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 L'thyr- Wingrider to Cobalt Osgilath

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PostSubject: L'thyr- Wingrider to Cobalt Osgilath   Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:02 pm

Character Name and Pronunciation: L'thyr (formerly Lathyren)
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Wingrider
Character Age/Date of birth: 16

Father: Lathgar- Master Healer- Healer Hall- 60
Mother: Renlata- Sr. Journeyman Healer- Healer Hall- 48
Brother: R'gar- Wingrider to Bronze Kazarth- Eastern Weyr- 30
Sister: Lalata- Creche Worker- Eastern Weyr- 28
Sister: Rengara- Jr. Journeyman Healer- Eastern Hold- 26
Brother: Rantar- Jr. Journeyman Healer- Eastern Hold- 23
Brother: Legaren- Candidate- Eastern Weyr- 20
Sister: Rathga- Apprentice- Healer Hall- 14

Niece (daughter of R'gar & Thescilly): Recilley -Weyrbrat- Eastern Weyr- 5

Brother in Law: M'ket- Wingrider to Blue Feltiteth- Eastern Weyr- 34 (Weyrmated to Lalata)

Nephew (son of Lalata & M'ket): Laleten- Weyrbrat- Eastern Weyr- 3
Niece (daughter of Lalata & M'ket): Malla-Weyrbrat- Eastern Weyr-1

Current location: White Lightning Weyr

Physical description: L'thyr is a short young man, only standing 5'4 and unlikely to ever be taller than 5'8 at the most when he is fully grown. His father is about that tall and his mother significantly shorter. Being only sixteen turns old, L'thyr has an open, young face. His light blue eyes are large, staring out in wonder and appreciation for his life as a dragon rider. He skin is somewhat fair and he gets sunburned easily during the summer months. A mop of dark brown hair crowns his head and a spattering of freckles dot his shoulders.

L'thyr dresses like your average, modest dragon rider. He has no jewelry and only a smile belt knife that could account more for a tool than a weapon. His favorite color is blue and his best gather tunic is in a midnight blue shade. Other than that one tunic, L'thyr doesn't own many fancy clothes. What he has, however, is in good repair and L'thyr is careful to take care of important, everyday items such as his gloves, boots and belt.

Play By: Chandler Riggs

Personality: Unlike so many of his fellow cobalt riders, L'thyr is not the intense personality his color is so famed for. All in all, he is a very levelheaded teenager. Growing up in a conservative, tight knit community, L'thyr is a creature of compromise. He honestly believes that to suceed in a great task, a group of people must work together. He was raised to have great respect for older, more experienced people and this hasn't changed. He knows there are dragon riders who know much better than how to run a Wing or Weyr.

It isn't about being the overall best rider. It is all about learning to be part of a competent work force for the betterment of the Weyr.
So L'thyr, who still views himself as more of Weyrling than a full Wingrider, still leans heavily on the knowledge and experience of his seniors. With the right mentoring and Wingleader who is sincerely interested in helping him better himself, he could go far.

But there is still that shard of doubt. Is he in over his head?

In the heart of his heart, the public humiliation and pain of R'gans abandonment of eats at him. It causes L'thyr to doubt himself, which will ultimately be his undoing if someone does not step in and help him heal the grave emotional hurt.

Theme song: "Over my head." by Lit

I'm in over my head
They wanna try and build me up
So they can tear me down
I wish that I could be back there
But I'm writing here right now

They've taken everything that I've had to give and
They say it's over but man I'm still here livin
I don't know what to do, I think that maybe

I'm in over my head
Stuck in the red
Somethin they said
Makes me think that I'm in over my head
Over my head
Over my head

History: Lathyren was born the youngest boy of seven children, growing up in the heart of Healer Hall. For generations his family had been Healers, training and honing their skills. Lathyren knew that one day his time would come. His father was a Healer of great skill and though his mother had put her training aside to raise a large family, she also resumed her schooling once her children had reached an age of maturity. His father was a man of the old blood, not high born but of a long standing ancestry of Pern. As it was, he knew the Teaching Ballads and knew a man's duty to Craft, Hold and Weyr. So when his eldest son was Searched for Eastern Weyr, the boy was allowed to go. Lathyren had been a child then and barely knew R'gan before he had Impressed. Lathyren grew up knowing that his older brother was his father's pride and joy because he had Impressed a bronze at Eastern Weyr. It was the talk of the family for many Turns to come. How wonderful it was and Lathyren was proud of the fact. However, it also set a terrible yearning in the young boy's heart. It was long after than his sister was Searched. Lalata was beautiful, sweet and kind. It was all thought if R'gan could get a bronze, Lala could get a gold queen. She was searched at twenty but unfortunately timed out before a dragon chose her. Lalata wrote home often and it wasn't long before she wrote telling the family she had espoused to a dragon rider of Eastern and was expecting a baby.

Lathyren, all the while, was growing up in Healer Hall. He was trying to be a dutiful son, attend to his lessons and learn. However, nothing could change the fact that he just wasn't naturally talented toward healing. In fact, he was somewhat less than average. It wasn't that he wasn't smart, he was fairly. He just wasn't his father and he was running on borrowed time to get out of Healer Hall before his father figured it out.

He was just a month shy of 15 turns old, a few turns into a mediocre careeer as a third string Healer, when a Searchrider came to Healer Hall again. There was a clutch on the sands and candidates were needed.

"Father, please. Can I go see the dragon?" Lathyren asked. It was a handsome blue and Lathyren was dying to see him. His father allowed it and indeed invited the Searchrider to sit at his table and have a glass of wine.

The dragon looked down at the young boy and rumbled deeply in his chest. Lathyren looked up and just stared. Eventually some sense leaked back into his brain and he bowed at the waist to the blue.

"I know you are on a very important task. I just want to get out of here." he said. He turned to go just as rider was thanking his father and walking out of the Hall. It was then that the blue dragon looked up and the rider suddenly focused on him.

"Master Lathgar. Two of your children my Kumanith has declared suitable for Standing. Now, I tell you a third child of your blood line is good to try for a dragon. May I take him forth to Eastern Weyr?"

Lathyren could scarce believe it. He was going to the Weyr.

He wasn't there long before the eggs Hatched. It was almost Turn's End when he walked out with the other candidates. Sixteen eggs lay scattered around the sands, the first Titanium Queen Parazath guarding them and her mate the imposing Cobalt Maraxith at her side. One of the largest eggs on the sands, pitch black as the night's sky was rocking hard. It toppled over and out from the wreckage sprang a beautiful bronze dragon. Oh to Impress a bronze, just like his eldest brother. Lathyren gulped and hoped. The bronze swept by him like a tide and reached out for another boy his age. Zashfellen's mother was one of the women who had Impressed the first of the Scarlet dragons. Now he was of the highest ranking dragon a boy could hope for.

A scarlet dragon went to an older boy from a small cot hold. Another to a weyrbred girl with flaming red hair. Then a blue hatched and for a moment he gazed at Lathyren. He thought this was his moment and took a step forward. It all happened so fast.

Suddenly a weight hit him in the side and sent him sprawling to the sand. Then a voice called out in challenge and longing.

Lathyren! No, rider! You are mind and that blue brother of mine cannot have you. No one may have you! For you are mine, Healer boy. Mine and for always!

The voice slammed into his head as hard as the body had and he rolled over on his back. Looking up, he gazed into the rainbow whirling eyes of a cobalt dragon of charcoal soft black and midnight blue, edged in a slate grey-blue haze. He sat up and the dragon pushed his wedge shaped head into the young boy's arms.

L'thyr blinked. He had Impressed a cobalt dragon, the new guard bronze of the new age.

L'thyr might have found a new path for him at Eastern was full of surprises. He could never anticipate Impressing an entirely new color, though certain Healer Hall had heard about the appearance of new color dragons. His young mind however could just not grasp the political strife between Old and New guard. How greens demeaned Scarlets, how Quartz were thought of as sexless freaks, how even Cobalts and Titaniums were thought of as threats to the power traditionally wielded by bronzes and golds. The pain of rejection, however, came hard and fast.

R'gan publicly disowned him before his Weyrling Class. Though L'thyr has tried to keep up a brave face, the hurt gnaws away at his heart. The additional pain of being Exiled from his new home sent L'thyr into a spiral of self inadequacy. Will he and his cobalt be able to thrive in their new home, knowing all they have known before has been taken from them.

Only time will tell.

Dragon Art credited to NEFFS on Deviant Art

Name: Osgilath [oz-guy-lath]
Color: Cobalt
Size: Length: 55 ft Wingspan: 60ft
Speech Hex Code: 003366, 8fbcdb
Impression date: P10.44.Turn's End
Wing: To be determined

Physical description: A testament to his sire's blood line, Osgilath shares Maraxith's large size and rich color. His hide is a soft, early night time black with an under shading of midnight blue. He is a young cobalt and his lines are supple but quickly adding definition as he grows. A very handsome dragon to be sure.

Osgilath has not grown untouched by casualty. A stray strand of Thread lanced his right shoulder and he has a two foot pale scar down his bicep. It is minor but the sight it living proof of how narrow a miss it was for the pair.

Personality: Osgilath has grown into a bold and competitive young cobalt. Where his sire has a streak of pragmatism, Osgilath has a swath of initiative and aggression. Maybe it steps from L'thyr unconscious feeling of inadequacy but Osgilath lives to prove that he is a powerful, amazing dragon that is not to be trifled with. From time to time it causes him to clash with his clutch sib, the cobalt Vorganth. Osgilath respects his sire from afar; Maraxith keeps a cool relationship with his cobalt offspring, knowing full well that they will mature to be his competition for Yllaveth in the future. Bad enough he must content with his own clutch sib.

With the appearance of the new smokes and shadows, Osgilath relishes the change to throw his skills up against the new fighting males and take his chance at winning a new type of queen dragon. Osgilath adores anything and everyone he can test his mettle against, sometimes goading other males into races or aerial maneuvers just to prove his prowess.

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PostSubject: Re: L'thyr- Wingrider to Cobalt Osgilath   Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:35 pm

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L'thyr- Wingrider to Cobalt Osgilath
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