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 Dragon Candidate Keldesh

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PostSubject: Dragon Candidate Keldesh   Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:41 pm

Player Name: SylverAngel/ Jess
Character Number: 8
Last Updated: 8-18-15


Character Name and Pronunciation: Keldesh [K'desh]
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Candidate
Character Age/Date of birth: 15/ (January 19, 2000)
Family: Father: K'brien, 50, bluerider of Senrieth, Eastern Weyr
Mother: Shyradee, 46, Cook, Eastern Weyr
Sister: Brielody, 22, greenrider of ??, Eastern Weyr
Brother: Sh’lor, 20, brownrider of Imioth, Eastern Weyr
Sister: Kyabree, 18, scarletrider of Nwynth, White Lightning Weyr
Brother: Shyorien, 17, Candidate, Eastern Weyr
Sister: Kalabria, 14, Candidate and Apprentice Dragon Healer, Eastern Weyr
Sister: Deekela, 12,  Weyrbrat, Eastern Weyr

Current location: Eastern Weyr (soon to be WLW)
Physical description: Keldesh is still growing at the moment.  His face has lost most of its baby fat, his limbs lengthening to give him a little bit more height over his younger siblings.  It's clear he'll be a taller than average once he's finished growing, but he has some time yet.  Or so his appetite suggests, anyway.  He's active enough to handle it, no matter that his mother complains he'll eat them all out of the Weyr one day.

In the middle of puberty, his voice cracks occasionally.  It annoys him greatly, as he knows no one will take him as seriously as he wishes when he still sounds like a kid.

Shaggy brown hair and blue eyes might appeal to some of the young girls, but he's not too interested in them yet as anything other than people willing to fawn over him.  He's far more interested in following in his oldest brother's footsteps, and if possible, surpassing him by Impressing a bronze, and rising up the ranks of the Weyr hierarchy.

Play By: Logan Lerman
Photo Reference: IMDB Link
While his oldest brother Sh'lor might be jealous of how 'easy' his younger siblings have it, Keldesh wants nothing more than to prove he is also a man, and a better one at that.  He knows he is meant to be a dragonrider like Sh'lor and their father, but will settle for nothing less than bronze.  He definitely doesn't want one of those mutants like his sister Kyabree Impressed.  He's been taught to believe there's something wrong with them, that they should never have been allowed to Hatch and find their own riders.  Though they weren't his own thoughts to begin with, he's always been vocal about his dislike of the mutant colors among his contemporaries, and likes to think his opinion is more valid than many others.

One of the younger middle children born to his parents, Keldesh has always been one who would do anything for attention.  He's perfectly willing to tattle on his siblings and other weyrbrats when he's caught them doing something 'bad'-- and even when he's participated, to make himself seem like the better person.  He doesn't hesitate to lie in those situations either, though he knows when he's likely to be called out on it and tries to talk himself around a problem otherwise.

A fairly good actor, this young man knows how to play up to the sympathies of others, and how to pretend to be such a good little Candidate, all while using any information he gains against the teller when he thinks it sill strengthen his own position.  He's definitely one to be nice to your face, and gossip about you behind your back.  He likely doesn't have any truly close friends, willing as he is to screw them over-- he's probably attracted like-minded individuals instead, those who would stab him in the back as well if the opportunity presented itself.

Theme song:
Keldesh idolized his older brother Sh'lor since he was small.  Sh'lor may have resented having to watch him, but Keldesh adored him.  When Sh'lor became a Candidate, Keldesh wanted to do the same.  When Sh'lor Impressed, it was the most awesome thing ever, and Keldesh would do it, too.  Sh'lor was surely the most important rider in the Weyr, and he was going to do great things.

But over time, he realized this wasn't the case-- because Sh'lor only rode a brown.  It was unlikely he'd ever rise higher than Wingsecond, and almost impossible for him to be Weyrleader.  Disappointed in the slowness with which his brother rose in the ranks as it was, Keldesh knew he could do better.  He'd prove it to all of them, especially his father-- he was the better son, and he would Impress a bronze.

So far it hasn't happened yet, however.  He is grateful for the small mercy that he hasn't been saddled with one of the mutant dragons, but he's growing more impatient for his bronze to hatch.

In the meantime, however, he's decided to latch onto an opportunity to further his own position.  A couple of his siblings-- sympathizers with those mutants and their riders who've been sent into exile-- have taken it into their heads to go to White Lightning Weyr.  Keldesh believes he is the right person to go with them, faking his own interest, to spy on the residents and report his findings back to his parents, and Eastern.  Surely such an action would earn him favor in the eyes of K'brien, his Wingsecond and Wingleader, the other bronzeriders, and even the Weyrleaders.  To sacrifice his own time at Eastern to go to the exiled Weyr that has next to nothing… surely they can see how heroic his efforts will be to do such a thing.  And when he comes back to Eastern for the next clutch, his bronze will be waiting and ready, and they will become the best pair on Pern.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Candidate Keldesh   Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Candidate Keldesh   Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:01 am

Candidate Form
What is your character’s candidate type? Dragon
What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why? Keldesh morphed a little on me.  He's stuck in questioning mode at the moment, and doesn't know what he should want anymore.  He should probably end up with a mutant, just to throw off Brielody and Sh'lor, and even those of his siblings who Impress(ed) the new colors.  Just because it would force him to come to terms with how things have changed-- this isn't the same Pern his father and siblings Impressed under, and it can't be, anymore.  He needs to find himself as he goes, not just try to be a clone, or do for someone else, as he was for his father.  What color will it take to do that?  I'm not sure.  It's possible Impressing a blue would do just as well as a 'high' color mutant, because that would still take him down a peg from how he thinks he should be 'above' his brownrider brother.  But I would think it would need to be an ambitious dragon, for him to not want to reject it right away.  Quartz might not be bad, either, provided the personality was strong enough to keep him from thinking he Impressed something weak and useless.
Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why?  Nope!  I'm game for surprises.  Even if that means he never Impresses at all.

What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon/wher? If it's not a bronze, he probably needs something very dominant, something that will put him in his place-- and eventually realize that it is far superior to the bronze he always wanted.  A dragon he can walk all over will never be his equal (though a bronze with such a personality could be quite interesting-- he'd have the color he wants, but will never rise to any position of power unless he gets lucky.  I'm totally game for either opportunity.)
What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character? A sense of humility, and perhaps some real strength.  Then again, playing him as the weak-willed, cowardly lackey all the time could be a lot of fun.  To get the power he wants, he's going to have to work hard for it, or settle for serving someone else who has it.  If he Impresses bronze, I think he'd go back to being in that frame of mind, that bronzes are superior, and all, but that depends also on what lessons he learns in the meantime, before Impression.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Candidate Keldesh   

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Dragon Candidate Keldesh
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