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 Dual Candidate Kezariel

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PostSubject: Dual Candidate Kezariel   Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:36 pm

Player Name: SylverAngel/ Jess
Character Number: 7
Last Updated: 8-30-15


Character Name and Pronunciation: Kezariel [Keh-ZAHR-ee-uhl] (K'zariel)
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Candidate
Character Age/Date of birth: 23/ (August 15, 1992)
Family: Father: Ty'riel, 52, bluerider at Eastern, brother to S'riel (father of Asteriel and Casriel)
Mother: Makenza, greenrider at Eastern, deceased
Brother (half): Tyvaniel, 19, Candidate/ smith, White Lightning Weyr
Brother (half): R'fariel, 16, cobalt rider of Vorganth, White Lightning Weyr

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:
Kezariel is the tallest of his brothers at 6'2".  He doesn't have the biggest bulk of muscles, but he's no weakling.  He has a working man's hands, callused and clearly used to do hard work, though he's not a smith like Tyvaniel.  With dark hair and eyes, plus heavy brows and a little bit of scruff, Zar might be some girls' idea of tall, dark, and handsome-- he even carries the brooding aloofness to go with it.  Many likely wonder if they might be the one that can get him to smile, but just how many will actually try?

Zar is a mystery, for sure, as he is rarely seen outside of his chores and other duties with anyone other than his brothers.  That's not to say he's never been caught wandering off with female company-- a privileged few have managed to catch him for at least a night, and it's possible one or two have caught his attention for longer.  No one really knows, adding to the allure for those who wish to dig deep and find out-- or find the fire they're sure is lurking beneath the surface of all his solid control.

Play By: Joe Jonas
Photo Reference: Link
Kezariel isn't as free with his emotions as his brothers.  As the oldest, he had to be strong, not let them see when he was hurting, or sad, or afraid.  He forces emotion down, locks it away, and has done so for so long, he has a hard time letting the good ones out.  He has a reputation for being cold, always in control, and unwilling to let others bear his burdens.

He's a hard worker, never shirks his duties, and is always willing to take on tasks others find too difficult, or too scary to handle.  Need someone to rescue the kid that fell down a hole?  Call Zar.  Need someone to wrestle the bully picking on your little brother?  Call Zar.  Need someone to haul that entire storeroom full of supplies to another room when the first gets water damage?  Call Zar.

But deep down, Kezariel is afraid that once he ages out of Candidacy, his worth will be gone.  He knows no other craft, has always dedicated his time and life to taking care of his brothers and making sure they had everything they needed.  So much so that he neglected himself.  And now that he hasn't Impressed, he doesn't know what to do.

At White Lightning, he'll offer his services to Avidian, and whoever the man assigns him to work with.  Because he's willing to do whatever he needs to to make sure he can stay at the exiled Weyr, and hopes to find some new purpose since he didn't Impress at Yllaveth's first clutch.  He doesn't have much time left, and once it's gone, what other options will he have?

Theme song:
Kezariel's mother died when he was seven, of wounds suffered during Threadfall.  He knew her love for such a short time, but what he had was more than many other weyrbrats did in a lifetime.  Like his brothers, whom he was introduced to by the creche workers.  One of them understood he importance of family, and though they had different mothers, the boys all shared the same father.

The bond was enough for Kezariel, and he had hoped his mother would share her love with the younger two, when he realized they received none from their own mothers.  But she was taken from all of them before Tyvaniel, and Rafariel especially, had the chance to understand what it was they had from her.

So Kezariel made sure he passed on what he knew.  He took care of them the best way he knew how, shared with them, watched over them.  Even as he grew up and entered Candidacy with the other children his own age.  He had a few friends, but was so focused on his brothers that he neglected his own experiences.

The same is still true today, and it's the reason why he has no real sense of purpose, other than making sure he is useful to the Weyr.  He's never known anything else, and finding himself at White Lightning Weyr is disconcerting-- he has no idea what role he can play among smugglers and criminals, but he is willing to play it, so long as it doesn't force him to harm others unnecessarily, be it by killing, physically hurting, lying, cheating, or stealing-- that isn't his way, and he won't go along with such schemes.  Unless perhaps his brothers are threatened-- he will do anything for them, to ensure they have what they need to live full, happy lives.

Moving to White Lightning was both for Tyvaniel and R'fariel, and for himself, though it's unlikely anyone else knows the selfish reason he wished to make the move.  One of his friends had an older sister, a confident, ambitious young woman he developed a crush on not long after meeting her.  The friend noticed and teased him for a time, but soon let it go, as it was clear Zar wasn't going to rise to the bait.

Outwardly, it might have seemed that he outgrew the infatuation with Sidran, but he quietly watched her as she aged out of Candidacy, and then Impressed one of the surprising new dragons.  He knew she'd be unlikely to ever look his way, even when he tried to be helpful to her in some way, but that didn't stop him from dreaming on those rare occasions when he allowed himself to.  She clearly has no need of him to take care of her, or offer his protection.  But perhaps if he had a dragon of his own, she'd take notice.  Or so he hoped.

But luck wasn't on his side.  And the mutant dragons were slated to be transferred.  So when he realized both his brother and his crush were going to be gone from Eastern, and later heard Tyvaniel's declaration that he, too, wanted to leave, Kezariel made the only decision he could.  He chose to follow, and hope the chance to start over might bring him some luck-- one way or the other.

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PostSubject: Re: Dual Candidate Kezariel   Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dual Candidate Kezariel   Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:33 pm

Candidate Form
What is your character’s candidate type? Dragon-focused for now, but dual
What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why? A queen of some sort, now that I've gotten a better handle on him.  One, for the more obvious that he's stuck on Sidran (though I am all for someone else coming into the picture!), and since she rides a cobalt, having a queen would give him that bittersweet chance with her.  But mostly because of his strength of will and caretaker/ older brother mentality.  He focused so much on his brothers, and is now quietly falling apart because they don't need him to be the one in charge anymore, and he hasn't found a particular place to fit.  He was also supposed to be known for working hard and getting whatever job needed doing done, at least back at the Weyr, though perhaps that hasn't translated outside of the dragonriders, or he's taken a back seat in such unfamiliar surroundings and hasn't had a chance to show that side of himself, which would explain the lack of focus and drive at this point.  I also think it would give
Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why? No, but I'd rather wait until his absolute last chance otherwise.  Not that I mind him having to wait longer for Impression at this point, anyway Smile  He'll just have to be convinced to Stand again, or Impress from the stands.

What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon/wher? Surprise me!  Though I do see him having to impose his will somehow-- why else have a strong personality in the rider?  However, he might find himself being indulgent at times, and letting the dragon have its way-- I mean, he's so happy to be finally chosen, and his dragon is nothing shy of perfect, right?
What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character? A willingness to let his emotions rise to the surface, and the realization that he doesn't have to be the strong one all the time, that he can rely on others sometimes.  Of course, this could backfire, depending on the personality of what he Impresses-- when it comes to the emotions, after all.  Not that we haven't seen that already.  However, E'zen and Aliseth were more in agreement on things.  I think it might be fun for Kezariel to have to fight a little more to keep his dragon in line, though it's possible they would also withdraw somewhat.  Not because of any anger, but because he's finally got another bond to focus on, and perhaps the dragon will selfishly encourage that aspect and their isolation (perhaps this is an aspect of the mutant queens, that they do such a thing, pick out those that are more easily influenced to separate themselves?  I dunno hah.  Teagan doesn't necessarily seem that sort.)  I don't see him fighting Br'son unless the dragon has issues-- Zar, however, is weyrbred, and knows what would be expected of a queenrider in that regard.  If they don't isolate themselves, he could also become one of the leaders of his class-- or possibly both.  Isolation at the beginning, when he and his dragon are learning each other, like E'zen in that regard, but it would take far less for him to re-integrate.  He probably has some idea who most of the weyrbred Candidates are, those from Eastern, though most of the Candidates are older and don't necessarily need or want an older sibling watching out for them…  He might also try a little to take Teagan under his wing if she needs help, too.  Assuming she wants yet another one helping her along.  

Whichever the case, and I am open to all sorts of interesting scenarios, he will finally have found his place amidst those at the Weyr.  But where he goes from there will depend on how he and his dragon learn to work together and with the other members of their class, and the other dragonriders.
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PostSubject: Re: Dual Candidate Kezariel   

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Dual Candidate Kezariel
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