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 Dragons Available for Creation at White Lightning Weyr

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PostSubject: Dragons Available for Creation at White Lightning Weyr   Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:31 am

Our story begins with the new "mutant" dragon colors being outcast from Eastern Weyr and told they were on their own to thrive or die as they could.  There are now some traditionally colored dragons available for creation at White Lightning Weyr as the plague has driven the few survivors (of Olenath's last line) to Eastern. Here are your options for creating an adult dragon, and message an admin if that presents a challenge:

Olenath/Andovith (The First Mutant Clutch):
The First Mutant Clutch.  Hatching Date: P10.41.1.5
1 Titanium - Parazath(deceased)
2 Cobalts - Maraxith (PC of Vivid)
                Gaveth (PC of Weyrwolf)
2 Scarlets - 1 Available
                Hesriath (PC of Vivid)
1 Quartz - 1 Available
NOTE: Please PM an Admin if you'd like to create one of these dragons.  Due to their place in our history, there are some details that will need to be preserved for continuity purposes.  Thanks.

Hatching Date: P10.43.4.15
1 Titanium - Yllaveth (PC of Sevillalost)
1 Bronze - Nolinth (PC of Apollotrigger)
1 Cobalt - Galventh (PC of Sixth Gun)
1 Brown - Imioth (PC of Echonymph)
2 Scarlets - Nimath (PC of Weyrwolf)
                 Fiammath (PC of SylverAngel)
1 Blue - Thortoth (PC of Vivid)  
1 Green - Aurayath (PC of Echonymph)
2 Quartz - Itzelbith (PC of Vivid)
              Lolath (PC of Sevillalost)

Hatching Date: P10.44.4.10
2 Cobalts - Fillioth (PC of Sevillalost)
               Tsaveth (PC of Weyrwolf)
1 Bronze - Devonith (PC of Weyrwolf)
1 Brown - Treyath (PC of SylverAngel)
3 Scarlets - 3 Available
1 Blue - Spalkoth (PC of Sevillalost)
3 Green - 2 Available
               Anedith (PC of Weyrwolf)
3 Quartz - 2 Available
               Seikith (PC of Sixth Gun)

Hatching Date: P10.44.Turn's End
1 Bronze - Manticath (PC of Vivid)
2 Cobalts - Vorganth (PC of Sylverangel)
                  Osgilath (PC of Vivid)
1 Brown - Basilath (PC of Sevillalost)
4 Scarlets - 2 Available
                  Nwynth (PC of Echonymph)
                  Anarath (PC of Vivid)
2 Blue - 2 Available
2 Green - 1 Available
                  Beniath (PC of Weyrwolf)
4 Quartz - 4 Available

Hatching Date: P10.45.9.9.
2 Shadow - Aliseth (PC of Weyrwolf)
                  Eniseth (PC of Apollotrigger)
1 Cobalt - Nicaeth (PC of Apollotrigger)
2 Smoke - Emanoth (PC of Vivid)
                  Sanovith (PC of SylverAngel)
1 Brown - Finnedath (PC of Vivid)
3 Scarlet - Tevannith(PC of Apollotrigger)
                  Micaeth (PC of Truffle)               
                  Azareth (PC of SylverAngel)
4 Quartz - Lizzoth (PC of Weyrwolf)
                  Ceronith (PC of Weyrwolf)               
                  Tynnith (PC of Apollotrigger)               
                  Gideath (PC of Sevillalost)

Hatching Date: P10.45.8.9.
1 Cobalt - Kyrzoth (PC of Echonymph)
1 Bronze - Ordinoth (PC of SylverAngel)
4 scarlet - 3 Available
               Diameth (PC of Weyrwolf)
2 browns - 2 Available
3 blues - 3 Available
7 greens - 6 Available
                 Hanaseth (PC of Weyrwolf)
2 quartz - 2 Available
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Dragons Available for Creation at White Lightning Weyr
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