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 Drethon - Body Guard

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PostSubject: Drethon - Body Guard   Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:05 am

Player Name: echonymph
Character Number: 3


Character Name and Pronunciation: Drethon (Drey -like grey, thon - like marathon)
Gender: male
Character Rank: Avidian’s muscle/ Guard
Character Age/Date of birth: 52
Edejio - father (Seacrafter turned smuggler) - deceased at age 31
Mairue - mother (Seacrafter) - died in childbirth
No siblings, No biological children
Rhaenthwor (30) - Guard/Wher Candidate
Zaliphver (19) - ex-Smuggler/Dragon Candidate

Current location: what is now White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6’

A big man, built like a stone wall. He is as tough as he looks. No one who sees him would ever think of or even dream of messing with him. As he has aged, he only seems more tough. He has a weathered look to his face. He always has a close goatee on his face which is black and slightly graying. His curly hair he has always kept close. Generally speaking he isn’t one to smile. His face seems perpetually drawn into a frown. There are deep creases in his forehead and he has a mole on the right side of his face.

He keeps himself fit and practices with his weapons daily, though it is no secret that he doesn’t need a weapon to kill a man. Even if one doesn’t know who he is, his presence is intimidating. His walk is steady, powerful and balanced. He can go unheard if he wishes to. His go to outfit includes a black leather jacket, black pants of a durable material that are neither loose nor tight. A t-shirt and a pair of work boots.

Play By: Ice-T
Photo Reference:
No nonsense, closed off, impersonal. He isn’t someone to delve into other people’s personal lives. He prefers if people would do the same and keep their noses out of his business. Drethon is not going to be someone to have as a confidant. He is a man of few words. In order to serve Avidian properly he got rid of any compassion he might have had. Ruthless, dutiful and protective only of those whom he feels deserve his protection, he is not held back by emotions. He is the kind of person who will do whatever is necessary. There is nothing he will not do to for Avidian. The man saved his life when they were younger and since that day he has sworn to protect him.

He is remorseless. Not one to dwell on past actions. He is more likely to focus on present and future situations. His mind often seems to be on worst case scenarios. And he isn’t one to take things lightly. The man takes great care in distancing himself from others. The only reason he took in two fosterlings was because he felt a connection with each boy, though for different reasons.

Hypervigilant, he is always on watch for anything or anyone suspicious. Very little gets past his notice. He has trouble relaxing and lives under a near constant stream of stress which he releases through fighting and training others. He listens to rumors and gossip because though the majority of it is false there is some truth behind most lies. You just have to sort out what is false and what is true.

While not normally led by emotion, he did think there would come a time when he would need to rely on younger men. He will protect both his fosters as if they were family but should they do anything to compromise Avidian or his business, he would deal with them. As Avidian had to do with his wife.

He wouldn’t seem to be someone who has a sense of humor but he does. It might be a little bit dark but he finds amusement in things other people might not. Drethon is actually mostly good natured around friends but he simply cannot trust them enough to let go. The only people who might experience a less tightly wound man would be his “sons” and Avidian and on occasion even Dividia.

Theme song: Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta by Geto Boys


He was born in a small cothold near the sea where his parents were sea crafters. His mother died upon his birth and his father became a very busy man, never really around to raise him.  As a young boy they lived at the same small sea-hold they’d always lived and here he learned about the sea craft and all of it’s tricks and skills needed. However, his father did not remain a respectable sea-crafter. He began to use his skills for smuggling and fell in with a pretty bad crowd.

Drethon was forced to learn to fend for himself. He told himself that he had no father, that he was an orphan. In this way he was able to move on with his life. Find a way to support himself. Unfortunately at first for him that meant prevailing upon other people’s hospitality. And when that failed, he turned to stealing what he needed to survive. He spent the turns learning how to steal, how to keep his ear to the ground and spy on people. He got caught up in a gambler ring where he was pretty much owned by one of the “big men”. Until he proved he wasn’t useful anymore.

It was at this time, when he was being beaten to death by a group of his ex-cohorts, that Avidian saved his life. From that moment on, Drethon was his man. He would do anything for Avidian. He sees him as a good man and someone worth serving. He might owe him a life debt but his feelings toward Avidian run much deeper. He sees them as kindred spirits and as such he has spent his entire life from that moment onward in service to him. He has become close to the man and is often his protection.

Over the Turns, throughout his service,  he never grew attached to anyone long enough to start a family. However, he found one boy when he was around twenty eight or so, the young boy was about six Turns old. Rhaenthwor’s parents had died. Seeing as he saw himself as an orphan, he took the boy under his wing. It might have been the first time anyone saw Drethon being compassionate. He raised Rhaenthwor as his own. Even now, he knows that the young man would do anything for him.

His second fosterling’s mother died in the Caverns, giving birth to him.She had been a smuggler, someone who could use her pretty face to get her into places to sell their product without much trouble. Sadly the father wasn’t known. So when she died, Drethon felt the need to care for the boy. By this time Rhaenthwor was old enough to help too.  Drethon is at this point, 33 Turns of age, making Rhaenthwor 11.

The boys were fairly close but no one in their little group was ever truly open about feelings. They learned from Drethon that their were more important things than emotions. Drethon is very proud of the men they have become and while he would never mention it, he does feel something for them. He would still kill them if they betrayed Avidian but he probably ranks their lives just below Avidian and above his own.

When the rider’s arrived, squatting in their caverns, he supported Avidian. Anything that the man wanted done, would be so. He didn’t have any real opinion on them one way or another. As long as they didn’t interfere with business. And as their own people Impressed some of the dragon’s he began to see the wisdom of having their own Stand. Dragonriders loyal to their cause couldn’t be a bad thing.

With this in mind, he agreed to allow his younger son, Zaliphver, to Stand for a dragon clutch. While his elder son has decided to try to bond with a wher. A Guard could use a beast like that. Usefulness was always a good thing. For himself, he sees the future shaping pretty interestingly. He wonders what will come of the new dragon colors. He also wonders what exactly Avidian has planned but he knows better than to ask. Everything would play out eventually.

Rhaenthwor of Gold Rhaensk
Vawnali of Cobalt Kyrzoth
Sh'lor of Brown Imioth
Kyabree of Scarlet Nwynth
Brielody of Green Aurayath
Kalabria of Shadow Ohanith(Weyrling)
Z'phver of Citrine Devakith (Weyrling)
Lezsande of Scarlet Tianrith (Weyrling)
H'nar of Quartz Aivrith (Weyrling)

Smuggler/Guard Drethon

Played by Echonymph

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PostSubject: Re: Drethon - Body Guard   Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:05 am

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Drethon - Body Guard
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