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 Tyvaniel, Candidate/ Smith

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PostSubject: Tyvaniel, Candidate/ Smith   Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:35 pm

Player Name: SylverAngel/ Jess
Character Number: 6
Last Updated: 8-9-15


Character Name and Pronunciation: Tyvaniel [Tie-VAAN-iuhl] (T'van)
Gender: Male
Character Rank: Candidate/ Smith
Character Age/Date of birth: 18/ (February 5, 1997)
Family: Father: Ty'riel, 52, bluerider at Eastern, brother to S'riel (father of Asteriel and Casriel)
Mother: Levania, 46, greenrider at Eastern
Brother (half): Kezariel, 23, Candidate, White Lightning Weyr
Brother (half): R'fariel, 16, cobalt rider of Vorganth, White Lightning Weyr

Current location: White Lightning Weyr
Physical description:
Tyvaniel looks far more rugged than his younger brother.  His hair is darker, his curls a little more unruly and often falling into his face.  His deep brown eyes glower at everyone, unless he's working-- and then they warm to amber from the firelight of the forge.  A broody middle child, he rarely smiles.

Standing at 5' 10", he's built for hauling heavy things.  His muscles were developed over time spent under a master smith-- not that he was a weakling before that.  It's clear he can handle himself in a fight, even if he's not the lightest on his feet-- his punches pack quite a bit of power, and that usually serves him well enough.

Scruffy-looking more often than not, Tyvaniel cares little for his own appearance.  He'll wear his clothes until they are full of holes-- why replace them when they'll only get damaged again, anyway?  He does bathe, though, and takes his time about it-- hot water soothes tired muscles and broody minds, after all, and he allows himself to relax at those times.

Play By: Darren Criss
Photo Reference: Link
Tyvaniel is needier for approval and affection than he appears.  He won't admit it to anyone, but growing up with dragonrider parents, he never really had the right combination and constantly tried different things to gain their attention.  When being good didn't work, he tried being bad.  When that didn't work, either, he struck out.  Over time, his moodiness and anger at everyone became deep-seated, until he didn't really know anything else.  There are times he feels his brothers are the only ones who care about him in any way-- his parents have forsaken him, the Weyr's leadership has forsaken him, and even the dragons have somehow done so as well-- since none tried to choose him when he was allowed to Stand.

Possessed of a short temper, he is quick to react, and think things over later.  This has gotten him into many a fight, despite the attempts of his brothers, and others, to calm him down.  To make matters worse, the fights have gotten him kicked out of Candidacy-- the thought of which only angers him more.  Both because it was his own fault (and the fault of the others who started the fight by insulting him, or some such) and because he feels it's unfair when he was the one kicked out, not them.

Brooding and sullen, Tyvaniel is a young man of few words.  He much prefers banging away at some piece of metal, heating and shaping it into something else, to talking with others.  And he's fairly good at the smith craft, despite the short time he's been practicing.  The master he'd been studying under recognized his talent right away, and hoped to be able to cultivate it for some time.  Little did he know that his apprentice would choose to leave his tutelage behind and head for the exiled Weyr.

Theme song:
Tyvaniel, like his brothers, was the product of a greenflight.  His parents had little time for him, dragonriders that they were, and he took it personally.  Despite his oldest brother Kezariel's attempts to make sure he knew he had family, and his interaction with his cousins, he never found the attention he was seeking.

He tried all sorts of things to get it, too, from being the star pupil (and proving he isn't stupid by any means), to being the worst, from being a complete angel and helping everyone else out, to refusing even to do his own chores, from picking fights for no reason, to taunting and insulting others.  Nothing worked, and over time he grew more and more resentful.

The creche workers were happy to hand him over to the Candidate Master when he was old enough, though they honestly had tried to send him off elsewhere before that.  Many thought the stricter schedule would do him good, that he just hadn't found his calling yet.  But they were wrong-- oh, it helped for a short time, but some of the other Candidates, ones he'd grown up with, easily got on his nerves, and he picked fights with them again.

The first time he was banned from Standing, he appeared to have learned his lesson.  He wasn't a model student by any means, but he did modify his behavior in an attempt to be better.  But then some new Candidates, holdbred ones who teased him for one thing or another simply because they were bullies, arrived, and ruined his new pattern.

The second time, he honestly tried again to be better.  But something new set him off-- there were no major fights, but enough small ones that he was warned… and then banned again.

He managed to keep it together for a few Hatchings after that, mostly due to a smith taking notice of his size and thinking he might make a good apprentice.  And it did seem to help-- the lessons were something he was interested, and focused his restless energy.  He enjoyed the chance to bang away on things, too, and work out some of his frustrations.  But, alas, it wasn't entirely enough.

The final time he was banned from Standing, he honestly believed he had good cause for starting the fight.  One of the holdbred kids, one who'd been born at some backwoods farm, and wasn't used to the events at the Weyr, had been teasing one of the more effeminate Weyrbred boys.  Shy and small, the Candidate hadn't really tried to defend himself when the holdbred boy picked on him.  So Tyvaniel had tried to stop it.  Without raising his fists, to begin with.  Several times, in fact-- and he was proud of himself for having shown restraint.  Especially as he was warned that one more fight, and he'd be out of the program all together.

But the holdbred Candidate hadn't backed down, and apparently began harassing the smaller one in private-- or what he thought was such.  Tyvaniel just happened to hear him cry out one afternoon when they would have been the only two in the barracks, were it not for Tyvaniel's having to return for something he'd forgotten.

Perhaps he'd had just cause for hauling the holdbred boy away and punching him-- several times-- but the Candidate Master hadn't seen it that way.  The Candidate Master was disappointed, but he couldn't go back on his words.  And the only satisfaction Tyvaniel received was in knowing that the holdbred boy would be sent home after what the smaller Candidate had confessed he'd done.

Feeling betrayed despite having done a good thing for someone else, Tyvaniel stopped caring about his work with the smith.  He stopped showing up for his lessons, instead piddling away his time at the lake, or wandering around outside the Weyr, or even just hiding out and napping in some of the little-used storerooms.  He basically gave up.

Until his cobalt riding brother told him the news that he was being sent away, along with the other strange, new colors.  And he asked to be taken along, to get away from the place that had thrown him away.

R'fariel finally agreed, and eventually came back for him and Kezariel.  Reunited, the brothers have tried to fit themselves in with the smugglers.  Tyvaniel found himself someone else to learn from, a local man whose own smithing skills were mostly self-taught, handed down from father to son.  It might not be a formal apprenticeship, but it was something he could do around his Candidate lessons, as he had before.  His new teacher seemed capable of engineering whatever was necessary to get a job done, and also worked particularly well with weapons, both of which intrigued him greatly.

The atmosphere of White Lightning is far more suitable to his attitude, and he doesn't mind that he didn't Impress, this time.  Because there are still more chances, now that he's been accepted again.  Plus, good fighters are put to use around White Lightning-- they aren't thrown away like they were at Eastern.  Who knows what his future could hold among these people?

Craft: Smith
Rank: Apprentice
Training location: Under a master at Eastern Weyr
Specialty: jack of all trades, with a particular interest in weapons, now that he's at White Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: Tyvaniel, Candidate/ Smith   Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Tyvaniel, Candidate/ Smith   Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:26 am

Candidate Form
What is your character’s candidate type? Dual?
What color would you most prefer your character Impress? Why? Tyvaniel settled in my head from the foul-tempered middle child into someone who's found his place and finally relaxed a bit.  I don't know what I see him Impressing anymore!  He would be totally content not doing so at all at this point, though he might feel left out a little if Kezariel finally Impresses.  But he's got a good thing going with the smithing.  He'd probably be highly enamored of something shiny and weapon-like, though.  Or a smoke or brown-- earth colors.
Any colors you absolutely don’t want? Why? Possibly green, blue, scarlet, but I'm not definite on those.

What personality traits would you like to see in your dragon/wher? More what I don't want, is cutesy.  Tyvaniel isn't really a cutesy guy.  That's not to say he couldn't go gaga over some girl, but I don't picture him being fond of a cutesy dragon.
What do you most hope Impressing will develop in your character? I hope a dragon will fill the hole he's been trying to fill for Turns-- the affection that just isn't the same from his brothers.  Having another being to focus on that way, that obviously provides him with all the approval and love that he's been wanting and that he can return, will hopefully even out his temperament, help him be less reactive.  Then again, he could go the other way, depending on the dragon.  And depending on the atmosphere and how they're needed to interact with the smugglers, maybe a dragon that would feed his temper would be fun, too, even though he's evened out some.  Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tyvaniel, Candidate/ Smith   

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Tyvaniel, Candidate/ Smith
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