to be self-destructive. This is particularly true when it comes to any personal achievement or happiness. She does and will set impossibly high standards for herself and others in relationships. This includes friendships and her family relationships as well as lovers. Sometimes she is so focused on acting how she thinks she should act and not on how she feels that she can come across as cold.

On the whole, she is respectful of those of Rank higher than her own, she stays out of trouble and is mostly well-mannered. Her goal of perfectionism while often a fail, tends to keep her from ever being someone others take much notice of. This is of course, rather aggravating. Toward her peers and those of lower rank she can be quite judgemental, using her observations to make up her mind about people fairly quickly. And when she does that it allows her to keep most people far away from her. Deciding that certain traits or behaviors are bad just keeps her from actually meeting new people and perhaps having a real friend or two.

She does like to gossip about people. Especially starting gossip about people she doesn’t like. No one really suspects her because she just doesn’t seem like she would go through the trouble of doing something like that. Brielody isn’t too concerned about getting in trouble for it either. After all, it is hearsay. There is no proof that she did anything, at least nothing solid enough to actually bring to a Wingleader’s attention.

Tradition is important to her. She likes that she is part of a family of dragonriders. She likes that she knows what to expect from the colored dragons of the old guard. Brielody does not like surprises. She doesn’t like the new mutations and she doesn’t trust them. (Goes back to her control issues and her dislike of change). While her brother and father would like to think she is like this because of their own views, she actually has her own reasons. Not that they need to know that. She learned from her father that sometimes as a woman, it is better to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself, lest you hurt some poor old man’s ego.

Despite being proud and somewhat unfeeling to all outward appearances, she can be quite compassionate. Bri cares very deeply for other people. Perhaps too deeply. When she allows herself to empathize with others she can almost become consumed by their emotions. So it is far easier for her not to commiserate or partake in other people’s lives when she can avoid it. She lost her best friend as a small girl and has never let anyone that close again. This is not something she reveals about herself. She’d rather protect herself and have the reputation of being cold.

Theme song: Human by Christina Perri

I can hold my breath
I can bite my tongue
I can stay awake for days
If that's what you want
Be your number one
I can fake a smile
I can force a laugh
I can dance and play the part
If that's what you ask
Give you all I am

The first of several children, Brielody was held to almost the same standards as her brother. Her father viewed her as a bit of a disappointment when she was announced as a girl but given time, he warmed to the idea of a daughter. She could still be a dragonrider like him. However, once Shylor was born, there would be no reason for him to really spend time worrying about her. She spent much of her childhood being responsible for younger siblings. Although it wasn't the only thing she spent time doing it was the most demanding and least enjoyable of the things she was forced to do. She dislikes children to this day because of having to help raise her many siblings. She resents them for having a childhood when she was forced to be a grown up at a young age. Nothing could have made the disparity more clear to her than when her best friend died and her father expected her to carry on, as if nothing had happened.

She knew Finnaeri from the say she learned to crawl. They were fast friends (if babies made friends). In any case as they grew older, they told eachother all of their secrets and their hopes and dreams. They both got sick at the same time even. They were nine. No reason they shouldn't pull through the fever though Brielody's mother made certain to keep the younger siblings away and made sure none of them were aware of the why. She didn't want to worry any of them. Sadly Finnaeri did die from the fever she had. Bri's parents didn't tell her until she was well and by then there was no Finn to say goodbye to. Depressed as she was, she had duties and tasks given to her by her father to complete.

Brielody was good at planning her days, keeping herself and her younger siblings organized, making certain everything went according to the way she thought it should. She never let on, how deeply she was hurting and she didn't talk to anyone about her loss. Instead she decided she would never let anyone in that close again. It simply wasn't worth the pain.

As she grew into a young woman instead of a girl, she didn't pay much attention to the flirtations of others. In fact, she was oblivious most of the time. Even when she wasn't she didn't really want to know.  Eventually someone did catch her eye but the flirtation ended when he Impressed and she never pursued it further later on. Over her teenage Turns, she had a few brief flings but nothing that ever amounted to anything.

Candidacy took up a lot of her time, along with her chores and of course, helping with the family when called upon. She, unlike her sisters, was not at all happy when the new colored dragons started appearing. When it was just the one, it was tolerable but when more appeared, well that was plain wrong. She didn't want to have anything to do with them but as Candidates were told they'd Stand for all Clutches, she had no choice.

When the day finally came, nothing in the world could have compared to the joy she felt. She walked on to the Sands, knowing her brother was around there somewhere, hoping she would Impress and more importantly hoping she would not end up on a mutant. Her wish was granted in a green who couldn't have been a truer shade of green than a blade of grass. From that moment going forward, her father's demands were less important than her own. Aurayath was going to take her places and she was going to help Aurayath navigate the world.

And her excitement at seeing the look on her father's face faltered, as not minutes later, her brother Impressed a brown. Out-shadowed by a sibling once again, she felt her accomplishment dimmed in her eyes. What did it matter what the rest of them thought of her anyway? She had Impressed a fighting a dragon. Aurayath was all the approval she needed. Learning this about herself made her stronger, although what daughter doesn't want the approval of her father on some level?

Soon, Sh'lor and Imioth are their friends though neither sibling talks about the obvious rivalry between them at the beginning of Weyrling Training, by the end of training, they are thick as thieves and not about to be rivals.

As a Wingrider, she does her best against Thread and though the pair has gotten mild Threadscores,on the whole they have escaped serious injuries. As such they have been to this point an asset to their Wing.

Then Kyabree Impressed a Scarlet. Which, knowing her sister and the reputations of Scarlet riders, made perfect sense in its own way. Kya had never been one to follow the rules anyway. Biggest thorn in Brelody's side ever! She wasn't sorry that their father practically disowned Kyabree and forbade them all from interacting with her. It just made it that much easier for Brielody to ignore her existence. Brielody applauded the decision to have the mutants leave Eastern. It was a happy day when Kyabree and her Scarlet were kicked out.

They were doing well at Eastern at first. Then three of her younger siblings disappeared. Brielody knew better than to go looking for them. She had expected this of Shyorien. However, Kalabria came as a surprise and even more so Keldesh. The boy was so ready to be like Sh'lor that she couldn't imagine he wanted anything to do with mutants. It broke their mother's heart though, seeing the family split. While she didn't feel bad for her father, she did feel for her mother, who in her own way had loved each one of them and had wanted her family to be whole.

Not long after, a disease came. The Queens and Bronzes were affected. And they began dying. The other dragons began to die too. Brielody worried for Aurayath daily. They went out of the way to get different herdbeasts, she tried to make sure Aurayath drank in a different place than other dragons, she wanted to protect her green as much as she could but it seemed after all of that, she was protected by something else. The only dragons to survive were those descended from mutant Queens.

When her father's dragon died, her father couldn't live with himself. He had Sh'lor take him Between he was so crazed in the aftermath. Their mother who had never been bonded to a dragon, remained with only their youngest sister Deekela. And since they had to go to the only place where there were Queens left to lead them, she and Sh'lor took their mother and sister with them to the exiled dragons.

  Dragon Art credited to
  Name: Aurayath
  Color: Green
  Speech Hex Code: 008200 , 083e08 , 19691b
  Impression date:  P10.43.4.15
  Wing: TBA
  Physical description: Aurayath is a larger green. She is muscular and a little less agile than some of her peers. She has a long dark green dorsal strip and jaguar spot like mottling on her haunches, wings and shoulders. The tips of her head knobs are actually a somewhat lighter green than anything else on her body. Aurayath's base color is a shade or two darker than what might be called, green (ordinary green). Her claws are the same dark green that her markings are but light green striations run through them.

Aurayath is a chatterbox, social butterfly and rampant gossip. She loves to talk to anyone who will listen even if she has no clue what it is she is talking about. Especially likes talking about the goings on around her, including the latest and greatest gossip. She doesn't care if she offends anyone with what she says because, well...it is already out there, she is just repeating it! She is also super nosy and loves to know all about what is going on with other people. She will eavesdrop on conversations and hardly allows anyone to have a secret if she is about.

That said, she is rather forgetful. For all that she learns, shortly after passing it along, she tends not to remember it. Unless it is something really big, juicy or just fun to tease someone with then she might remember a little longer but don't expect details. Color of dragon hardly matters to her and in fact, the only thing that she and Brielody truly get into arguments over are the mutant dragons. Aurayath likes them the same as everyone else and she sees little difference in her own anatomy. And she also flirts with cobalt dragons the same as she would a brown, bronze or blue.

Aurayath loves the water, enjoys swimming and laying in the shade on a beach. However, she overheats easily if in direct sunlight too long. She is also deathly afraid of spinners. (KILL IT!!!)
The green is fearless in the sky when it comes to fighting thread. Like her rider, she would risk her own life to save someone else, even if it might seem that she is shallow.

  Special talents: None. (Unless snooping is a talent?)

Rhaenthwor of Gold Rhaensk
Vawnali of Cobalt Kyrzoth
Sh'lor of Brown Imioth
Kyabree of Scarlet Nwynth
Brielody of Green Aurayath
Kalabria of Shadow Ohanith(Weyrling)
Z'phver of Citrine Devakith (Weyrling)
Lezsande of Scarlet Tianrith (Weyrling)
H'nar of Quartz Aivrith (Weyrling)

Smuggler/Guard Drethon

Played by Echonymph

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Wingrider Brielody of Green Aurayath
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